Letter: FAZ Struggling To Pay Referees Handling Lower League Matches

Please hide my identity. Referees not getting paid. My favourite FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has only paid refs twice this season. Under the previous administration, refs got paid the whole amount due to them by the home teams.

The Idea of FAZ paying refs was rejected by all officiators anticipating problems which are happening now. Most refs proposed that FAZ gives money to teams who would intern pay refs.

My question is when is FAZ gona pay refs? If so are they going to foot out the full bill? Its a pity that referees who are victims are those who officiate lower division teams.

Refs close to FAZ [officials] handle Super Division teams where they get paid instantly and can never voice out cause they would want to consolidate their positions.

I love Kamanga and I feel he is the right person to be in office right now. If we give Andrew the full term of 3 years in office he can take us far, but he should improve on paying refs. Me I belonging to team Kamanga.



  1. Db

    Ba FIFA naimwe mubikeko amano sana,u are making a lot of money,twakulamituka nomba

  2. shi j

    ba FIFA wat’s happening

  3. Joseph

    FAZ, can you pay, those refs. this is totally seifness & heartless. those refs they ve families & bills.

  4. Mpelo saulo

    You claim to love Kamanga and you also claim to be team Kamanga. My advice is that, go and rebuke Kamanga rather than you bringing administrative issues on this platform. My dear open rebuke is better than hidden love. Its sac that you even suggest that your identity should be hidden.what are you afraid of ? help the referees by talking to Kamanga simple.

  5. Enock Nyirongo

    Faz would you please give what belongs to ceacer, refs are of great help, and they deserve to be paid

  6. wap


  7. Benny

    Ba FAZ how can u expect some one to work for u for free? FAZ sometimes is a problem they did same to coach Nerve Renard and Patrice Beumele but now we don’t need them what l mean is give Caesar what belong to Caesar

  8. wise

    why sure?

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