Nyirenda Names U-17 Star in Provisional squad for Nigeria Clash

Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda has named 26 local players for the first phase of the preparation for October 7 Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup clash against Nigeria.

Nyirenda has named Under-17 promising striker Lameck Banda and Power Dynamos midfielder Larry Bwalya in the squad that goes into residential camp on September 25 in Lusaka.

According to the list availed to, Nyirenda will get down to work on Monday before the full complement of foreign based players join at a later stage.

Zambia faces Nigeria away in Uyo at the God’s Will Akpabio Stadium with a ticket to Russia at stake.

Nigeria tops the group on 10 points with Zambia lying second on seven point while Cameroun and Algeria who have lost interest in the race are on two and one point respectively.


Toaster Nsabata Goalkeeper (Zanaco), Allan Chibwe (Power Dynamos), Kelvin Malunga (Nkana FC)

Simon Silwimba, Fackson Kapumbu (Zesco United), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes), Muchindu Boston, Moses Nyondo (Nkana FC), Ziyo Tembo (Zanaco FC), Webster Mulenga (Red Arrows), Isaac Shamujompa (Power Dynamos)

Donashano Malama (Nkana FC), Kondwani Mtonga, Mischeck Chaila John Ching’andu (Zesco United FC), Ernest Mbewe, Augustine Mulenga (Zanaco), Godfrey Ngwenya, Larry Bwalya (Power Dynamos), Lameck Banda (Nkwazi), Jack Chirwa, Mike Katiba, Diamond Chikwekwe (Green Buffaloes)

Alex Ng’onga, Martin Phiri (Power Dynamos), Lubinda Mundia (Red Arrows)



  1. Rapha muzo

    Don’t forget about experience players like King David,Tembo Fwayo, etc

  2. Kingsley chivundu

    Mmmmmmmmmm Alex bamukonda

  3. kachana

    Please ba coach drop Alex Ngonga, he is not national material. DROP HIM PLEASE.

    • Keo

      What has ng’onga done you kanshi?
      He misses one chance ati drop him.. Mwaliteyapo Na bola imwe bene? Shaa.Which other striker can you compare Na bazo mu loko league?

    • Keo

      What has ng’onga done to you kanshi?
      Bazo ewabako..

  4. Botha Chunda

    That’s gud,hope they will made it.

  5. museum

    plis drop you so name ngonga.

  6. Joe

    Wat is Ngonga doing in the squad

  7. Joe

    Comment..Wat is Ngonga doing in the squad

  8. A k

    Nwasenda ba n,gongs mwasha tembo,tecakwesha ukulaba kalaba,Nathan, chisamba,sakala,daka,mwepu,Emanuel nabamesuma .nkausu mwamuposakwi he is anice defender akapatulula takalefwaikwa tulebomfya abaishibo ukuteya amadifender bakale mwaliposa

    • Lyson mseteka

      U din’t understand the statement he said this lineup is only for the locals and those who are playing outside zambia like mwepu, kennedy mwene and the like will join on a later date.

  9. Hopkins

    Without Fwayo and Chama again

  10. smoz

    Boss the team is ok just tell them to use bola nalesa that’s all inshi Niger twanyanta

    • Vincent Mwanza

      Give him chance Algeria had all big names but what happened

  11. Prince

    Under 17,he is too young to compete with Mikel & other Nigerian players. Also include Fwayo Tembo & foreign players don’t forget Kalaba & Nathan Sinkala from Tp Mazembe & Mbesuma.

  12. Prince

    Coaches twafweni kuli ci Fwayo Tembo.cibeleleni uluse.

  13. moses chongo

    go go chipolopolo football with God, Zambia is going to make it to the world cup, all the players who played the match between Zambia and Algeria should be there for us to win the game. God be with you during the selection

    • Robinson KAMBOLE

      Please please reverse your line up before people start uttering bad things against it

  14. Mwape lass

    Donchi 4get C,LUNGU NA fwayo tembo ba coach please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kamps

    leave Alex Ng’onga and replace him someone or get Fwayo better

  16. Kasman

    On foreign based players, please don’t sideline old players completely. Players like Mbesuma,kalaba,Sinkala and kalengo.

