MultiChoice Treating Zambians Like “Bloody Cinderella” – Senior Journalist

Distinguished journalist Edem Djokotoe says South African pay television channel Multichoice is taking Zambians for a ride.

Djokotoe is particularly upset that SuperSport will not show the Carnelo Alvarez fight this weekend.

He said some channels are filled with content for an Afrikaans audience.

Djokotoe, a key feature in the Zambia media, says it was sad Multichoice had continued to treat Zambians as third class citizens.


It’s official. Multichoice treats those of us who live outside South Africa as third-class citizens. And if they think they will pressurise me to take down my complaint like they’ve done to one Eugine Phiri, theyve got another thing coming because I won’t. Not when I am a paying customer and they treat me like my Kwacha aint shit.

We all have our reasons for subscribing. I was big on Premium because of boxing–as in live world championship boxing fought in Madison Square Garden, the MGM Grand, The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, at Wembley in London or wherever big money scraps could be organised. Never mind all those crazy game shows and Afrikaans channels I care two hoots about. As long as I could watch my No. 1 sport and keep abreast with What’s What in The Fight Game.

And then, one day, without warning, they stopped showing us elite boxing fights and decided that we were better off watching Golden Gloves and fisticuffs from East London . The so-called best of South African boxing from town halls in the Eastern Cape.. Folks, if that is the level of boxing I want, I could mosey on down to Matero all day long and watch bloods trading leather in dingy little venues where their skill set isnt too different from my own. That’s like taking away the EPL and La Liga from soccer lovers only to give them league games from Outer Mongolia where there are more mountain goats per square kilometre than there are people!

Anyway, you con us into believing that you’d seen the error of your ways and would start treating us to The Fight Game like you used to do. All you did was show us The Money Fight which, as any aficionado of pugilism will tell you, wasnt a real boxing match. There is no such thing as The Money Belt. It is not a title sanctioned by any of the boxing bodies. That fight was all about money, period. Yet you showed it and we got our fill of the novelty.

Now, tomorrow night, the world will wake up to what is arguably The Fight of the Year. Genaddy Golovkin steps into the ring to fight Canelo Alvarez to determine who is the baddest middlweight on the planet. This here fight, which has taken years to seal, is the only fight in town and we all want to watch it. But all you’ve done, MultiChoice, is to show us the hype and to take us through the countdown–only to make it clear that the fight is only available to viewers in South Africa. Now if this isnt treating us like bloody Cinderella, then I dont know what is.

Now you know exactly what I think of you. I have said my piece and it is either you get with the programme and note down a genuine complaint by an old client who is as pissed off as hell with you. Do I speak Afrikaans to be saddled with all those Boer channels? Aikona wena. I dont want!!!

It has taken me the better part of 15 minutes to vent my spleen at an infernal time of the morning when normal people should be sleeping but I needed the peace and quiet to put my thoughts together for your benefit and on behalf of many subscribers who feel as cheated and as slighted by your lack of consideration like I do.

Just know that I will not take down this complaint, no matter who makes a song and dance about it. It is, after all, my wall, and last time I checked, freedom of expression, was still a basic human right. You heard.


  1. samuel

    Correct big man ….we are paying a good sum of money and we need to be treated as same as south africans

    • Starcial phiri

      That’s very true big man, why be treated as third class pipo

    • Magnum-point38s

      Our CCPC should tell us if this business of BOUQUETS is not tied selling which the Competition and Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) outlaws.

  2. school boy


  3. Wise me

    Tell them, you have my backing. Super Sport take heed of the concern if you want to keep my Kwacha flowing into your account. I need to watch programmes no shown by ordinary TV stations. You bring yourselves to ordinary level and you lose out.

  4. Danzazy Banda

    Straight to the point…. Bravery seen.
    We deserve better….aikona wena…naikonda bwana..

  5. Momo

    One day we will not pay let’s wait and see what the digital migration will bring.

