Antonio Mwanza Eats Humble Pie

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza was made to eat humble pie in parliament for having boldly revealed emoluments for members of parliament.

Mwanza was found guilty of breach of parliamentary privileges and contempt after he detailed earnings for members of parliament.

The outspoken FDD spokesperson tabulated how much MPs earned including for merely keeping quiet in the house.
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini cautioned Mwanza that his sentiments were careless and were devoid of truth.

Matibini said that the offence that Mwanza committed was grave and warned members of the general public to avoid commenting on matters that could bring the house into contempt.

And Mwanza apologized for his sentiments saying that he had reflected deeply on his conduct.

Mwanza truthfully alleged that sitting allowance for MPs stands at K3, 000 per sitting while a salary was about K31, 000 for each MP, plus accommodation allowance which is calculated at K500 per day plus upkeep allowance, plus tax free beer and food.

He said that the public was spending about K100, 000 per month on each lawmaker.

The point of order was raised by Serenje MP Maxwell Kabanda in June following an article which appeared in the Daily Nation Newspaper.



    This character talk too much… but his head is empty..


    This character talks too much… but his head is empty..


    The character talks too much… Empty tin

  4. Emmanuel

    I think as a nation if we are to develop, we need to start to be open about these issues.My question is was Antonio Mwanza lying or the issue is that he told the truth and breached the code of parliamentary privileges?We need to be civilized in the way we deal with public resources.The public has right to know about how the hard earned resources are being used.Antonio Mwanza don’t be scared, you spoke for the masses.We cannot allow the plunder of national resources in the name of fear to breach parliamentary privileges.That is our money and we deserve the truth as a nation.I salute you Antonio.Honorable Matibini , how honorable are you with all the injustices you have inflicted on the Zambian people through your fear to say the truth and guide that honorable house?You eat with thieves , your hands are equally dirty.

  5. Oppen Analyst


  6. Lusekelo

    Let Antonio Mwanza talk more so that each and every citizen can understand what’s happening in this country’ yours sincere”

  7. Njobvu Glad


  8. mulongoti

    That antonio Is very bad secretes are secret

  9. BoWise

    Why has the speaker in Westminster not curbed debate over the following; According to figures, 115 peers were granted their £300 daily attendance allowance despite not contributing to debates.
    Calls for a radical overhaul of the House of Lords grew last night over the scandal of peers being paid to turn up and contribute little or ­nothing to debates and votes.
    Over a year, 115 claimed £1.2million of taxpayers’ cash in expenses without saying a word during upper chamber discussions. And £4million was handed to the 277 who spoke five times or fewer.
    They were all given their £300 daily attendance allowance, despite their lack of involvement in debates or votes.
    It sparked accusations a “something for nothing” culture was rife among peers as the Government slashes public services while subjecting millions of workers to pay cuts.

  10. Komz

    The man is right according to my opinion its only that nga kwaliba ifishifyaya ubuteko fishinka….

  11. Komz

    The man is right according to my opinion its only that nga kwaliba ifishifyaya ubuteko fishinka….

  12. Vinbaby

    Te fintu

  13. mtc

    There’s no way …. Dear leaders know those that the employer must know what he pays his employees. And if everything is in good faith no need to fear. If u don’t want us to know, just Quit Inchito yabusebani. If the employer doesn’t know then just know that u are stealing FullStop.

  14. Real man

    The truth shall set us free

  15. Kasman

    Now if he was lying why can’t they giv us the correct figures??? Antonio must be right.

  16. Luwigo

    The truth hurts,,he wasn’t lying,the money is too much for a country like Zambia.boma iyanganepo.

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