Kambwili Is Not A Factor, Says Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned embattled former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili to stop misconducting himself in speech and manner by making it a habit of issuing disparaging remarks against President Edgar C. Lungu.

Kampyongo, who is also PF National Youth Chairman, wondered what sort of nonsense Kambwili represented by practicing politics of character assassination and urged him to engange in issue based politics.

“Iam warning Kambwili to desist from talking nonsense about people like he did against the Minister of Information. Let him not threaten people especially members of the PF. No one in PF owes Kambwili anything. Not the new members nor the old members. And let him not masquerade as having been an old serving member of PF because he is not. ” Hon. Kampyongo said.

And Kampyongo stated that if Kambwili was looking for loyalty from anyone, it should be from members of the party he wanted to form with Mwenya Musenge.

Meanwhile Hon. Kampyongo has expressed disgust at Kambwili’s statement discrediting the Presidential Marketeers Empowerment Initiative fund stating that no sane person would see anything wrong in someone helping to alleviate the suffering of others as Presidebt Lungu was doing for the Marketeers.



  1. True Colour

    Comment Iwe Kampyongo Whatever U Call Yourself 2 B, Stop Encouragng Yourself That Kambwili Isnt A Factor, Infact, Its Kambwili Is Who Should Use Those 2 U, Do Thnk U Can Compare Yourself With Kambwili, Very Far Away, Kambwili Is The Pillar And The Back Bone Of Pf, Am Sure U Knw That, Had It Bn Not 4 The Same Kambwili U Ar Insultng 2day, U Wouldnt Av Seen Wat U Ar Seen There, U Ar Exchanging Different Suits Its Bcos Of Kambwili, Learn 2 Thnk B4 U Bark, U Ar A Human Bng, U Ar Not A Dog Ok, Respect Your Friends Jst U Want Them 2 Respect U, Av Knowledge And Wisedom, Not Cleverness. Thanks.

    • Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

      Comment:Vizungu pilizi!

      • Fen Ngoma

        English to some people is Learnt rather than being their native Language. Rest in Peace to those who think you need to speak correct English before you are heard.

    • Mr Justice

      Kampyongo u are a dog just shut your stinking mouth.

  2. PM

    Why are you wasting your time and energy on a NON FACTOR?

  3. medhone

    ba ck, go back to jerabo life and gather more of scrap metals. coz dat is yo job,and u ar not a president material. leav ECL alone nothing u can do for mother zambia only pludering here there. umuntu afwe the handcaped then yu say no, yu ar satanic. ECL beyond 2021.i was born and breed in LY mpatamto so bayama dont cheat yo self of becoming a president oneday neva.

  4. ptc

    Kampyongo just close your ci big mouth.

  5. mmmmm


  6. otis Light

    It seems any battle PF embarks on against CK they are losing, am watching to see how things unfold until 2021

  7. Ndindindi

    Hello, kampyongo, try to respect elders, you have a point,your threats against Kambwili are baseless, stay cool before he comes to you, you will be disgraced,you are barking as if you don’t know kambwili

  8. ndolesha

    Kambwili is the man OF the moment. stop yapping just tell us the source of money you’re using to buy your girl friend that luxury suv

  9. Mr. BJ

    Politics of insults ar long gone. For one to b respectd, one nids to take stock of himself/herslf. The Bible teaches us dat : Uwantanshi, ewanuma. Politics z about numbers. Election votes ar not always factual, element of foshhood mite b there. New members wl bring in new ideas, if they’re true comers. To new ones , learn to accept da challenges. Ndeloleshafye!!!!

  10. Hollywood

    Let kampyongo tell the truth. there is nothing like ck is a pillar or a back bone wt ever u call him.if someone is against the law should face panishment.ck u are not God to be afraid of if you want to leave just leave in peace. Pafwa bantu pashala bantu waumfwa ai umfwikishe pamo nefipuba finobe ifyofine fikututumina.infact you are the one barking. Comment

  11. Respect

    Mr kampyongo wenye yai Dr Kambwili s a pillar fo pf…. No Kambwili no pf, u shud thank Dr Kambwili……not just talking bad abt CK.

  12. Prisona

    If kampyongo is saying ck is not a pillar then why was el using him to do campaigns? I never saw u kampyongo doing campaigns alone.

  13. Kuwaya wayafye


  14. Richman Mule

    The word of the Almighty God, Bible says; Fumya umulando uuli mulinso lyobe elyo ufumye umulando uuli mulinso lyamunobe.

  15. Ndolola Rennox

    To You All Mother Zambia ! Please ! Please! The Only Way To Develop Our Country Is To Hear From The Contribution Of Mother Zambia. Avoid Retariating Before Brain Stomming To Anything You Hear. The Person Who Can See Mistakes In A Ring Of Fight And Field Of Play, Is A Spectator. When U Are In A Ring U Cannot See And Detect Errors Or Mistakes. The Same With Us In The Ring And Field Of Play, Lets Hear From The Spectators. Through That ! We Are Going To Build A Strong Nation. Lets Stop Finger Pointing, Retariation And Fought Findings. May We Respect One Another Because We Will Meet In Dinnars.

