Toll Gates Give Government K300 Million

Government says it has raised over K300 million in road toll fees between January and August this year.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela told a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday that government has demonstrated that it is viable to invest in the road sector.

He has since urged the private sector to seriously consider investing in the road sector.

And Chitotela says the construction of the US$1.2 billion Lusaka/Ndola dual carriageway launched by President Edgar Lungu last week is part of the regional trunk road network.

He says the benefits that will accrue from the project will include improvement of the competitiveness of business in the areas served by the road by reducing road transit times and improving delivery schedules for cargo and passengers.

Chitotela says the construction of the dual carriageway will also de-congest Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi central business districts through the provision of the bypass roads.


  1. Stimela

    Now that the great west road has been done and the great north road is being done, when will the great east and great south roads be done?

  2. George Mainza

    Job welldon zambia, now my apeal is that, this development from RDA ,those incharge of that contribution must take care and use that money wisely to sutsfye all zambians in all coners of this country sighns off Mainza .

  3. Arnold Hampeyo

    The Decision is Good but can the government return that sum of money?I desire Mercy and not Sacrifice.

  4. 10 Miles

    The Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway is welcome news. Good development. But, as a country in general, and particularly for the Government, let us learn to complete old and ongoing road projects before jumping to launch new ones. The whole of Zambia is littered with unsightly uncompleted roads, some of which where started over five years ago. They are an eyesore. Why start projects you can’t or are unwilling to finish?
    I will not be far from the truth if I say that even this Lusaka to Ndola dual carriageway will be abandoned after 1 year and after constructing 30 km to launch the multi-million dollar Great South or Great West Road! Let us be frugal and prudent.
    For once, let us learn to finish what we start.
    Also please pay off and clear all the huge debt that is owed to all the suppliers, contractors and consultants on all these running projects, now that millions of kwachas are being raked from the toll gates.

  5. Malama

    Ba chitotela construct the livingstone /sesheke road.

  6. Zimbiri Simeon

    Bachitotela Construct Lundazi To Chama Road There Z Break Down N Ths Rd Plz Work On It We Suffering Here.

  7. Zimbiri Simeon

    Awe More Money Being Produce Bt U Dont Help Estern Lundazi Road To Chama U Promised To Construct The Same Road Bt U Faied Lero Work Hard Koz We Make U 2b Known

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