Mumba Yachi – A Victim Of The Lenshina Ghost?

Former presidential spokesperson Dickson Jere has laid the possibilities of incarcerated popular musician Mumba Yachi.

Yachi has been in prison from August 28 for unlawful stay in Zambia and giving false information in a material particular contrary to section 13 (1) of the National Registration Act cap 126 of the laws of Zambia.

He is also charged with making false representation for purposes of obtaining a passport.

The matter has been adjourned to 18th September for mention and 22 October for the commencement of trial with the accused remaining in custody.


By Dickson Jere

I am an ardent fan of Mumba Yachi’s music and have all his albums. His Afro-beat is clearly in his own class and league only comparable to the likes of the legend Fela Kuti.

Not until his recent incarceration, I never thought he had issues with his citizenship. But what struck me was his passion and well-informed lyrics on the now infamous “Lumpa Church” or “Ba Lenshina” and the connection to Mokambo in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. So, his predicament made me go on a soul-searching through various literature in order to understand this Lenshina stuff, whose history remains buried and told in a bias way. We grew up to believe that the Lenshina followers drunk urine and believed they had a passport to heaven. They were evil doers.

However, yesterday, as part of the literary week, I stumbled on an interesting book titled “A Time to Mourn” that provides a good and unbiased read on this obscure history of Alice Lenshina. Authored by John Hudson, a former District Commissioner of Isoka, the book is an eye witness’ personal account of the 1964 Lumpa Church Revolt in Zambia. It gives his personal experiences of the Rise and Fall of Alice Lenshina Mulenga who formed the Lumpa church in Chinsali even though it spread to other parts of the country. The book is descriptive and for all intend and purposes, what transpired to the Lumpa followers could be best described as “genocide”. The author places the blame on the authorities at that time who mishandled the conflict between the Lumpa Church and UNIP supporters which led to thousands of people to be massacred in cold-blood.

Official statistics show that the Lumpa church had the biggest following than any other church in Chinsali, Kasama, Mpika, Isoka and Lundazi and their biggest crime was to refuse to join UNIP or participate in politics at crucial time of independence struggle.

And so, the long and the short of it is that the Lumpa supporters were attacked, raped, maimed and made to surrender including their leader Alice Lenshina. But a group of faithfuls refused to submit to UNIP’s threats and consequently fled to the neighboring Zaire now DRC where they established themselves especially in Mokambo in Lubumbashi on the border with Mufulira.
Hudson writes: “in all, nineteen thousand Lumpas went to the Congo between 1964 and 1968. Efforts were made to induce them to return after an amnesty declared in 1968 but only three thousand did so.”

I am told that among those who fled and refused to return was Mumba Yachi’s grandmother hence his birth and upbringing in Mokambo, a border town which features prominently in his songs. And he sings proudly about it!

So the Lenshina migration is believed to be the first known, after Zambia’s independence, where Zambians fled their country to seek refuge elsewhere.
“It was estimated in 1993 that there were up to fifteen thousand followers of the church in the Congo. Up to September 1994, only one thousand, six hundred had arrived in Zambia,” Hudson writes.

“The majority remained in the Congo; if they see that those who have come back do not encounter any hostility, more can be expected to return,” Hudson writes on page 63 of his Book.

How then do you treat these Zambians and their offsprings?

That’s a question!

I end here!


  1. edgar chibuta

    well articulated counsel DJ but i dont want to be cited for contempt but my take on this topical issue is that the gentleman must just put his papers in order as he has been advised by others. Trully Zambian

    • Wekalanda we!

      Well articulated? This cacophony of shit! With so many fake facts!

  2. Joe

    Free mumba yachi, his a zambian who deserve all rights.

  3. Bursted

    if u look at mumbas history and that of this ka boy whom every1 is so willing to accept with open arms aka ka musonda,charly…u turn to see the levels of hypocrisy n zambia…mumbas music z beautiful,awesome to say the list…manje wats the difference between the two boys mwebantu.free mumba.

