OPINION: Harry Kalaba – A Victim of His Polished Image

It is a very curious case that each time Harry Kalaba speaks these days something of a storm is raised. Even just his innocent postings of his widely followed Facebook page attract cryptic interpretations.

When he is not being pushed into planning to resign then someone is cooking about material about President Edgar Lungu planning to fire him. How many times would Kalaba have been fired if every rumour about his dismissal turned out to be true? Kalaba is among the few that bring a semblance of sanity to the Patriotic Front government. Even in the heat of campaigns when some of his colleagues like Chishimba Kambwili became synonymous with rabid attacks against opponents, Kalaba embodied calmness and a high level of sobriety that even his adversaries had to admire him.

Even his reign as Foreign Affairs Minister has been relatively commendable serve for that one moment of extreme zealousness when he strayed into a nuclear zone better left to the big boys. Maybe Kalaba is a victim of having once letting his Presidential ambitions open up. After all he had put up his name for the presidential race in the ruling PF.

It seems some people have never forgotten and his respectable reputation is viewed with suspicion by his adversaries within the PF. It seems even when he has not declared war there are ghosts that have waged war against him. Is not MMD’s Felix Mutati a victim of the same gang? Anybody exuding prospective potential is being tested and pushed to snap but so far the game is still in the shadows.

We wonder how long this shadow boxing will go on before it blows out into a full scale war.


  1. Khai

    Where is “Chichi girl” to pass a controversial statement. Lol

    • chichi

      Oops!! What is there to admire about this forehead Star Wars like character? I have zipped through the Zambian news to find anything mews-worthy from this guy but all I could find is trash. Is this that what you call incredible diplomacy? I guess Zambia is so cheap that any trash is admired. He doesn’t even look presidential but apparently a good witch doctor trying to locate his calabash. Even Edgar’s teeth would be a lot better that what is president in this picture. There are great diplomats like Rex Tillerson, Nikki Haley, Collin Powell, Sergey Lavrov, John Kerry, Borris Johnson etc, not this douchebag in the name of Kalaba you are trying to sell to the international community. I guess Edgar’s ass is polluting many to sink so low.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl.

      • SCOBA

        Inferiority complex. You have not mentioned any Zambian. Unfortunately we cant import those people to be our Diplomats. Thanks Chichi but stop insulting,

      • Roy

        This girl chichi is sick, and wonder which planet she is in. The Johnson and the rest of the whites she mentioned are not even Zambians! Surely, they are sick pipo in Zambia, but I think chichi is the worst I have ever read about.

      • Pompwe

        Chichi hule busy mentioning abasungu you think they fall for cheap prostitute

  2. Joseph

    Kalaba, his useless.

  3. oracle

    Who is Kalaba I don’t know him*Signs off an Oracle’

  4. Sj

    Not his fault, he has a kind and well meaning disposition but very young @ heart to realise what repercussion certain action can cause. (Hardly his fault). We still ‘ve retired Politicians(or do they ever retire) they can confer from.Comment

  5. mwine cio

    Bakaraba what have u eaten,mwambokuponta pantu mwawina just lelax mwana.

  6. gbm


  7. Harriet

    Is George Mwenya Kalaba’s spin doctor?

  8. Sinkamba Francis

    kalaba must go

  9. yusuf

    Awe mwandi

  10. Buno mars the moonshine jungle


  11. Lucian KM

    Politics in Zambia!!!!! but let’s not insult each other we are all Zambians. Let’s practice love despite having visible and invisible thieves.

  12. Ben

    Those are the people we need in Zambia.

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