A Stateless Statesman: The Plight Of Mumba Yachi

Local singer Mumba Yachi’s predicament continues to win him more friends than foes. Whatever the case is with the Zambia immigration authorities, a talented young artiste in the form of Mumba Yachi does not deserve the punishment he is enduring.

A good number of Lebanese businessmen and women, Indians and Somalians are roaming the streets of Zambia masquerading as Zambians. They have never received the type of punishment Mumba Yachi is subjected to. This is all because they have enough resources to bribe immigration officers.

By saying so, we are not promoting lawlessness. We are only calling on authorities to be fair and justice in handling Mumba Yachi’s case.

Mumba Yachi cannot even be granted bail. How? The magistrate claims he will be re-arrested. This is total rubbish!

The court can issue lawful instructions to the immigration not to re-arrest Mumba Yachi until the matter is disposed off.

This is why apart from parliament, the Supreme Court, which of course receives matters from subordinate courts is one of our democratic institutions that can make laws. And we see no reason why a subordinate court cannot issue a waiver in a matter that clearly is not in public interest.

If Mumba Yachi was of Indian origin or some Lebanese that had enough money to bribe the system, his 2-year-old daughter would not suffer the psychological torture of missing her first love – her father. This is the worst form of treatment you can subject a poor human being to who is only trying to survive using his God given talent.

It’s morally wrong and legally incomprehensible that Mumba Yachi should suffer in this manner. The case he faces is very flimsy and most of such cases have gone against the immigration thereby costing taxpayers millions in unnecessary litigation.

If Mumba Yachi has some traces of Congolese in him, it does not mean he is Congolese. The geographical location of Zambia is what has made most of its inhabitants connect to other tribes from Angola, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, the DRC and Botswana.

The Lambas, Ushis, Lalas, Kaondes, Lundas from Luapula and Lundas from North Western have relatives across the border. This is not a secret. For instance the senior most Chief of the Lunda in Zambia is Mwata Yav who is based in some place called Kapanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We join those that are calling on authorities to demand Mumba Yachi’s release unconditionally and allow him to regularize his documentation if they think he is not Zambian. After all, this is a talent you want to build rather than destroy.


I am currently in tears, as l write this because of one person, Mumba Yachi. I might not have known the musician personally but l have had a connection with his music several times.

Why am l crying?His interview outside court after today’s [yesterday] court appearance to the journalists is heart breaking and too heavy to digest or comprehend. The feeling and reality of knowing that you are ‘stateless’ in two countries simply put no proper documentation to back your claim that you are a citizen of one of the countries.

The court has delayed to give him bail until he gets a temporal permit to stay within the boundaries of Zambia, the question is where will he get the documentation to validate his Congolese nationality? How can such a talented young man be stateless? is he being a victim of his talent?

What will he tell prospective generations about the imaginary boundaries that the Europeans created to separate our people? It is seven days without seeing his daughter because the walls of prison has dictated so. I being a father like him, it is painful: the absence of family is one of the worst experiences considering bonds that we create especially with a girl child.

I feel your pain away from our beloved ones. My earnest appeal is to the leadership of the country to cherish and embrace Mumba Yachi, as our own brother making a difference in a society littered with scandals such as sex parties.

Admittedly, he might have been wrong in his presentation of documents to law enforcement agencies but it is time to look beyond his citizenship and focus on his contribution. What if he used the same documents to vote in previous elections for his preferred candidates? Will we still treat him the same?

This could be an opportunity for Zambia to consolidate a constitutional provision that provides for dual citizenship and fully integrate him into our society.

I am optimistic that soon the son of the soil will walk to freedom and sing proud and free like an noble eagle. Mumba Yachi is noble and society should be just to him.

Mumba Yachi you are not stateless but a statesman, a noble one for that matter. Thoughts of my father….


  1. Collins MUNKONDYA

    Too bad my man Mumba

  2. Momo

    Yaba nakwabene nga mwaya mulaikalko tondolo. Ala Neil’s patala mwine spa talalika

    • Sj

      Very difficulty to deal with one who committed a crime by purporting who/what his not. @ his age he definetly did not reside in no-man’s land, therefore he has citizenship somehow. To be Zambian he should be a resident for a good number of years(10?) to merit Citizenry. What delayed his registration as a Zambian Citizen?Comment

  3. Mpombo

    True analysis immigration dudes’re the richest because based on the status of an immigrant they go for money & opt to incarcerate the poor immigrants from impoverished African countries.Why is it that only Africans’re being arrested why Lebanese,Indians & China men seem at home in our once borderless country.

  4. Lombe Kennedy

    U will soon be free my man coz Zambia is all yoz

  5. Hummer where it hurts

    The silencing arm coated in state courts and immigration authority has stretched on Mumbai yachi. This young man had been living with us not in hiding but at liberty and did his things in full view of every sane Zambian. Long did his lyrics spread into this land called Zambia and many accepted him and his humanity messages. Where were the court / authority then?.Hummer tends to wonder and believe that, one of Mumbai’s songs hit and un clothed someone somewhere. Indeed it is not a secret that mountains of illegal foreign nationals are swinging their hands and breathing fresh air as they roome about the streets of Zambia freely.There fat wallets are documents enough to grant them citizenship no matter what colour they are,green,blue,grey or even colourless.GIVE MUMBA BACK HIS FREEDOM. Get to work and gather all those foreigners living by the wallet, pile them jails.

