OPINION: Kalaba’s Korea Outburst has to be Statement of the Week

What a week it has been with the US42 million of procurement of fire tenders topping the list. But there was perhaps something more baffling than anything the US$42 million expenditure on fire tenders would invoke. It was the Harry Kalaba statement against North Korea.

What was the genesis of that statement? It seemed to have come out of the blue and with absolutely no necessity for it. In case one missed it, here it is.


The Government of the Republic of Zambia is deeply concerned over the continued firing of ballistic missiles and nuclear tests conducted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea despite international outcry to cease such activities.

As a member of the United Nations and a State Party to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Zambia supports calls from the international community for nuclear disarmament and subsequently urges the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea not to engage in provocative acts but to participate in the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

The Republic of Zambia, therefore, calls on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to abandon its nuclear programmes and comply with the respective resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Hon. Harry Kalaba
20th September, 2017

Well whatever prompted Kalaba to issue this statement must have been very strong.

Naturally Kalaba is not one that issues emotional statements but to have issued something way out of his league raises questions about what state he was in. surely even if North Korea is rubbing the global conscious, Zambia is not the one to pick up the stick and threaten Pyong Yang.

What muscle does Zambia have to even talk about anything concerning a nuclear war? Like many people have suggested we better stick to fighting army worms. Whatever it is this has got to be the utterance of the week.


  1. Kumawa

    Ba kalaba naimwe mutekanye sana… Ifintu fimbi tulailetelelafye. I mean what did you smoke??

  2. kim jong-un

    hey zed watup…ill use u to test my new hydrogen missile…lol.ppl r taking this as if he’s insulted God. that piggy kim z jx high of stupidity..nothin mor

  3. Salulani

    Forgive him, it was a slip of the tongue. He meant Kim kardatian not akapondo kaku North Korea

  4. forward Lungu

    That is how mad PF government is any one can say anything without, consultation or approval from above.

  5. mk

    Nshimwene muli uyu muntu

  6. Isaacs

    Mmmmmm kkkk

  7. mk

    Nshimwene mulandu muli uyu muntu

  8. Muledoubta ba Ngwele

    Imwe na imwe ma fellow Zedians, Kalaba is just trying to suck up to Donald Trump. If Trump notices his statement he will send aid to Zambia

  9. Sj

    Please give us a break elyo noku chita retract (pull down) iyi statement yabo. Bushe uku teku ilapulila fye umulilo mu chitenge? Abene kale bayamba uku chita flex amaka. Be tu posela utupata iyo.Comment

  10. Kasman

    Awe kwenaa….

  11. Hang Jiang

    Harry Kalaba of Zambia don’t be so stupid,Zambia is just like an egg which can be even broken by a 9 moths born baby. Zambia shut your stinking mouth please before we react on you fools.

  12. Japhet

    We are here for peace.

  13. jonne jing umupondo bapunga

    u fun boy dont be a fool zambia is way better than north korea ba ba ama table cut……… takabonfwa ubuloshi bwa kuluapula mwaumfwa nabatonga ,abalozi,naba ngoni…..bapushi imwe mwaba matako………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Khalifa Kush. KK

    iyee! napapata, what can u tel MissileMan, Trump being called dotard who are you to say something. Please don’t make Kim divert the missile to poor Zambia. in the name of JAH.

  15. fyabupuba

    UBUPUBA BUBI GUYS WE DIE THROUGH Ba Kalaba, don’t play to Korean play to HH uomwabelesha not to those guys twafwa!!!!!
    You aid from Trump bombing bombeshanifya Yama mwikatuletelela twapapata
    Ukulyauku kutiwapaisha abakaele,!!

  16. Kim Jon un

    Hey kalaba Zambia will be my new test subject, I’m coming


    What is these

  18. Harry mumu

    Sorry Zambians kachipusumukafye

  19. Noah Makwilimba

    there is nothing wrong about that statement. guyz come on don’t be cowards

  20. Japhan

    Mr. Kalaba must be fired like how President mwanawasa (late) fired Nevers Mumba (then vice president) for issuing statements that would have provoked war against Congo. This is being dangerously overzealous.