  6. weedy k

    multchoice thinks Zambians can’t think…come to think, south Africans pay/ subscribe less compared to us in zambia, the CCP should look into this matter unlike the mediocrity they are giving us…
    POINT ON Edem

  7. MIP

    That is what it means when you have Universities which produces a lot of graduats every year but fail to come up with products like the one multchoice has. If you’re a begger in your life you shall continue dancing to the tune of the provider. I think Zambia can do better in this area of broadcasting. Where are our engineers. My brother djokoto I simphythise with you and that even if you write volumes and volumes in the name of freedom of expression supper sport is not our product. I personally look forward to day we shall stop dancing to the tune of the so called reach nations and yet when Djokoto drives five hours going to Kitwe he will be in a place with the best copper on the continent and he does not know that if put to good use he can not be paying the amount he pays to multi choice and at the end cry foul. Its high time we became serious with ourselves. I hope the complainant knows that the money he pays to multchoice goes to south Africa the following day. Where is our graduate’s and stake holders ??? Stop crying Aikona wena, I need my own Zambian multchoice where when I pay the money goes to other productive ventures within Zambia. Can a Boer be intelligent than Djokoti? Aikona wena

    • George

      Very well said adem,hope topstar will not disappoint us as well

  8. Obino

    Yes Djokes you really good. In Nigeria they were fined. Because of KAFA behavior. Problem in Zambia is we be inherited the So Chabe Mentality.

  9. David Mwanza

    Kwese TV’8s showing the match. Dump dstv

    • Nelly

      Take your pick its your choice.dstv,kwese,topstar e.t.c its up to you to deside using your brain!..

  10. Alex Hama


  11. Namcos

    Dependants always complain for better services.we can not blame him for complaining but We blame our education system.

  12. MK

    Well said Edem. I thought I was the only one who noticed this, searched all the channels for the same bout but couldn’t find anything. This is the reason I took a break from these expensive for nothing tv providers. They kept calling me every monthend asking why I had taken a break from subscribing with them. I’m a boxing fan but surely with this type of selective programing, I’m left with no option but to stop subscribing with them.

  13. Broken Hillman

    Stop treating us like step children when infact we pay more than fellow Mabunu!

  14. mj

    very verily top star is coming to our aid bwana just try it u will enjoy German Italy,French league for free as well as English pl just enjoyed city win 6.0 yesterday last week mult choice misbehaved the day Zambia was beating Algeria by showing live game 39 minutes in the first have them lost at home

    • Daudi

      Imagine they put an advert and say only people in south Africa are eligible to participate, why show it to non participating countries? Don’t take us for granted. Is our money less valuable to the rand? Please

  15. Peter Daka

    Today in Zambia we have citizens who out of luck of patriotism say l don’t watch ZNBC I watch multchoice I pay 3 months in advance. Instead of putting our heads together and come up with our own product we demonise it. Its because of such attitudes that the muzungu take advantage of us. Twalikwata ubuzungu wabufi pa zed. Let’s change. Even the channel’s that spoil our children in our homes we pay for them and yet you have relatives in the villages who can’t go to school. I don’t have money I only have enough to pay for Dstv. What nonsense, wake up zed.

    • BlackBird

      Its not lack of patriotism. ZNBC has just to compete. They cant continue with mediocrity and expect Zambians to watch their nonsense in the name of patriotism. Patriotism does not include suppoting mediocrity. I will always reject mediocre products regardless of the source. Whenever something better than ZNBC comes up, I will pay for that. Thats why I continue paying for Muvi TV because they are better than this so called ZNBC wich is just a Party Propanganda machinery.

    • Nelly

      I love this. The momment i saw what top star has i was like dstv not for me.

  16. Musto

    Paying for dstv is like submitting to Boer culture. #Kwese is the way

  17. Thomas

    This kind of treatment is not helping us as Zambia.