  6. Peteryombwe

    Reases ama yachi nishani

  7. Fridah

    May GOD b with u Mumba yachi let him grant you his favor, type Amen if you believe

  8. mk

    Lawlessness can be supported only by unpatriotic citizens like……

  9. Webson zimba

    That z life my man, for a man to success in life, he shud go through on hard things just pray.

  10. Franktok

    What about the footballer who hit the ceiling in news top stories or the countless brethren and sisters in Kanyama etc with Nyanja names adopted from Katondo Street.

  11. Mr kaf

    No matter how good Mumba yach is with his music if he is not Zambian is not Zambian,he has to be deported.

    • precious

      You for real want him deported?
      What if it was you in another country….dont be judgemental

  12. wiz tec jnr

    Free mumba yachi

    • Musonda

      We have all sinners but that does not make sin right. There so many illegel immigrates but that does not mean that we should abolish the law for prohibited immigrates. Its not about Mumba its what the law priscribs.

  13. Kays bombs

    This country is no longer the Zambia I used to know and love. We have a lot of foreigners on our streets, some of them busy killing us and yet no one has been put behind bars. Does it mean, money now is the determinant of one being called a citizen? This is saddening indeed. That young man needs to be released right away and grant him citizenship as a reward for punishing him and tormenting his innocent family.

  14. Mic Hassani

    Zambians.. leave Mumna Yachi alone…believe me, his music will put Zambia on the Map. plz, set him #free

  15. KML

    Free mumba yachi Now, you mother fuckerz.

  16. Hollywood

    From which country is mumba

  17. james

    his not Zambian so the low should work on that

    • precious

      You for real want him deported?
      What if it was you in another country….dont be judgemental

  18. Kb

    Him being a musician should not give him any form of immunity from any procecusion if he is proven guilty. No one is above the law,as a matter of fact he should be an example to the rest of illegal foreigners in the country.its high time things changed, I wish most people would even see how zambians are treated in Congo it’s a shame you are lobbying for him without proving if he is guilty or not

  19. Timothy

    Freer Mr yachi#is contributing to zambian music

  20. Mr. BJ

    My advise is, umweni takokota mafupa: uko afuma amina ayatuntulu. Kapale chefya umutwe : impako shaba nabene! Mischief of any kind has consequence. Let da law take its course. Ndeloleshafye!

  21. Bk

    Let the law take its course

  22. lucky shambamba

    You will be set free Mr Mumbai Yachi. Zambians are really behind your back

  23. Joe

    Free mumbu yachi, motherfucker

  24. sim1

    Yachi,is from drc .shutt de mouth ,let de law decide.if u think u can write this colum to simparthise u jst concentrate on yo stupid behaviour u humaniser.

  25. chips

    Here in Zambia 87%are foreigners coming from DR Congo,India,Rwanda ,China,Tanzania and they have more power than us

  26. vern

    He asked for it.

  27. vern

    Please donot soil your hands and eat.

  28. Danzazy Banda

    Insoni ebuntu….you people should have shame. Everyone is for Mumba Yachi and wants him to go free. This is our land olso and boma ndise therefore listen to us… We have accepted Mumba as our own let him go free he is useful to Zambia….countries like France even offer free citizenships to such helpful men nomba imwe banione banione you’re not building this country but destroying it….chawama mwatafya ama Lebanese yatatu than one Mumba yachi.

  29. hakacha francis

    I feel pretty bad for #mumba yachi, please we beg for the releasal of yachi is music is contributing to the Zambian economy and the music industry of zambia, remember that zambia is a Christian nation and Christians have a forgiving heart Thank you (we love you Mumba yachi)

  30. vybz

    Free Mumbai Yachi please ™ ……From GaZa Empire

  31. samuel

    Free mumba and arest iris kaingu

  32. Kay

    Let the court deside on mumba you pipo mayb

  33. Kay

    Let the court deside on mumba you pipo maybe its for our on good remember what happened with Walter bwalya the foot ball guy.

  34. Mvc

    No need yachi is zed

  35. spliff

    If his not zambian,he should go,next it should be that footballer from nkana fc

  36. coco

    Bus he Mumbai niibani epeye?pakumukosela umutima?Zambia twalila.

  37. Brian mwelepete

    Leave the young man alone.why can’t you follow the pink chickens that bribe you?I don’t know if the immigration department is just surrounded by quacks.

  38. Hertz gsp

    If I may ask as a citizen u are supposed to have lived 10 years and above but for mumba it’s not Fair so plz release him

  39. Chilufya chisha

    We are all in a foreign land our home is heaven.Dear child of God take heart we are all going home one day very soon.This land is not our place of rest our home is heaven.

  40. MUNEL

    This is one zambia one people one nation one love one vision.prove this.How?….free Mumba Yacht.

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