PF Puts Up Defense Over $1 Million Fire Trucks

The Patriotic Front is fighting back allegations there was corruption in the procurement of fire trucks.

About 42 fire trucks were early this week paraded at the Lusaka Showgrounds for distribution to various cities.

PF critics have come out guns blazing accusing the ruling party of corruptly awarding the supply of the trucks to suspected party loyalists at an inflated price.

Among the chief critics of the tender is former chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili who allegedly said $1 millions for each truck was excessive.


*So what’s the fuss about the fire Trucks? Let’s look at the facts*

A public tender was brought out in 2015, business entities submitted, a selection was made and approved by Zambia Public Procurement Authority(ZPPA)

It should be noted that over 18 business entities participated and submitted quotations from $32m-$56m for 42 fire tender specialized trucks

Two years later what you saw on Friday is therefore a hand-over ceremony and not a procurement process.

*How much is a fire-truck?*

The short answer depends on the fire truck or fire tender.

There are three most common fire trucks.

1. A pumper/engine truck,

2. A ladder truck, and

3. A wildland truck of some sort.

Specialized and custom-made trucks like a heavy rescue or hazmat truck would be common also.

*Why are Fire tenders so expensive?*

There are two costs associated with fire tenders;
a) the type of apparatus, b) the cost and type of vehicle and c) the cost of the equipment that the truck carries.

So a fire engine, depending on the class and type of truck ranges from $1.5m whereas a ladder truck could cost up to $350,000 and that is with both trucks unequipped.

Shipment of this trucks is also different from normal vehicles

Adding equipment from basics like hoses to hydraulic extrication tools may add another $50,000 to $100,000 to the existing costs.

It all comes down to the specifications of the department ordering a new (not used) truck (renowned brands like Scania, Renault, Mercedes and other technically excellent vehicle add costs to say Tata or Daihatsu).

The costs also responds to the specifications that the source wants and what functions they want that piece of equipment to do and perform.


  1. Mbayo Jackson

    I like the development, our mother Zambia must shine


      I’m a LIFE MEMBER of DARBY FIRE COMPANY #1 & DARBY FIRE PATROL #2. In DARBY BOROUGH DEL.CO.PA. & we HAVE to work together WITH each other & keep the truck’s ON THE STS no mental Wilt THE problem is DARBY FIRE 1 & 2. IS ALL volunteer Dept s so. Help us to help you. Robert j.cochran retd.& life member DARBY FIRE

  2. John Materazzih

    No one can appreciate what the z doing,it’s up to you foolish piping

  3. John Materazzih

    No one can appreciate what the government z doing,it’s up to you foolish piping

  4. Lyson

    The working government, that’s what the people of Zambia want.

    • Kilaye Larry

      Bane let’s get the fact right. Chishimba Kambwili made a price enquiry based on the specifications of the fire tenders which were commissioned on Friday and according to the source the cost should been only $150,000.00 but your government bought the same fire tenders at $1,000,000.00. What a fuss. Zambians? kushishita kwa Shani? Ba Mbayo Jaxkson-yabaa.

      • Bapompwe

        Ok, lets pretend we are not as dull as they think, by getting our own quotes. Can somebody give us the specifications for the fire tenders.

  5. Kilaye Larry

    Don’t confuse people with all those funny specifications. Kambwili made an enquiry for the price of the same fire tender or engines in south Africa and discovered that cost was around $150,000.00 opposed to the $1,000,000.00 which the government paid for the same type of engines. Even if other accessories were added to the equipment it doesn’t make any sense for the cost swell to that extent guys. Switch on. Tulo twa shani bane?

    • wisdom



    • Peter Chilumbu

      I don’t believe in hearsay. I like getting facts before i comment. So in this vein, assist me with the company details that Hon CK got these figures from. Its not that i doubt him but he is a figure with personal interest and likely to cook up figures to his political advantage. I want to make my own inquiry and you can help be get informed by suppying me hon CKs source.

  6. Wise me

    These are signs of a working government. The fire tenders costs cannot be to the pain caused by property losses due fires by the community. If one sees a wrong in this, that’s a sign of leadership failure and should not aspire to be in government, i wouldn’t give my vote for him.

  7. Lazi

    Congrats to Government for these machines. You have once again filled our hearts with joy over the many lives and properties these machines will be save. Let’s the councils take good care of them. Let them be serviced regularly.

  8. Kalok

    The trucks are here – let’s use them. It is a 2015 affair, so let’s look at the auditor general’s reports over the period so we can argue intelligently. Enough said.