  4. Bill Banda

    Mumba I love you and I would love to see you free. Mumba “natomboka kuminga mwante ele natomboka kumingaa,somone somonee somoonee lelo “

  5. ndolesha

    That’s what we investigative journalism no cadre journalism

  6. Gift Sooma

    if he has stays for than ten years in zambia.he is eligible to be zambian just free him he deserve all de rights

    • edgar chibuta

      He need not to stay or live in Zambian for ten years for him to qualify for citizenship because he is a Zambian period. I love the talent in him not theses junky music we have been treated to by theses boys

    • Sj

      No hard feelings, but is he able to show/give proof that he has lived those continuance no. of years in Zambia with out broken service?
      Courts and immigration will best handle his case.Comment

  7. Michael MULENGA

    Plz leave Mumba yachi alone he is a Zambian, we love him and like everything about him

  8. Reginald kaluba

    Let mumba yachi go free he deserves citizenship.. He has touched alot of people with his music…

  9. Joseph Ngosa

    Mumba Yachi
    Nani alile fibishi pakuti mbolelemo ameno?
    Nani alile bombwe, pakuti nkwatilemo impele?
    Ndimbushi nebo, Ndelila kubutali bwantambo…
    Mamao mamao, Ntanda yandi ilikwisa?

  10. Chembe the UNZA manager

    Why is it that Zambia as a country we take pride in wasting time on things that a petty..if Mumba resisted in answering the cops on duty and did not present the right document does that make this soul a stateless man …please these authorities read hudsons book o do your own research there are a lot of Zambian that have failed to return from mukambo to Zambia in similar circumstances does that mean they are stateless these stuff are time consuming and cell conjesting y ant you arresting the Chinese,Lebanese that are in the country illegally, the masaii littered o over town ….please release the poor soul he has a wife a child to take care of …..if you have a lot of time to clean these illegalities please work with zicta to eraese these guys arranging these sex parties that good work,witch doctors on FB, these guy refusing to receive coins becoz they are too small to keep. Dickson good research please let’s encourage our courts to research before slapping innocent people with crimes that are baseless ……#stricklyopinion

  11. Vincent


  12. Eddie

    Jusi free Mumba Yachi , he’s not harmful.

  13. musonda

    free mumba yachy

  14. jeay brr

    Leav alon

  15. mwenya mukuwa

    Why corner Mumba yarchi for his good being and sweet music and you end up tolarating iris kaingus nonsense?

  16. Humphrey kombe

    That’s why America is reach, they welcome talented people who are not hamful to their economy, mumba yachi is a well talented musician there fore he derserve a credit from this country being a Congolese or or Zambian, that guy is peaceful, moreover he even know how to preserve our culture, compared to these other Zambian’s, just free mumba yachi coz even part of our tourist attractions which we have in zambia

  17. mistaken id

    I agree with the unza manager the guy is not harmful we have Chinese n lebaness who are beating up zambians they are free or maybe I ask “y r u forcing Charles Musonda to come to Zambia n yet refusing some” is it fair?

  18. Ned

    Thank you Dickson for your helpful piece of research. The history of the Lumpa uprising is very subjective and murky at most. I just feel that as Zambians we have not been brave enough with ourselves to openely discuss this sad but historical chapter of our times. There is a lot that needs to be explained about Lenshina and her uprising. Perhaps Mumba Yachi’s debacle is a stark reminder of the need to revisit the after effects of the Lenshina era for a lasting solution.

  19. Webson zimba

    I want anyone to send any track from Mumba yachi for me.

