Chaile: Kambwili Can’t Be Trusted

Radical Revolutionary Party leader Vincent Chaile says Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili cannot be trusted when it comes to issues of fighting corruption.

Kambwili is one of the few politicians that has gone ballistic on the procurement of 42 fire trucks at US $1 million.


Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP) President Vincent Chaile says-It is disgusting for Chishimba Kambwili to accuse others of corruption when he has not been cleared by the Anti-Corruption Commission. We are challenging him to explain how he managed to accumulate so much wealth within a very short period of time. We are tired of his fairy-tale story that he started business a long time ago, now we are questioning how he allowed his wife to go and work in UK as a maid if he was serious businessman.

Mr Kambwili cannot be trusted even in opposition. When he was in government eating well, when us Zambian people could not differentiate between his head and neck , Now that he is fired and frustrated , he thinks everyone is doing what he was doing. He was even lucky to have been tolerated in government that long.

Mr Kambwili if he was are a trustworthy man, can he tell us how much he made out of Digital Migration when he was a minister of Information and Broadcasting.

Mr Kambwili do you remember when you said it was not the duty of Government to pay for student bursaries, when your children were in expensive schools in UK on tax payers money.

This is not the first time Mr Kambwili is trying mislead and divide this country,. This man is danger to our democracy, to the opposition and a danger to himself.


  1. Japhan

    We getting tired of politicians attacking one another, is this the meaning of politics? All of you vima politicians, grow up ,atase!

  2. Kasman

    All politicians are the same,they will always support anything no matter how bad it is,and they will only be against it when it is on the other side.

  3. George Mainza

    I think Dr Kambwili is a very good polititian who can be able to identify and speak for voiceless where the problem is wheither in PF or in any Oposition, becouse without such people, we can remain silent even if things are not in a good conditions.

  4. Reuben kaira

    Kambwili is using his head now. Good

  5. oracle

    Kambwili is a Political Disaster’signs off an Oracle’

  6. Tembo Rennox

    Mother Zambia ! Lets Respect One Another. Its Not You And Me Who Can Put Things Correct Or Right By Full Of Insults. Law Will Visit Each And Every Zambian Who Pockets Government Money Into Personal Use. I Know That Its Not Only The Issue Of The Purchase Of The 42 Fire Brigades, But Look Around And Are Many. All These Debates Are Coming From Within The Belt Of One Waist. Why Are We Flaming Fire To See Our Fellow Being Fired. If Vinecent Is Fired Because Of The Same Issue, Let Other Ministry Be Investigated And Law Take Its Cost. Otherwise Lets Be United And Sort Out These Issues Amicably In Favor Of Each Other.

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