Levy Hospital Under Probe For Negligence; Journalist 24 Hours After Giving Birth

Following the death of Zambia Daily Mail employee, Sithembile Zulu, the government has instituted investigations into circumstances surrounding the entire episode and the general increase of maternal deaths at Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

There are reports of excessive negligence which have resulted in premature deaths of pregnant women and in some case babies.


Below is the statement


11th September 2017

Press Statement for immediate release

With a profound sense of regret, the Minister of Health Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has bemoaned the maternal death recorded at Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital on the 10th of September 2017.

Dr Chilufya is profoundly shocked by this turn of events, as he holds that even one maternal death is too many.

The Minister has, however, ordered for a thorough maternal death case review, as well as a postmortem to determine the cause of death.

Dr Chilufya said all procedures should be done on the deceased and scrutinised to ascertain the possible events that could have led to her death.

MoH Spokesperson Dr Maximilian Bweupe has explained that the deceased, 29 years old, in her 2nd pregnancy underwent a caesarian section due to fetal distress on the 8th September 2017.

Fetal distress is when the fetus does not receive adequate amounts of oxygen during pregnancy or labour. It is oftentimes detected through an abnormal fetal heart rate.

The deceased became breathless after taking a bath yesterday in morning, after, which the condition rapidly deteriorated before she
passed on despite efforts to resuscitate her.

Meanwhile, the Minister has offered utmost condolences to the bereaved family, friends, and the media fraternity.

May her soul rest in eternal peace
Issued by Stanslous Ngosa
MoH Head Communications and External Relations


  1. big pj

    they should probe the entire hospital.in 2012 I watched my daughter slowly lose her coz the crooked nurse asked me to buy medicine within the hospital which was to be administered to her…what a shame!

  2. Jere kester

    Mhsrip so sad indeed

    • Chewe mwansa

      Our relatives died in a similar manner, no investigation where caried on,We should just mind the food we eat during the pregnancy time,Very few women In the village Die after giving birth,Our women in town ni mwapusukeni mwandi,lets minimise, pizzar yoghurt, Junkfood from Hungary lion When you are pregnant ,go to market and buy normal food, not those from south africa mwalapwa.?

  3. Boyka

    But why always come in After a tragedy

  4. ruby

    it breaks my heart …something about this negligence needs to be done….but sad enough it has been considered after a life of a media practitioner has been lost…so much for entrusting our lives with a fellow human *ignorant nurses and doctors*

  5. abilima

    Those are the results of a proliferation of substandard learning institutions. And the main culprits are fellow women.

  6. mulongoti

    The meaning of hospital is long gone a hospital is now a death trap so minister fire the underperforming nurses because their just boastful instead of doing their job they keep on shouting at the patients now will start capturing them so that you see the type of healthcare you have my condolences to sthembile family

  7. Evangelist SAMUKONGA

    Nearer, My GOD, To thee, Nearer To Thee: KAMUPALAMINE LEESAA WANDIII, Ngoo mweenso waandeta uukomuuli: My deepest condolences to the bereaved family, only and I mean only GOD ALMIGHTY knows this mystery.

  8. Sj

    In this part of the world it takes the loss of a life to realise that some of our hospital are a threat to recover in. Gone are days when some nurses took pride in nursing a patient to recovery.
    Nursing is rarely a calling these days but may be called a way to earn a wage. MHSRIEP Comment

  9. iven

    M h s r p

  10. Musonda

    Health matters are difficult to understand. Only that there is death. We can not bleme the health person nor the Minister but when God says yes we have no way. MHSRIP.

  11. wizkid

    How many times will Zambians taught lies.I think we are a foolish nation because we bury our heads in sand.it is shameful for a nation to brag that they are making strides in our health sector.Even this same health minister does he go on routine checks to see with his eyes how pathetic the conditions are in these hospitals.I’m sure alot of know about South African health minister who shamed African leaders at a summit in Zimbabwe.Alot of our leaders shun our hospitals in preference for treatment abroad.Its criminal and pathetic.infact its barbaric.This minister must go around these clinics or hospitals to see the mess with his naked eyes.Instead of sitting in a air conditioned office chewing taxpayers for nothing.This is the same government which brought about illegality.please wake-up.

  12. lyton

    Am really sorry for the crying family right now,
    One thing I have observed of todays’ education is many people do these courses not because its their passions’ but just to make money.
    In short they don’t love there carrier’s.
    My prayer is may God see this family through .

  13. EG

    Pliz lets use the hospitality meaningful,so that we save each others life, anyway my condolences to sthembile family.

  14. Sj

    I wish not to blow an already sad story out of proportion, but in our nearby clinic it’s common place to be told when visit the clinic ati twalamipela Prescription(for Iron Sulphate) mukae shita umuti mu Tauni.Comment

  15. MIP

    Another fire extinguisher, l wish the fire was prevented at first. Why come in when the tragidy has occurred? You like too much camera ba minister just work its God who will reward you not cameras. Stop the rot!!!!

  16. banda gift

    avoid trainers 2 operate such evedences

  17. Ndindindi

    Condolences, total negligence from the nursing official, my wife has undergone 4 times caesar,shz still alive, what are you saying, just admit,your lies won’t take you anywhere, you have already killed her idiots.

  18. beaut c muke


  19. Maks

    Mulongoti U Ar Ok,Same In Mporokoso.Bushe Tuleke Ukufyala?

  20. c

    Imfwa twendafye nayo MHSRIP

  21. chewe f

    Imfwa twendafye nayo MHSRIP

    • S .mwanza

      Surely this Hospital has to be investigated by the authority. There is total negligence of Patients. I had seen it at some point how some of those medical personnel work.Its pathetic.

  22. Revelator


  23. Mwentantu

    The recruitment or seconding of personnel has the route cause of the pathetic service delivery at this hospital . Most of the personnel at this institution were seconded from health centres around Lusaka to enable it starting operating after a dereactive from some politician , he could not stomach seeing it standing as white elephant after so much money had being spent on building it – I can’t remember whether it was a grant or loan from the Chinese government . To kick start it’s operation , nearly all health centres around Lusaka were asked to provide a certain number of personnel to gradually have operations start . And since these institution were also barely meeting their staff requirements for their delivery of services at respective health centres , they opted to give out their under performing etc etc personnel just for purposes of ‘obeying ‘ the dereactive for the sake of keeping their jobs. So all health centres that were asked only offloaded those that not were very effective
    Now imagine the kind of confusion that exists with this kind of personnel managing such big health institution only second in size to our UTH. Centre A brings a perpual late comer, Centre B brings a short tempered person , Centre C brings …………. etc etc
    Solution to this is to employ or deploy professionally , to some extent the service delivery wil be improved .
    I remember case for the wife to my worker who equally went through aceseciatian section but sadly in the process the baby was cut near the spine while doing this surgery and the mother later had other complications . Thanks God the baby and the mother were only served after being rushed to UTH.
    But sadly because of that cut near the spine ,the child nows exhibits some form of palalylisis from time to time .

  24. Nelly

    Please can something be done!I wish there were some prohibitions to some people not suitable for health practicing mwee! This should stop…

  25. Nelly

    Saving lives but on the other hand some of these workers dont even do their job well.

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