  20. mwaba

    There are many pipo who are corrupt and stealing government properties which is suppose to be beneficial for all the zambian citizen but no one is following them but why the innocent man yachi for nt having NRC ?thats rubbish .,..free him coz many souls are in pain especially the daughter and the farmily at large ….arrrest iris kaingu

    • STREET

      His innocent live him alone plz!I wonder why zed courts act in so catacras manner plz u gat so many things to talk abt other than persecuting his citizenship

  21. Jk

    What about chi malembe malemba he needs to be investigated aswell

  22. Jk

    Why Zambians do you like to follow ba kasai a lot ba chimwene there safe in Zambia dalisoul he is not a Zambian he’s from Malawi arrest him aswell

  23. Tonny mel gee

    Justice mst prevail

  24. Jk

    Oc Tanzania Salma doldia Tanzania cheff Mack 2 Tanzania

  25. Jk

    Oc Tanzania Salma doldia Tanzania cheff Mack 2 Tanzania arrest them

  26. Kawax

    Mumbai yach is a Zambian. Leave him alone and release him unconditionally. You foolish immigration officer, go at lamast area and check if at all those guys have proper documents. The place is more like you are in Lebanon. Wakeup you corrupt officers, that place will soon be the safe Haven for terrorists. The way they buy land and build flats which they occupied themselves, soon some dangerous individuals will be hiding there. Even bombs will be manufactured there. Release Mumbai as he is not a danger to our society.


    Dear fellow citizen don’t be misled by this article or this so called writer or journalist he seems not to know the Zambian history and the Lumpa church in Mokambo in DRC very well so he did not research very well and more about this the Lumpa church story and what the Zambian costitution says about Zambian born out of Zambia (Zambian by descents) or Zambian living in a foreign country with theirs families to be short it doesn’t mean every one who lives or born in Mokambo is a Zambian by descent or he is a descendant of the Lenshina’s followers the Lumpa church no no no the so called Mumba Yachi we know him very well and his family in Mokambo is not a Zambian and doesn’t belong to our community either belonging to our church Lumpa church of Jesus christ and our prophet Alice Lenshina her soul RIP so here in Mokambo we are very disapointed this man whose his real name is Chadreck MUKENGE a Kabinda from Kasai province of the DRC ,This man he is a pretender to be part of us when he is not and he is not even a christian he is a Hindu beleiver and his family let the police and investigate and do their job no interference the law must be respected so he should face the law and prove his Zambian citizenship by all means and today we are free to move and come to our country Zambia and going back to Mokambo as Zambian residents in DRC living in Mokambo there is no problem we are Zambians and we are doing our business betwen our both borders in the copperbelt,central and in Luapula province.

  28. Kasumbalesa Zambian community in Katanga DRC

    It is true that our parents left Zambia long time ago and they came to settle here in Katanga province in DRC but we still called Zambians by Congolese people and we are registered at the Zambian Consulate in Lubumbashi and at the Zambian Embassy in Kinshasa as Zambian community residents living in Katanga DRC we speak swahili,bemba,lamba,Ushi,Lala and we are still preserving our culture and names and we know each other but the so called MUMBA YACHI awe twaka is not a Zambian by descent his real name:MUKENGE that is Kasai name in the Luba-kabinda language from Kasai province of DRC if his parents were Zambians why are they not registered as Zambian residents in Mokambo at the Zambian consulate in Katanga DRC? Why did they give him a Kasai name?Why no one knew them? no MR MUKENGE ALIAS MUMBA YACHI IS NOT ZAMBIA BUT A CONGOLESE HE IS JUST A LIAR LET HIM PROVE IT AND THE POLICE AND THE IMMIGRATION MUST DO THIER JOB AS WELL ALL ZAMBIAN LIVING IN ZAMBIA AND OUT SIDE ZAMBIA MUST SUPPORT THEM BECAUSE WE NEED PROTECT OUR COUNTRY AND NOT TO LET ANY ONE TO PRETEND BUT TO RESPECT THE IMMIGRATION LAW OF ZAMBIA


