Opinion: FAZ CEO Should Have Declared Interest In Branding Deal; Lagardere Is Under Criminal Investigations In Egypt

The controversial Lagardere Sponsorship deal signed by the Hayatou CAF administration less than two years ago is subject to criminal investigations in Egypt and has been a source of further investigations under various regulatory bodies in Africa for being unfairly awarded without any form of competition. The Largadere contract is what led to the departure of former CAF Secretary General Hicham El Ehmerani from CAF after the election of Ahmad Ahmad.

The question begging answers is how can FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe claim that he had been dealing with Largadere in perimeter advertising before his appointment at FAZ when his appointment and the signing of the Largadere contracts with CAF are only a few months apart. There is no record of Mpila Zambia ever being engaged by CAF in stadium branding on the continent. Why then could CAF or Largadere engage Mpila Zambia knowing full well one of its directors is a senior member of FAZ. This further invigorates the Egyptian authorities of Largarderes underhand business dealings.

Notwithstanding his shallow rebuttal in today’s [Thursday] Times of Ponga the fact his Impila Zambia has anything to with a company facing criminal investigations should be enough to raise red flags.

CAF used to use a Malawian national Felix Sapao to do the stadium branding for CAF Champions League and CAF Confederations Cup matches in Zambia. Later on Anthony Destombes of Execusports of South Africa was engaged but never a member of the previous administration not even spouses as suggested by social media fora. For all Africa and World Cup matches a local company called Global Banners in conjunction with the FAZ Marketing office dealt with all issues of stadium branding. It is therefore criminal for the office the FAZ General Secretary or his company to have any business dealings with an Association he superintendents.The best he should have done is declare interest and not participate in any business dealings with his employers.

The termination of the MAFRO kit sponsorship contract has been done under eye dropping circumstances leading to people to suspect foul play.

The first signs that things were amiss with MAFRO was the difference in sponsorship amounts between the Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe Football Associations with MAFRO. While Kenya declared US$450 000.00 Zambia with a far much higher soccer pedigree declared US$200 000.00. Figures being bundled around suggest that the Zambian federation got US$500 000.00 while the remainder was shared between two senior members of the current administration.

The sale of players to the South Africa Premier Soccer League by way of players Brian Mwila, Rodrick Kabwe and Aubrey Funga has the FAZ GS imprints all over them.

That is not all, the entire CEO of FAZ travelled to South Africa to purchase off the shelf Kappa kit from Rasheed Kassim Sports Shop for use by the Zambia U20 team during the Under 20 Africa Youth Championships held in Zambia. Surely he cannot be doing all this damage without the knowledge of his supervisor

Before he does further financial and administrative damage to the cash strapped Association let the docile FAZ Executive Committee take action.

Source: Maureen Kawengele [Facebook]


  1. aberlt kunda lwando

    Please ponga step down before you hear the worst from us. The president (faz) should put in place a body to find out if these allegations are true. It is too early for you start stealing.

  2. Sj

    Surely someone of good standing and with willingness to do the job but willing to’ve checks and balances can be found amongst Citizenry? Let them show cause why they should be hanging on to those jobs, to authority that had given them that Responsibility. We’re demanding answers to the case.
    Alternatively advertise their posts with a warning that handling colossal amounts of cash should be expected to would-be Interviewees.
    Those who’ve soiled hands need to hand over the books/job and resign. EEEeee ubomba mwibila afwile ukulya mwibala but the funds involved are colossal. One indeed need not’ve over looked declaring one’s own interest in the “branding deal.” Trancepancy is necessary when doing tour of duty.
    Ethics in Business are a good thing to remind oneself when handlig Private/Public funds. Cutting corners seems to be the order of the day.Comment

  3. Mr. BJ

    Tis saddening to note that Ponga who wears his father’s clean football shirt can sink so low as to engange in corruption. Shame on you including your Kamanga boss! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  4. Mr. BJ

    Tis saddening to note that Ponga who wears his father’s clean football shirt MHSRIP,can sink so low as to engange in corruption. Shame on you including your Kamanga boss! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  5. John-Maria Fyane

    Great investigative work Maureen Kawengele

  6. Franktok

    Just where does the ACC fit in in all this? You never hear a Zambian court convict anyone of corruption in a nation so deep in scandalous deals. If the ACC are just gonna sit on their benches and wait for people to report or Lungu to say swa, it is brtter they are disbanded. After their inactivity reports lack of corruption in Zambia.

  7. Tiuzeni kabili

    Who is the FAZ CEO you keep referring to only by office?

  8. Kenkenene

    What newspaper is this:
    Notwithstanding his shallow rebuttal in today’s [Thursday] Times of Ponga the fact his Impila Zambia has anything to with a company facing criminal investigations sh

  9. Dolika Ndaifwalila

    Kolapushoni Always with us. Ba Kamanga soseni tumfwe. Or just resign

  10. Dark Side

    There’s no time to waste ba kamanga, get rid of that fortune Hunter before his greed engulfs you… Pronto baba!

  11. Ukutumpa

    Ba polonto. Tulemifunda nakabili??? Kamanga is the Fax president. The job of a president is not full time. His duty is to give fax executive direction. He is not involved in the day to day running of football house. That is the job of the fax general secretary. In effect, the is Chief executive officer, ceo, of faz. That’s why the president doesn’t have to be there every day. This is why Kalu, chikala chakwe, was able to live in South Africa and still run the association., you have to have a good general secretary to do that.

    • Buti

      Yayi. That doesn’t make the GS the CEO. The GS for example can he fire anyone in FAZ?

  12. Buti

    In my business management lessons, Most of the time the CEO is the President. He has to be the highest ranked executive in a company. In America the CEO is always the president.
    Investopedia will say: Chief Executive Officer: the main person responsible for managing a company, who is sometimes also the company’s president or chairman of the board: Selling and Administrative units are headed-up by Senior Vice Presidents who report directly to the CEO.

  13. Ukutumpa

    So who is the CEO of PF the Party????? It is the secretary general!!! Mwila!!! …the CEO reports to the president. This is why this position is an appointed one, it is not elective one. Because you need a special skills set to run such an organization on a day. This is why we say”winter kabimba was once the pf CEO. ” he was appointed by sata the president and approved by the executive. Just like ponga was never elected but was appointed by the faz executive after interviews which also included simata. So the CEO ensures contracts are carried out, accounts are in order, people are reporting for work etc these are day to day issues which are dealt with by the CEO not the president. Please understand this position we close this issue not amafi mulenya aya!!!!

  14. vern

    Kachema goes back to his roots is the only best thing he has ever done. Shame for him to think he is now 10 times stronger, if not weaker.

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