Now FAZ CEO Fails To Settle K40, 000 For Branding Material

Information has emerged that Football Association of Zambia general secretary Ponga Liwewe’s has failed to settle K40, 000 for work done in arranging branding materials used during CAF games, potentially bringing the name of the game into disrepute.

A contract between Mpila Zambia, a firm owned by Liwewe, and LPN Aluminum to design billboards for use in inter-club competitions was entered in May 2017.

According to sources, Liwewe approached LPN Aluminum to make some billboards to be used during CAF games.

The parties agreed that Mpila Zambia will pay K105, 000. Since May, Mpila Zambia has only paid K65, 000 and has been dragging over the balance.

Directors of LPN Aluminum have made several contacts with Liwewe over the remainder of the bill but have received no positive feedback.

According to sources, FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has also been approached by LPN Aluminum to secure their funds from Mpila Zambia and Liwewe, but he referred the matter back to the general secretary.

The branding contract which Liwewe secured when he assumed the position of general secretary was previously managed by a spouse of a former FAZ executive committee member.

Meanwhile, Liwewe has claimed in an interview with the Times of Zambia that his business with CAF through Lagardere was not inappropriate.

“It has nothing to do with FAZ. We never got a request through FAZ. It was a request through a private company whom we have been dealing with for so many years. It is not today that we started dealing with them,” the Times of Zambia quotes Liwewe.

There have been suggestions from quarters of football administrators and followers in the country familiar with the relationship between Mpila Zambia and the CAF agent Lagardere that it was in appropriate for a company managed by the FAZ CEO to be involved in business that the association wholly controls.


  1. Gosh

    This guy has a history of not paying debts

    • Chichi

      One fire truck will pay off that debt and save the association from going down.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl.

  2. Alick

    Oh…yeah mz/faz

  3. nugent

    i think i should take over liwewe’s possition

  4. mailon

    Liwewe please you are bringing the revered Liwewe name into disrepute.Your father must be turning in his grave.

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