  9. Db

    Working govment,kutashafye bakoswe

  10. Big J

    I wonder how many of these trucks will be functional in 10 years?

  11. Tom

    Only dull people think like Kambwili who has obtained fake çualifications,You can see çuakes through their açuments.Sometime you are left wondering wether the professors have passed through colleges or they were just given papers. Is it that they obtained their çualification dubiously through “mwembeshi”? We should always check their statements and çuastion them interpret or thats what they learnt at school,by doing so you will realise that professional will stop cheating people who are naturally dull.

  12. km

    Let us not pretend that things are ok when there not

  13. Fred

    The fire trucks will be misused like all previous trucks. I have personal see this being done.
    1. taking bosses milie meal home.
    2. taking water to bosses new house he is building.
    3. used to transporting workers.
    4. The trucks will be worn out in one year because of abuse.
    5. The trucks will be out on personal work and clock 50,000 klms in a year.

  14. Concerned citizen

    If it is true that the cost of one fire fighter truck is around $150 000.00
    Let’s even peg one at $500 000
    00, Then lets call for a serious inquiry regardless of who the whistle blower is. Let’s not be carried away with praises of working government or anything close to that. We need to safe guard our taxe contributions aggressively. Just as gresdive as ZRA is now collecting it. If indeed it’s true that somebody has benefited dubiously it is then a moral duty of not only investigative wings of the government but all citizens to fight and put an end to this cancer.

  15. chewe f

    Look at the price of a Land Cruiseer & compare the two. A land cruiser is costing K600 000.Kanshi fwebantu twaba shani?

  16. Thando

    The ladder fire tenders can cost as much as 750 000 – 1 000 000 dollars. If those are the ones they bought there is no problem but if they bought the pump trucks then there was corruption somewhere.

  17. Sydney muchemwa

    Let’s give credit were credit is due this is not the platform for insults guyz

  18. clark mweetwa

    I love that

  19. Joseph

    what is the job of this truck ? after the city market destroy by fire.

  20. BlackBird

    Why has it to be PF to defend this? Is it PF that imported the tenders or the Government. Its high the distinction between PF and the Government was established. It is not the duty of a Party to defend Government. the two are seperate.

  21. Mike

    Whatever the cost . The fire tenders are necessary .
    Those terrorists who were burning public property are certainly not happy. The law enforcers will catch up with them some day.
    Gorvenment has an obligation to safeguard the people’s lives and public property .
    You should have seen how the firemen worked in the USA during the 9_11 terror attack on the world trade center because they had the necessary equipment .
    So please , let us be serious.

  22. Time banda

    its like you people have problem, even when things are not okay you will still say fine and give credits,, which credit are we giving here? kapena mukudya nabo,, go to levy mwanawasa hospital and see how patients are suffering standing on a long queer for a long time luck of man power, yet these so called working government is busy thinking how they can abuse tax payers money,,

  23. h longwe

    they shoud be transparent in the procurement of Gvt goods and services

  24. Ted

    Ivyakulola sole.

  25. Ted

    Ivyakulola sile.

  26. lubinda mtumwenu(fan b)

    I love the development 100%

  27. lubinda mtumwenu(fan b)

    that’s great

  28. Sam D

    Thanks for the development

  29. Lusekelo

    Who cares that’s not true it’s a long price at a long time yours sincere”

  30. Lombe Kennedy

    These ministers u see in berries they don’t think of developing the Zambian communities but the community of their pockets,they are blank they don’t control themselves. They are controlled by Europe so whatsoever Europe says that should be done. Blank president, blank cabinet members, blank MPs, blank government, blank pf ,blank every thing.

  31. Everson saks

    Just to conclude on the issue, allow me to say as human we are just full of irregularities and we can’t believe that what has been reported about the procurement price(s) or bids for the fire trucks to be true or not,but all I can say let’s commend the government for procuring such life and property saving machines and if at all there’s any misleading, misguidance,misappropriation or any gross misconduct of any kind on the Zambians,then it’s a piety and very unfortunate for the government if at all they did such kind of mischief

  32. Benson

    The issue here is not about the tracks but the huge amount of money which were spent to buy these tracks. Zambia at the moment is in a bad state. Part of this would have been spent to improve some areas such as health, agriculture, the local governments,even the education sector.

  33. Kasman

    Since we cannot change anything, whether they have lobed us or not,at least they will help us.believe u me,they are lobbying us in so many ways both knowing and unknowingly.

  34. Arthur

    $1m for a truck is insane, thats an astronomical amount of money… isukeni amenso mwebantu, despite your political affiliation

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