Chipenzi Talks By-Election & ECZ New Appointments

The coming by-elections will be a litmus test to the newly acting Director of Elections, Chomba Chellah, and his Head of Public Relations Margaret Chimense, at the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

The manner in which they would ensure or ensured the electoral Code of Conduct enforced to the latter, the manner in which they promote transparency and accountability in the management of the process and the efficiency in the administration of the remaining part of the electoral process would define who they are and would be in the near future.

Are they going to accept responsibility and willing to be accountable to their unpopular decisions and mistakes? Indeed, their conduct will define the electoral destiny of country and outlook of our electoral process come, 2021.

As stated in Article 45 of the Constitution, Zambia’s electoral system and process must and should be transparent, accountable, efficient, credible and pursue a timely resolution of electoral disputes.

Zambians, not only in areas where these by-elections are taking place but the whole country, are expecting not less than an improved management, administration and delivery of credible electoral process in the country.

However, the fact that the media continue to show biased or no coverage of all political parties and candidates despite the guidance from the Constitution under Article 50 and the commission is quiet is already a source of concern that the Commission is scared of censuring the culprits.

The fact the the Vice-President would pretend to undertake a three days- working visit to Itezhi-tezhi district where there is by-election using government facilities and resources, a pure act of abuse of public resources and yet, she went there to campaign for the ruling party district Council Chairperson candidate and the Commission is quiet, is extremely worrying to us electoral stakeholders.

Therefore, Chomba Chellah led ECZ Secretariat must not be shy but be proactive and censure all acts inimical to the credibility of the electoral process and also acts that undermine the electoral code of conduct.

I wish all the districts and wards holding by-elections God’s protection and wisdom.


  1. abilima

    The Republican VP can go anywhere anytime in the country whether for campaigns, checking on projects or whatever, and she will use Govt resources. This will be done whether Macdonald Chipenzi is republican VP. This is a non-issue.

    • Dominic

      The most important area which ECZ should pay attention to is the recruitment of Presiding Officers and Returning Officers.It is at this level where huge Electoral problems shoot from.The Chairman of Elections and his team at the Results Center are usually at the receiving end of poor transmission of results such that if there is is mix up of results sent,the blame comes to the Chairman for announcing wrong results thereby creating the impression that there was deliberate intention to rig the results.With the advances in Technology in hand phones which can take a photo of the Result sheet and send such image to the Constituency totalling Centre and eventually to the national Results Command Center in Lusaka,Why do we experience prolonged delays in releasing results.In the next elections,ECZ should in addition to the name of a candidate have a computer code which should be prefixed with the party initials for example if PF was allocated CODE PF100 AND SAY UPND200,MMD300,a Mr Charles Twambo standing on MMD TICKET would have Code number MMD301 assigned to him in addition to his name appearing on the Ballot paper.

  2. Nijaman

    Wat a simple issue

  3. MMD Cadre

    Latest, PF has tumbles in most if not all the by-elections held yesterday. Too bad PF, you have taken people too much for granted.

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