    • Sj

      Awe chine umwana Kasembe, kuti lilya wa talalikako fimo nao umunankwe aletantya ilyashi lyimbi.Comment

  21. commando

    The most dangerous nation on earth is the united states of America which is the only country to have used atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki in Japan.America doesn’t want other nations to have what it has lest it be used against it.To open your eyes America has fought so many wars in vietnam,korea,afhagnistan,iraq etc.Iraq was invaded under the pretext that saddam had weapons of mass destruction.Biafrans want to go their own way from nigeria and are claiming to be supported by the US.Does America have the passport of meddling in other nations’ affairs?If yes then it also export terrorism and that could be a good reason it’s afraid that it might be paid what it has paid other countries.You are not condenming America for the atomic bombs that were dropped in japan.There will only be true peace on this planet only when many nations in both opposing camps will be armed to the teeth with nukes becoz ifikali filatinana.Atleast the world should extol KIM for his weapon because he’s only fending the bully off.

  22. Hang Jiang

    Jonnie jing do be so stupid okay, you are nothing to us,just wait for a moment we will test our missiles on your country. Don’t force a snake to bite when it is passing harmlessly.

  23. Hang Jiang

    Zambia will be soon a great sea in Africa.

  24. Chings

    Please the guy is not machuad

  25. Pleito

    Nshimwenemo mulandu Maine muli uyu kalaba but what he was trying to is that

  26. Pleito

    Nshimwenemo mulandu Maine muli uyu kalaba but what he was trying to say is that Zambia is not in support of that childish by pyong yang



  28. Simon Muwowo

    Comment something’s are better left the way they are for we can’t handle it. why involving ourselves in things which we can’t handle?
    kulabakofye ifintu Fimo. sorry.

  29. Jack zulu

    Kalaba what’s the people of Zambia died….he must go to north Korea and ask for forgiveness

  30. standard 5

    Beware, china hueng is kims pal

  31. Topcoat

    When they say weed is bad, ati iyoo. These are the effects. On behalf of sobber Zedians we would like to distance our selves from the statement made by this weed smoking guy called Kalaba. Our corruptly procured fire fighters can not help to put out a Kim,S missile. Sorry brother Kim once more, the nigga Was high on weed

  32. lago

    ba jona… ninshi u hav started making nuclear weapons secretly?? u like your confidence but please your confidence is not our confidential #muzatipaisa

  33. mhd jay jay kalaghi

    ba jona…!! nishi you have started producing nuclear weapons secretly?? I like your confidence but there is problem, your confidence is our confidence #muzatipaisa

  34. castrol

    Kalaba ulefwaya inshi kanshi

  35. Lee yu she

    Kalaba carefull.

  36. Edson

    Awe mwandi mu Zambia?

  37. Edson

    Things is uncontrollable bcz z the end tym

  38. Konks

    Icibemba citila mumbwe ukulila nishi pali uko ashitilile the problem is ngabaseshako ICO ashitilileko

  39. Gunman

    We should think b4 we talkba kalaba,if u dnt av wht to say jxt watch end sit.if a war starts u cn run bt think of others who dnt av money to go to other country

  40. Gunman

    We should think b4 we talkba kalaba,if u dnt av wht to say jxt watch end sit.if a war starts u cn run bt think of others who dnt av money to go to other country pliz think

  41. Franktok

    Harry Kalaba could have said someting about the violent display of fists involving police officers and Kaizer Zulu’s brother and his gang.

  42. Kim 2

    Half of Zambia is about to become a Sahara Desert soon

  43. mr Lubumbe

    Let’s continue fighting our poor economy & not attacking people who can help us stabilize the economy

  44. abel

    Let’s continue fighting our poor economy & not attacking people who can help us stabilize the economy

  45. kamz

    i think kalaba should be expelled or else zambia will be history that it existed.

  46. wis chirwa

    Ba kalaba why do u want to invite problems in your own country,if u ar tired with this freedom we ar enjoy leave for the rest to enjoy it,how can u make that strong statement on behalf of over 13million people without consultation,mind you Trump will never save you,beside Kim is not as your neighbour kabila in congo,stop weed its driving u crazy.

  47. Ecks

    You are all jockers…

  48. patson k

    pliz kim if u ever think of showin yo powers to us jst come get harry kalaba and the one who told him to say wat he said n put them on a ka island and hit dat island with nuclear bombs coz he wz alone there n we dnt support his statement

  49. samizzo96

    If I read it carefully the statement was just okay by the way we are members of the UN so what we can voice out call a spade a spade what Kim is doing is not right…… and I pity

  50. Wiza

    Mwauma ilibwe pa chipo chanshimu

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