Luanshya Resident Questions Qualification Of Court Clerk

I am concerned with the current situation concerning the authentication of documents at Luanshya II Local Court. A named office orderly is now stationing herself everywhere around the court premises stopping everyone she sees with the papers & asks them if they’re there for the certification of documents. My question is that isn’t there an order at the courts with regards to who receives the litigants? Aren’t there right people to attend to us there?

I am therefore appealing to the Provincial Local Courts Officer to come in & look into this issue because as a general public we now have a problem as we do not know which office to go to for assistance at the courts as we are welcomed right by the gates by some officers. It’s only at Lusaka’s boma courts where I have seen this trend & I must say I am very disappointed that it has now spread to Luanshya.

Mr. Mweene

Luanshya Resident.


  1. so chabe

    Ulibe nzelu

    • Chewe mwansa

      Nzelu alinazwo,This scheme is now commòn in puplic institutions, Too much bà tidyeemo.

  2. Kalok

    Certification and authentication must not be made a big deal. Police Stations (for a limited number of copies), courts, and post offices are typically sanctuaries for that exercise. Why we mystify and make things taboo for no reason in Zambia just beats me!

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