Pres. Lungu Calls For Probe Into Procurement of 42 Fire Trucks

President Edgar Lungu has called for a thorough investigation into the acquisition of 42 trucks for $42million.

The procurement of the trust has stired controversy among Zambians with many demanding answers alleging the amount was outrageous.

President Lungu made the call to investigate the deal when he spoke to Zambians on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

President Lungu said he is not corrupt and would not be intimidated to do his work.

He urged those with useful information to submit it to the investigations wings to help scrutinize the matter.

President Lungu however said it was sad that in Zambia there was a tendency by losing bidders in a public tender to raise all manner of accusations against the successful bidder.

Below are the bullet points issued by his Special Assistant to the president for Press & Public Relations, Amos Chanda.

“1. There has been an outcry about the recently acquired fire trucks and I think that those charged with the responsibility to investigate must show interest in the matter;”

“2. I am not corrupt and will not be intimidated by accusations of corruption as I do my work;”

“3. Those with evidence or any useful information about fire tenders must come forward and held investigative wings;”

“4. I know also that whenever a tender is given to one person the other loser raises questions but since there is a lot of protests over this one let those with information of wrong doing come forward”


  1. ine wine

    Already point no 4 is defensive. The tender guidelines provide for challenging the process of awarding. so this will be the song from the investigative wings that these are just sour grapes/

  2. Rightwell Msiska

    True..let them come forward

  3. Staiford Mulenga

    Yes Mr president I totally agree for call on this matter. As security wings have to do there investigation.Let security wing do there job if only people with useful information can share than going through the media.It does not work like that in a democracy. People must use the correct channel to talk about very sensitive national matter .

  4. Lyson

    Yeah that’s my democratic president speaking, sir you are a man Zambian people want just work don’t mind them, because if you do they will confuse you.

  5. Waka Waka

    There is no need for security wings to wait for anyone to give them information. They have heard the public outcry and so they should start investigating. You don’t wait for anyone to come to you and say “here is the evidence, now go” no. An investigator builds up there terms of reference simply on the word “why”

  6. Benson

    There is no smoke where there is no fire. Let the investigative wing do their job without delay

  7. Peter Daka

    The government of Zambia must be taken to task for approving the aquisation of 42 fire trucks at go when other priority areas such as finishing uncompleted hospital projects ,schools are there. If l was president l would have approved 10 to start with and procure the rest in phases. I does not make sense to buy 42 fire trucks at a go meanwhile councils don’t have money . This the reason why the whole thing is stinking. Even at home we priorities what more government? Some of these weekness can be avoided please. I recommend the removal of local government minister.

  8. King

    The security wings have no data , and they don’t even know were to start from . So Give them yo information , so that they can know were to start from . Not just going there idle .

    • Jerry

      People, a qualified investigator don’t need the evidence for him to start the investigation. Its his duty to unearth the evidence by establishing the facts of the matter.
      For a reputable investigator, the question ” why” is reason enough that his services are needed.
      The concern might be that in this case, the investigator is lower than the one to be investigated. In African politics and governance, the dirty found in such cases is swept under the carpet, and the rest is history.

  9. Alec

    I do support number 4–bidders come in dozens but the loser should review his or her concern upon the action taken–let the cooperate progress than stinging opulent resources

  10. Alec

    I do support number 4–bidders come in dozens but the loser should review his or her concern upon the action taken–let the cooperate progress than stinging opulent resources,what’s wrong in procuring needed resources

  11. wisdom

    Let the security wings do there job mr president

  12. makasa kanyanta

    I seem to miss some flesh, but who won the bidding?

  13. mathew

    The president is right let this matter be investigated

  14. Mwana Muwemi

    Don’t argue with what the main man has said we all know that our opinions don’t matter just go with the flow

  15. Mwana Muwemi

    Let bygones be bygones what the main man has said is final I see no point in arguing

    • fred

      The investigation should go on we see who are thieves and liers

  16. Mubanga Muwowo

    Sure sure the case should be scrutinized because the amount is very big in relation to the current poverty state of your people.

  17. mugabe Robert

    very stupid president with no vision

  18. G.C

    Prevention is always better than cure, why was a deal like that approved in the first place? Your government ECL prioritizes procuring trucks over motivating those driving them? They will be driving and fighting fire on empty stomachs?

  19. chris

    Why are u doing this to us.

  20. ukusoka g

    Am here decreying Zambia a corruptive country

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