  16. Peter Daka

    It very unfortunate the exchange of bitter words is coming from within PF. Please guys sober up and stop the nonsense. Stop it just now. Who has broght this bad idea????

  17. kk

    lol,zed politics

  18. John Materazzih

    Mr kampyongo be careful ba kabwili has suffered alot for this party ok

  19. Lolo

    If he is not a factor then stop bothering yourself. By the way did CK tell you that he is a factor or it is you seeing him to be a factor?

  20. Stango

    Factors and Multiples reminds me my fifth grade.

  21. Jk


  22. Cosiver Muwo

    Kampyongo stop yapping,you’re nothing politically.

  23. Mwana Ba Chanda

    Arrival Mwana wa mbwili

  24. Joe

    kampyongo, have a respect to mr CK. motherfucker.

  25. sanny

    I thought arguing with a fool u also became one,it amazes that among the So called educated ones even fools are found.

  26. Big boss

    Mmmmmmm, I dot knw wat Zambia ‘ll going on nw,anyone talks watever come in his/her mind abt politics,why.u ar disturbing yo frnd for planing things,chikampyonga wat do u want frm yo frnd…….. Loading…………………..please wait,not enough space in yo browser, check yo calendar.

  27. The

    CK help PF by verbal not financiall so Mr kapyongo stop useless words against the founder of PF.you are there because of CK.

  28. Mushala IV

    Ba CK its too soon kuwulula mwamene tudyela. PFMMD please ignore him and do not answer him but tuziba nizoona….kkkk Thats the only way we can get rich and beat HH bank Account. Which business can we do apart from stealing but this time in a cleaner way….kkkk

  29. The

    Mr CK stop insouting the president because you can be caused by God.want I know is that,kings and presidents are being chosen by God. If chosen someone no one can against him.

  30. mulongoti

    Please lets stop arguing abt this factor issue not even

  31. solisterchinyama

    U mother choti!! “Kanyoko” not kampyongo..

  32. MCM

    I wish ba Sata was around.

  33. silver chinyama

    Dnt think u are clever,fk!

  34. l G

    U r o very very stupid pipo, y do u tok as if u av Neva been to SKU imwe vi imbwa kanshi

  35. mulongoti

    Pls lets stop arguing abt this factor issue not even the named factor co has told the nation what really happened for him to be expelled for example if your first with commits adultery can you kip her just because she’s the first the issue of who came first or last is not the matter what matters is the behaviour so let’s remember the parable of the sower which ever time the piece worker came the payments where the same so ck couldn’t have bin the pillar if they were no new members let’s here what really happened

  36. Simeo Musonda

    Hon Kampyongo , you are right.
    People should learn to respect the Presidency and people in power.
    –Don’t blow out other people ‘s candles, it will not make your candle glow brighter;
    –Ako usulile ekopa noko. Those we belittle may turn out to be your father. In this case the belittled one, Mr Edgar C Lungu, has become the President and Father of our beloved National.
    HE The President, Mr Lungu, deserves the respect of all the denizens of Zambia.
    Whenever we criticize others, we should always check whether our criticism is KIND and based on TRUTH.
    Empathy – putting ourselves in other people’s shoes or position is key in healthy and harmonious human relations.
    TACT and DIPLOMACY is very helpful in conveying ones statements, without hurting the feeling of others.
    Establishing a National Leadership Academy in Zambia would help in Training and Equipping our Leaders with requisite approbation attributes.
    Hon Kampyongo, keep on hammering the point home.

  37. shitima musonda

    those who are saying leadership is chosen by God please answer yes or no to my questions,1.was Musolin chosen by God?2.was Hittler chosen by God?3.was Id amin Dada chosen by God?the word”tirant” refers to a LEADER who mistreats his fellow persons .now can there be a tirant if all leadership comes from God? aleni twasukeni mwebamano

  38. shitima musonda

    those who are saying leadership is chosen by God please answer yes or no to my questions,1.was Musolin chosen by God?2.was Hittler chosen by God?3.was Id amin Dada chosen by God?the word”tirant” refers to a LEADER who mistreats his fellow persons .now can there be a tirant if all leadership comes from God? aleni twasukeni mwebamano

  39. Jonathan

    pliz let them talk….HH is coming he will be there very soon !!!

  40. Ndindindi

    Shitima Musonda, you are very right,leaders are not chosen by God,don’t mix politics nefya kwa Lesa,Kasaka claim to be anointed by God,the same applies to politicians…

  41. siame

    Prove Mr Kambwili’s corruption allegations. The fact that you are talking about him means that CK is a factor,because if He wasn’t,you weren’t going to talk about Him.

  42. kapesha Morris

    U guys try to respect each other, u’r all zambian

  43. Joshua joska

    Let us focus on developing Zambia .


    Grammar is nothing n this matter er u white person stop blaming each other am sure this is due to lack of knowledge look at South Africa people there proud with there language, no wonder ZAMBIA It’s very difficult to develop some of u the only place u have reached is kabwe.

  45. Lucian KM

    Please! Please! Please! My fellow Zambians let’s respect each other.

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