    • Nelly

      Take your pick its your choice.dstv,kwese,topstar e.t.c its up to you to deside using your brain!..

  18. Dave

    Also SS10a and SS11 which shows Golf tournaments is Showing E18-4 which meaning not available in Zambia. Maybe it’s time to boycott MCZ for a few weeks until MCZ can explain themselves ??

  19. Danny mwaba

    when are going to accept that zambians are docile,all they know is talk,talk,n action ati we r a christian nation,they cant invent anything,fyonse kuchita import keeping up appearances,shoping malls enriching south african economy, no sense of pride.pathetic..

  20. Hassan Banda

    I’m gonna convince my household that we stop subscription to MCZ, tomorrow I am going to buy YAFIKA decoder

  21. George b

    Fuck multchoice period

  22. Killion Daka

    While you give us good football matches on dstv channels do not exploit Zambians treat every customer equally being a South African or any other African countries we demand fair business do not forget that l don’t enjoy all the channels but l still pay for them.l want management of multchoice to be a little bit considerate.

  23. Taru1986

    Its because super sport is the best .They can do what they want.let Africas open more TV channels and you will see how supersport will be kneing for us

  24. JPM

    Spot on EK!

  25. Davis Mataka

    You know my older brother Eden, time is nigh to start taking on some of these shoddy service providers who think they can roll all over us whenever they want and still demand outrageous subscriptions from us. I think we as scribes are a strong enough lobby to keep such under performing service peoviders on their toes and demand only the best. No amount of explanation can justify this selective broadcast of service when statistically speaking, we pay more than most of our colleagues as a country in the region. Please DSTV stop the rot and give us the due respect we deserve.

  26. Bupe Ck Chulu


  27. Musonda

    Let us just agree that next month no Zambian should pay for DSTV

  28. Kalok

    Ati bouquet. I have never bought into that c.r.a.p and never bothered about DsTV. I patiently waited for something good and went with it – so now I have better service where I can subscribe ONLY to what I want to watch. This shepherding of customers in an open Internet powered world MUST END.

  29. Obert

    I would like to put to rest the issue EK raised. A lot has been said about Multchoice. Now hear is the forward. EK through you let us engage our government through the line ministry and serious come up with a road map to have our our product like multchoice that we shall proudly own and subscribe for. We have all the resources within ourselves be it manpower, be it money name it we have.EK your answer to what you raised over super sport lies in what am proposing hear. The PF government is good at such projects provided we genuinely mean what we say. Felix mutati is there with an open door policy let us engage him.Zambia at 50 can do it.There is money at NAPSA which can be put to such projects other than build shopping malls, all these are stake holders who we can engage through line ministries. EK take the lead over this. Its a challenge a pose on you, it can be done believe me. I mean having our own multiple choice project for every Zambia. Let us stop begging. I rest my case.

  30. Powder Chinena

    Right on bwana! Multichoice should not be allowed to take our money and provide a substandard service! The stupid excuse of market segmentation does not hold! I was not able to access the second feed during the latter stages of the US Open (tennis) because this was withdrawn suddenly, without notice! Multchoice should not take my money if it’s not good enough! I don’t need the useless Afrikaans channels! They can stuff them up their backside for all I care!

  31. Powder Chinena

    How’s about some class action? I remember some public relations chap from Multchoice on ZNBC radio four claiming that they would show the fight without any extra charge, like they were being charged in the UK and other places! Was he speaking through the wrong hole?

  32. kester jere

    May u tell me and understand what the MCZ has done so that I continue not subscribing to them I like sports in south Africa Is 365 rands full bouquet

  33. masumo Hankombo

    Mr Djokotoe, may I thank you for opening up this issue for you have made people to express themselves. You made me to be ” in love ” with the Post Newspapers and you still have that zeal. Keep up those flames of fire.

  34. Pleito

    Problem is you support them even if they give you ama expensive rabbis leave they will change. Nevertheless kwese TV is there join

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