    No don’t mistaken by this fake article the so called MUMBA YACHI is a law breaker he is not a victim of Lenshina Ghost withdraw your statement before you face the law this is a blasphem of our prophet Alice Lenshina may her soul RIP and dishonor of our church the Lumpa church.MR MUkenge (MUMBA YACHI) he is just riping what he saw from his actions of pretending thinking that he is clever than every one of us that they won’t know is hiding behind our Church story from Zambia to Mokambo DRC and From Mokambo DRC back to Zambia he can’t cheat everyone we know who we are even those who remain in Mokambo DRC we always communicate and visiting each other we are one church one people with one belief but the so called Mumba Yachi he doesn’t share the same beleif with us he is not from our church and he is a Hindu beleiver not a christian believer.Yes we came back to Zambia in phases in 1968 after negotiation with Mobutu and Kaunda we were deported back Zambia then some of us resisted up to 1991 after the fall UNIP regime by the MMD with Frederick Chiluba MHSRP we were allowed to come back to our country of origin Zambia and we were given a place to settle in Kapiri Mposhi where we built our first church and some decided to go and live in some other parts of Zambia but even though some people still in Congo DRC no one will cheat and pretend to be one of us in DRC and one all Zambians should know in Congo we live with many tribes from Congo so they are also a possibility of other people from these other tribes to pretend and cheat that they are Zambians descent from Lumpa church of Lenshina just to get Zambian citizenship and come to live in Zambia so we must be carefull and check it out properly by leaving our law enforcement agents to investigate and protect us from these intruders like the so called Mumba yachi Chadreck MUKENGE

    • masumo Hankombo

      We should not be mean with telling the public the true information we have than spicing up. I stayed in Kapirimposhi from 1982 to 1990 s. The lumpa Church was well established by then. Which lumpa Church are you talking about that is associated with the coming of the MMD? I do not know mumba hatch or whoever he is known to be.

  30. chris mwenya

    Something must be done the guy is okay

  31. Sandy kays

    Pls leave him alone he has a family

  32. steezy

    Let him prove his zambian nationality

  33. Kamzey

    Pa zed filecitika zoona

  34. Mfulira people

    Let him prove who he is if a true Zambian he will be free but if not but a Kasai pretending then the law enforcement angents will take him back to his home country even if he has a family that is not a problem the law is the law and must be respected by all people in Zambia even foreigners no matter how talented you are you can’t break the law because of your talent so let the police and the immigartion investigate and the truth about him and we will know the out come you don’t have to conclude so quickly with your unfounded comments or propaganda unless if you are also a foreigner in the same boot hiding somewhere with a fake NRC and a fake Zambian name

  35. Eternal

    Just let the big man stay out of jail and tell KK to explain the Leshina issue in details….

  36. becky

    Just his videos are demonic at times…I like him but theres more behind mumba yachis bio and has to be disclosed. Let the police do there job he will be released if nothing illigal is found on him

  37. thomas

    Kaya ni bamba yachi or what ever let law take its task

  38. abena Zambia

    The so called Mumba Yachi Mr chadreck Mukenge he is a law breaker he has to face the justice no foolish comments if you are ignorant about Zambian constitution and the Zambian immigration laws on Zambian living out of Zambia or born out of Zambia just keep quite and let the police and the immigartion do their job because we need to protect our country and our laws no one is above the law no matter how talented or good he is he has the duty to respect our law don’t support him anymore unless you are also foreigner hiding yourself somewhere with a fake Zambian name and NRC you will be the next one.A foreigner can not come and break our law in our country and you support him and he is even pretending to sing a Lenshina song to hide himself behind the Lenshina’s story let him prove if he is trully one of them and Zambia is a christian nation no a Hindu nation let him explain because us the Lumpa church we are christians beleivers not Hindu believers like him.POLICE CHECK IT OUT NOW

  39. Oscar Lesho

    He is not a Zambian let him go back kwabo

  40. Steven

    Let the police do there job Kailu balance fola

  41. Amigo

    Come on pipo free mumba yachi thts the passed the dude he jst curative with his music mmmm??