  17. Kasman

    What is the issue with Charley,Charles Musonda’s son????he is playing standard football at Chelsea.

  18. Silas

    Under 20 players should b considered.

  19. hp

    Plz plz this chi Alex the material ya pa national team .balekulishya mo I we nyerenda nishi u lesha abakali u senda amapulanga

  20. hp

    Plz plz this chi Alex te material ya pa national team .balekulishya mo I we nyerenda nishi u lesha abakali u senda amapulanga

  21. Peace Maker

    I think the same team that beat Algeria need to be returned ,but just find the replacement for the following:
    (1) Left Full back ( this one is a disaster)
    (2) leave Alex G’onga ( Unless you do not want to score , but interested to annoy your soccer fans , then that is okay!)
    (3) Lecture Augustine Mulenga in the front line to simply pass the ball to the either Fashion or Patson , he should not try to shot himself , he is a very good player but can never, never score with his shooting
    (4) Those who did not play against Algeria should consider themselves retired full stop. This is not a time for under 45 years it is now time for under 20 or 23s

    We are not playing name here Nigeria is very strong ,we need players who can run fast and make Nigerian sweat Not those Madala who failing to run but walking.

  22. Max


  23. Robinson KAMBOLE

    Line up sunzu,mwepu,fashion, daka,Mulenga (17)fwayo,mwene,tembo ,kalaba,chisamba,mutonga,kapumbu,MWILA,silwimba,Nigeria it’s not a team to bring jocks just try to aim at winning, maybe you have the area of interest in some players you HV short list,use players who have played the crucial games before.

    • arnold

      Let’s use de same team but we have to find a supersub for ngonga if he not useful.let’s keep de same spirit like we faced Algeria. Go Zambia go

  24. Namakamdo Cosmas

    Mr NYIRENDA, use the team you used when we played Algeria in order to pour cold water on Nigerians at their home ground. Go Zambia Go!

  25. mutajens

    Pliz Coach this is a must win game which dicides if we wilqualifies hoo, dont experiment…. choose the team wisely we also need experienced players

  26. KAMBOLE Robinson

    Mmmmm BA coach are you jocking or serious with the line up?

  27. Alex Mundia


  28. Zulu's idear.

    Our boss Mr NYirenda, plizif you can assist us by adding the following names: Nathan sinkala,kalaba and fwayo because Nigeria teyabanaiyo!. Don’t forget the under 20stars. All the best to our team go Zamboni go chipolopolo.

  29. sn

    the local player is good but remove ng’onga from the squad

  30. Everisto Kazimoto

    I can’t see any under 20 on this squad.

    • Simon Phiri

      Plz bacoach don’t left kalaba we need him in the team, Nathan sinkala ,kalengo must be on beach,

  31. Elvis

    In life we must learn to forgive our players and use them for national interest as a coach u will loose nothing groly is for evry one dont invit coruption in football use the player wisely Nigeria game is tough look at our defenders ,2 davies nkausu can add impact ,6 mwepu ,7 Fwayo Tembo, 8 Chisamba lungu,9 Daka, 10 fashion sakala, 11 kalaba so that in first half we can fight for a goal those guy are shape we need to confuse Nigeria defenders ..don’t use your own interest hear the views from your people your name will be lift up by taking us to world cup that is our nation coach .


    Goal keeping MWEENE does the best. Even obi mikel knows please don’t leave MWEENE

  33. tendon chembe

    gonga tatulemufwaya he his not international

  34. mose

    people , football is not about names,Zambia beat Algeria at home and away without players like kalaba and Nathan and mbesuma to mention but a few.their time of playing active football is gone!let’s move on with don’t change a winning team for names that have let mother Zambia down in the past.let’s support wada as he transforms chipolopolo into a winning team.

