FAZ Appoints Presidential Legal Aide As Appeals Committee Chairman

FAZ has appointed State House legal advisor Sukwana Lukangaba as Appeals Committee chairperson.

Lukangaba, who until his latest appointment served as chairperson of the FAZ Electoral Committee, will head the three-man body.

Respected former referee Joseph Nkole and Isaac Nonde are the other Appeals Committee members.

Nkole is also former FAZ executive committee member having served under Teddy Mulonga’s leadership from 2004 to 2008.

According to a circular addressed to affiliates and signed by FAZ by general secretary Ponga Liwewe, the Appeals Committee is expected to hold its first sitting soon.

“This serves to advise all clubs that following the successful migration from the old to the new FAZ constitution and the near conclusion of the transitory phase, a new appeals committee has been appointed.

“The committee will be sitting immediately to clear all outstanding cases,” the statement reads in part.

FAZ did however not indicate whether the trio had been subjected to an integrity check by either the Audit and Compliance Committee or the Ethics Committee as stipulated in article 58 (3) of the revised constitution.

There is also no public record showing that FAZ has constituted both the Audit and Compliance and Ethics Committee.

The Lukangaba led committee will have to be ratified by the FAZ council as per article 58 (4) of the revised constitution.

Source: Augustine Mukoka [Facebook]


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