  42. Abena mufulira

    Dear journalists or writers don’t defend illegal immigrants in Zambia pretending to Zambian with fake stories and statements or articles habouring an illegal immigarant in Zambia or everywhere in the world it is an offense the immigration law in Zambia must be respected even if you are very talented the law is the law and no one is above the law in Zambia so let the police and the immigration do their jobs to protect us from illegal immigrants (PI) in Zambia more especially from Congo DR like the so called (Mumba Yachi) MR SHADRECK MUKENGE congolese a kasai form Mokambo border in Katanga Congo DR

  43. Alliance Francause of lusaka

    The so called (MUMBA YACHI) has nothing to do with us we are a french institution in Zambia promoting arts and culture so he came several times and introduced himself on pretency that he is a Zambian musician artist but we suspected him as well that how we started hosting his musical concerts at Alliance Francaise of Lusaka and recommending him to our partners around the world as a Zambian not knowing that he is not Zambian but a Congolese with a fake Zambian name and NRC.

  44. Obrian Kambunga

    Just free the man, y Zambian you have started behavioing in that manner

  45. Truth Seeker

    A well articulated article in simple academic terms and refreshing as usual by Dickson .
    In some jurisdictions including South Africa,grandchildren of those in exile are automatically granted citizenship upon presentation of information. The Zambian government need to give appropriate amendments to the Citizenship Act to accommodate this situation
    As for Mumba we wait for results of prosecution, if indeed evidence is produced that his grandparents were Zambian from the Lumpa exodus, the High Court should order an appropriate amendment. Others here have openly said they believe he’s Congolese by his supposed name,all am saying is we wait

  46. zamule

    Here’s an issue that needs to be tabled in Parliament and let the law makers decide the fate of those displaced Zambians. Let them pass a law that will make it clear.

  47. Alexis Phiri

    “I am an ardent fan of Mumba Yachi’s music and have all his albums. His Afro-beat is clearly in his own class and league only comparable to the likes of the legend Fela Kuti.” – Dick Jere.

    Oooooh Dick my brother man mind the way you compare musicians man – you can not, even in your wildest nightmare compare Fela Kuti with Shadrick Chite Mukenge aka Mumba Yachi – I respect your opinion though – hope we wont be comparing Paul Ngozi to Pilato next time around.

    Enough respect to Mumba Yachi, he is a friend and I enjoy listening to his music and the last time I shook to his beat was when he was curtain raiser to Femi Kuti right here in Lusaka at “Gymkana” show grounds.

    Pity that Yachi is found himself in this mess but like we always say in this great Christian Nation, “it shall be WELL!”

  48. Wallace Kalihonga

    Zambia into a country not a toilet.

  49. Mmmmm

    is it that difficult to prove one’s nationality?

  50. precious

    Please free mumba….there are many Zambians who living in other countries…. Will you leave him please

  51. Esnart chileshe

    Mumbai yachi utomboke mumyunga bakutayele be strong you will make out alive have faith

  52. Fyototo

    Some times in life we just have to be real

  53. Jowawa

    If mumba has the offspring of a Zambian, then leave him, you sea day by day the white foreigners they just stilling minerals in Zambia and yet you don’t react or say anything you are scared of asking them about passport’s but a black you take advantage, are u scared of ichisungu.

  54. masumo Hankombo

    There is some inconsistence among the people commenting about Mumbai hatch or whoever he might be known. I lived in kapirimposhi from 1982 up to the 1990 s. The lumpa Church was already established.which lumpa church was established after the MMD came into power.let’s have good research before. We offload for public consumption

  55. Shi Mpundu

    Mumba Yachi The Independent Music Promoter or The Chinese Investor promoting Selling Amataba, whom should we let Free? The Chinese, The Chinese, The Chinese!!

  56. Young pdot

    Leave him, alot are not Zambian here nd his not the first or last….

  57. Young pdot

    Leave him, alot are not Zambian here nd his not the first or last….

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