  35. lucre

    u are now making mistake with the play u are get,u have forget the under 20 stars,now among those players play like enock are goin to lose with your team

  36. Mbao

    My fellow soccer fans pliz try to understand the headlines that squad which Wada Wada called is not a final squad but just a provisional which mean he’ll drop some players before he call up the best foreign players

  37. Soceer proffesor

    Y is non performer ng’ong’a always in the team at the expense of mususu, gwayo,chama and other good strikers.iam smelling a rotten rat ored

  38. mulenga lawrence

    Ba Nyerenda becarefu with the lineup you are making because when the people talk it means somewhere how there is a problem

  39. K

    Ba coach, Ng’onga is a disaster, he doesn’t add any value to the team.What is it?tell us the truth….

  40. Simpundu

    Don’t leave Kalengo not Ng’onga

  41. Redlue

    I don’t know if some of us understand English the selected team is just for local players foreign players will be called soon some of us kept complain about chisamba is chisamba playing in our local league?? Chisamba is not better than mwepu, but Mwepu is foreign based player now, we don’t need Fwayo,kalaba Fwayo is snubs call ups sometimes while kalaba performance is not same as he played under Janza when they played against cape Verde Mbesuma is not fit bane bushes mwalishiba football? I don’t even know if he has a club now, kalengo is not playing the same game against Sudan his performance is poor now he failed to threaten Nigeria when they played in Zambia. According to me the best local based player to replace ng’onga is Born well mwape but he is also not very good player but better than Ngonga but when foreign based players comes in please don’t forget Edward chilufya he can replace Ng’onga provided that he is in good form, Kenneth kalunga replace Shonga depend on current form, in short the players who competed again Algeria are OK except Ng’onga another thing Wada needs to teach Augustine mulenga how to score goals he is one of most dependable players Silwimba and Kapumbu need to improve their performance like Ziyo and Sunzu

  42. Carshena Mweemba

    Ba coach please please if the following players are not not injured include them when you make the final squad. Kalengo, Kalaba and Sinkala. But let Mweene remain the captain. Nigeria knows very well that the game with Zambia will like a final who ever wins between tge 2 will qualify to Russia 2018

  43. Phillimon Chirwa

    Where is Fwayo

  44. Robert

    Leave out old and tired footballers… Fwayo tembo is tired so is mbesuma.When did the two last score for national team!In fact let me not even talk about them!!!!

  45. iwell

    Zambia will beat Nigeria 2:0 we are pulling through by God’s grace.

  46. sande

    Ba coach if you leave kalaba in this game u wil regret
    ,because it wil be very you hav hatred on him?

  47. abel

    Coach my humble question is why ng’onga? That guy is a player of no creativity please take my consideration

  48. abel

    Ng’onga noooooo!

  49. mercutio

    Comment; fwayo must play for yo betterness period.

  50. L2

    don’t forget the best and trusted players:fashion,patson and enock mwepu.

  51. Simon

    Ba coach think about the comments and from there came up with the best team for Zambia beat Nigeria, good lack.

  52. daniel

    Waiting for the results

  53. sonkwela

    I Wanda y ng’onga is called.he has a lot of defects on de pitch

  54. Vincent

    Mr Nyirenda please consider what the fan’s are saying. The game will be crucial. Never should you neglect experienced dependable players. NG’ONGA is automatically illimited from the squared the comments have tabulated itself.

  55. pokwe

    Where is kalengo, please? Nid to b cod! Ng’onga can’t find his way thru super eagles defence.

  56. joseph

    drop ng’onga and replace charly musonda juniour.

  57. George

    Comment i think the combination of evance kangwa and daka can work better than alex

  58. John lungu

    Da selection of these local players it just ok ,some just need to be metal ship

  59. Mwine

    Go Zambia go

  60. Jay Namz

    George is right

  61. chanda eugene

    Where is Emmanuel mbola and Davies nkausu

  62. Shize

    Ba coach ng’onga tewabola plus kumusha

  63. Shize

    Ba coach ng’onga tewabola pliz kumusha

  64. SEFUKA


  65. Britrick

    n plz include SHONGA in de final squad Mr .

  66. Kabwe Andrew

    Nigeria is not an easy team, but it does not mean that we can’t gun down the Eagles. Go Go Go Chipolopolo!!!!!

  67. John chipwaila Golden

    leave Ng’onga behind.


    be forward guys

  69. Mas

    All the best zambia, we are confident!

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