FAZ CEO Breathes Fire: Threatens Legal Action Against Kawengele

FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe has issued a statement threatening legal action against Maureen Kawengele for commenting on unethical allegations involving his company Mpila Zambia.

Mpila Zambia is caught up in a corrupt branding deal awarded by a CAF marketing agent Largardere using the influence of the office of the FAZ GS.

In a statement, Liwewe claims Kawengele caused the publication on Zambia Reports of an article that has “full of falsehoods and defamatory in nature.”




Following a sustained social media campaign that has been carried out on the Zambia Reports platforms against me by persons with their own agendas, I have initiated legal proceedings against Miss Maureen Kawengele, the author of an opinion piece full of falsehoods and defamatory in nature.

I have instructed my solicitors in South Africa to begin legal proceedings against her to clear my name of the allegations made against me, both on Zambia Reports and her personal Facebook page. It is easy to sit behind a keyboard in South Africa to malign someone and to make false accusations. It is another to sit in a court of law where facts and evidence are required.

It is unfortunate that Zambia Reports which is supposed to be a platform for the dissemination of news and information has allowed itself to be turned into a vehicle for carrying out character assassination and creating false innuendo.

Ponga Liwewe
26 September 2017



The wise have told us, “if you live in a grass-thatched house, stay clear of match sticks.” The FAZ CEO is knowledgeable enough to provide an interpretation of Chinese literature.


  1. Chichi

    It looks like corruption has become an emblem of Zambia. So many dirty deals with so much money disappearing mysteriously. Is it part of the Zambian culture? Only the Devil knows what has hit this ineffective leadership of Edgar loaded with criminals. A bunch of criminals have come together to form a government!! Ouchi!!
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  2. Gupta

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  3. louise halw

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    • Chichi

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      • Mr. BJ

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      • Mr. BJ

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  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  6. concerned

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  7. Ike

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