TIZ Say Corruption Is Rife In Construction Tenders

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has charged that there is a lot of corruption in the awarding of tenders in the construction sector in the country.

Chibamba has alleged that there is a clique of people that feel entitled to be awarded government contracts to supply goods and services simply because they support the ruling party.

He says this high level of institutionalization corruption should come to an end.

Chibamba has since urged all government departments and agencies to engage in business transactions that are premised on integrity.

He says this would free resources to be redirected towards other competing interests for which there are no resources.

Chibamba has called for institutional, legal and policy reforms around public procurement.

He has reiterated that TIZ is ready to work with the government in bringing about these reforms so that public procurement benefits the Zambian people and not the corrupt few with ties to government officials.


  1. po

    Its true big man corruption has become a hot issue everywhere not only in the construction but also these other industries.

  2. Ndindindi

    True, those of you who listened kambwili on prime TV will agree with Kabamba,there is total corruption in awarding contracts,no wonder Kampyongo has reacted against hon kambwili.

  3. Hollywood

    The pipo let us work together as one family.we shouldn’t look at one’s face that this one is from this party no!!! If any one from any political parties is willing to work let him do so coz we are one. Let’s work together and improve our country. We shouldn’t bring division and hatred.

  4. GS

    The problem is that some people are disclosing hidden agendas after being fired, why can’t they issuing important matters when they are still in government, that’s being stupid and selfish.

    • oracle

      It’s true corruption is a food under P F government’Signs off an Oracle.

  5. Ubuteko

    Very true my man pf tesana but too much corruption.

  6. Richman Mule

    But the issue of corruption it’s true, for u to hv a job unless there’s yo relative wu hv a post to that sector u want to b engaged to…. Tok mo abt corruption……

  7. The Phantom Rascal

    In the current PF regime, it’s very difficulty to control corruption in Zambia because it starts right from State House. You have Rupiah & ECL – the most corrupt scums in modern times in Zambia.

  8. Elvis M

    Just appealing to Hon minister of health to go and visit clinic 4,5,6 and 7 if there is such and try to sortout that old mentality which has been there since 1964. I sent to clinic 6 with a serious throat issue only to be told i can be seen in December 2017. The rest of the says are booked and that doctor only swrd 20 patients per day. Mah you Hon.minister find more doctors to attend to these pending patients so that they dont due before their due date.

  9. josef

    Mmmmmmm corruption iliko mwandi

  10. josef


  11. jason Nyirenda

    I have investigated Sable Construction Company. I have a video which will soon be aired on International Media. All the corrupt officials that are involved in awarding sable transport contracts have been featured. The video is already in the hand of the International media. Watch this space.

    • abilima

      So, ba jason Nyirenda, “in the hands of the international media” – the “international media will take action?

  12. Webson zimba


  13. Adnas phiri

    It’s not only in construction ,in education is worse poor zambians are busying paying money to pipo Who are rich already

  14. Db

    Tok more u blabers

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