Times Employees Hit Six Months Without Pay

Times of Zambia employees continue to struggle with non-payment of their salaries hitting the six months mark.

The state owned broadsheet has been battling with heavy debts to creditors but has put employees as the number one scapegoats.

Offloading the salary arrears has been going on at a snail’s pace with employees living off the mercies of politicians.

The better positioned are cushioning their misery through international trips that draws some measly allowances.

The Zambia Union of Journalists is due for a meeting with management this week with a view to find a solution that has been elusive thus far.


  1. wizkid

    We told you that it’s dununa reverse.Why should we spend 1.2 billion dollars on Ndola dual carriageway whilst we can’t pay our government workers and we don’t even have medication in our hospitals.This is criminal what the p.f government is doing to the poor 15 million Zambians.We are going through hard economic times brought by this corrupt regime under president Edgar lungu.

    • Chichi

      Are they stupid? Why work if you can’t be rewarded?
      Signs off cute Chichi girl

      • Chilubo

        First good one

        • Albert M. Chiwisa

          Zambians be careful the you talk the late president M C Sata has bin only saved by death otherwise the mistakes has started with him. In 2011 things were right the economy of the country was aqually good . why did people decided to change the govt?

      • 5Whys

        If journalist don’t know their rights, then it is very sad development for the nation. How can they protect or fight for our rights as vulnerable creatures, we might as well have a revaluation to restore our dignity. Lets call it – “Revaluation restore our dignity”.

      • oracle

        Useless Government”Signs off an Oracle’

    • PM

      The reason why so much money is allocated for infrastructure development is easy……thats the only sector where money can be stolen quickly and easily. Its the only sector where you dont need to know anything about road construction to get a tender. Health…well thats a bit hard since you cant just get a tender to supply expired medicines without proper qualificationand membership.

  2. commando

    I expect justice to be excuted here.Our politicians told the nation that the post newspaper was closed because it had alot of debts,now what latest stories are they going to scratch our ears with?If fairness is to shown here the daily newspaper printing company must face the same fate as the post.Ciwamina galu kuluma mbuzi.

  3. Giogio

    GRZ has two newspapers. Why not sell one and concentrate on the itger

  4. mailon

    Please dont report this nonsense,spare us.I cant imagine anyone who can feel sorry for these f00ls.Just suffer after all your friends at the Post lost there jobs.

  5. oracle

    Dununa Forward”Signs off an oracle’

  6. Sj

    People, pipo cool it. Where could our Gov. ‘ve realised the billions for the road works? Basic common sense, these are projects left lined up by the Late President MC Sata. Same as the Chingola dual carriage way and also a road that will link W/ern province to N/Wern. I stand to be corrected.Comment

  7. kanjala

    dununa reverse,onyo kwe uko ai apa manje ni tooth 4 a tooth.hard metals go through hard times.u hardnd yo hearts so now feel it.

  8. Chris

    The Post closed during ECLs presidency. Where does this leave him as a God fearing person. Tines lelolelo!!!

  9. Mr. BJ

    Surely da economy is doing well, with our copper fetching an handsome amount at international market, all of us should b smiling including Times employees. Zambia belongs to everyone of us. Continuance suffering of pipo mite result negatively on part of govt…

  10. cts

    Mmmmmm,,,,maawe I can imagin how they r dealing with rentals .gov of ba Edgar kuwaya waya fye .anyway enjoy guys with na no money in yo pockets .

  11. Vincent Mijoni

    The company should be liquidated. Declared bankrupt so that the workers can go do other things

  12. dempu

    This is duna reverse thing erre just going Hard

  13. KB 1

    So ba praise team tabafola!!

  14. Joe

    useless workers

  15. Muleyamfwa

    Today’s Zambian government of today kuwaya wayafye. Before it is too late, let us eliminate this SATANISM KIND OF RULE.

  16. Muleyamfwa

    Today’s Zambian government kuwaya wayafye. Before it is too late, let us eliminate this SATANISM KIND OF RULE.


    so all these insults we have been getting from times of Zambia to opposition political parties, they have been doing them without pay for six month?


    This is terrible news, but why?

  19. chikomela Galu

    What is Mutati saying about this? He is busy saving his job with Lungu and PF zealots instead of paying family people at Times of Zambia. How does he expect these people to eat? At his farm?

  20. silver chinyama


  21. The Phantom Rascal

    And GRZ is planning to commission an airline. If PF were serious, even ECL’s trips, maybe just two, would be sufficient to help those poor souls. Anyways, they voted for PF – so, let them enjoy. Meanwhile, Magafuli is busy working while ECL is ever in the air chewing tax-payers’ money.

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