Hichilema Touches Base with Supporters through Traditional Ceremonies

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Hakainde Hichilema has continued unwinding by attending traditional ceremonies in his strongholds.

Hichilema was on Sunday in Monze to attend the Lwiindi traditional ceremony.

The ceremony had been initially put off in August as a protest for his incarceration but was back on the roster after his release.
Hichilema is a long time patron of the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony of the Tonga people of Southern Province.


We joined hundreds of People in performing traditional dances at the Lwiindi Gonde ceremony in Monze, Southern, Zambia, this afternoon.

This dance basically depicts a warrior who goes hunting using a spear and the same spear is used to stop wild animals from attacking cattle, while the laying of hands portrays the different kind of cattle that is kept in various parts of our country.

We want these cultures and traditions that are currently observed across the Country to be preserved for the future generations.

Hakainde Hichilema is committed to preserving our country’s traditions and cultures, are you?
Good night friends,

And may God bless our country.


  1. Amon


  2. max

    Go go mr president

  3. Kosamu Ngoma

    Go go Mr president looking forward to see you. Kuno Kuno Ku Sinda we are behind you.


      I can see u are making our future bright for us young leaders of UPND

  4. Ngoma kosamu

    HH for life

  5. D X


  6. Chikala fuck u

    Muleibepafye bafikala

  7. MyZambia

    I wonder how HH will feel when he is Head of State and government is not invited to traditional ceremonies in opposition strongholds. Be careful what you start, it might come back to bite you in the a***.

    • Madalisoul

      Thats true dear even the Bible says so you reap what you sow

  8. carol

    Nivanu ivo nanga hakainde eve simuntu,sangavine?akavina ninshi ndiye cani,ma rabish!!!!

  9. Jr

    Ba kateka mumwela, acilakubefi ngacilawama mwebene! Cilikukusala kwa chalo Chonse ba mwana Monze! Temwaneni, despite our tribal boundaries. Nebo ukutemwa! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  10. Sky

    H H president of south

  11. Harriken

    One Zambia One Nation, stop tribalism. Viva PF government.

  12. Lolo

    Hmmmmmmmmm??? How can people decide to aline themselves with an oposition leader and reject the government of the day? Hmmmmmmmmm??? Inviting H H is a good thing but sidelining the government is disrespect. How I wish chiefs to be removed and remain with village head men all reporting to the government. Just thinking.

  13. maison mere

    Time will come when all will confess and salute for HH because that day wil be fulfilled

  14. Momo

    That’s why Zambia is now divided no government officials were invited. 10-3=7

  15. wh

    2021 is just nearby u will dance HH cool down your heart.

  16. James

    Nice My President big ups

  17. Mm

    HH for life.we,are behind you.

  18. njekwa muhamubi

    Now we are looking forward 2 hh because the pf government every now an then one Zambia one nation for nothing
    But to you hh our president its one Zambia one nation , as well as the Christian nation will continue supporting you until you come on god help you

  19. Everisto Kazimoto

    Even if the president of ZAMBIA IS NOT INVITED, It doesn’t doesn’t matter but the fact is he will continue to bring development to the area.

  20. Everisto Kazimoto

    Even if the president of ZAMBIA IS NOT INVITED, It doesn’t matter but the fact is he will continue to bring development to the area.

  21. Abraham Stephen Abraham

    U are no longer with a president coz u a so selfishness including hido

  22. Richard

    HH go go forward

  23. alick

    Go go Mr hh

  24. Mulley X

    It’s quite difficult to change some people from their inborn disease
    of ONE HH ONE SOUTHERN PROVINCE TO ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION but not all Tongas but three quarters including their chiefs are hypocrites of our national motto. God is watching

  25. Sydney simulilo

    Their are your family

  26. Coidz

    HH for life

  27. Vincent Mwanza

    HH should learn to be a leader by advising not learned chiefs to respect the Government in power bitterness won’t help in any way iam not aware of that tradition ceremony so why even talk about it shallow minded

  28. Danzazy Banda


  29. mulongoti

    Thank God for he has shown us what type of tribalism we see in the southern province we are watching you closely come 2021 it will b the same type of election we will see until

  30. bria


  31. chita mpongoma

    we all love hun!

  32. go getter


  33. The

    That is why HH will not rule this country because of your beheviour.

  34. Darius Muunga

    People of Zambia. We you talk of tribalism, why do you think Tongas are so tribal? Me I work with Bembas. They are saying for them to vote for HH , it’s a none dreamable thing and on of them said in the northern region of Zambia that dog so called HH can not find a vote. He went to the extent of calling his fellow human being as a dog. Now , Zambia being a Christian nation, the national are supposed to play intently for these people (political leaders).
    If these people they hate each other, us followers should love one another to show them that we are not divided.
    HH and ECL are a blessing to God that’s why he is still keeping them.
    It’s my prayer that may God bless our nation with the blessings of peace and unit.

  35. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  36. Brono mars the moonshine jungle


  37. wapya

    now its time for those who are blind to open their eyes and see . when people who have eyes saying Tonga, s are tribalists those. who are blind refuses and now inviting the opposition and neglecting the government is this correct country men and women

  38. maus v

    God is a leader of all think proparly good leaders always hear the vies of people go HH

    • Shimaini.

      HH for 20 21, we even want him ku zengani ceremony in Lundazi

  39. mulongoti

    Parents teach the children what they have to know if hh has taught his tribes men to behave in such a manner then when he become president the capital city will go to southern province and it seems no other tribes will b allowed to go we can tell by looking

  40. Zambezi Voice

    The problem we have as Zambians we forget events so quickly….so what happened has gone, lets wait for other events. But with iam seeing currently my vote will do wonders come 2021…Heheheheh I love my Zambia and i think the tribal does not exist coz if i vote for my father its not being tribal but i believe in him..so???????????

  41. Elvis hansangu

    HH for the better Zambia.

  42. Wiseman hansangu

    HH for the better Zambia.

  43. Pelama

    ba pipo leav hm tht his tribe go go hh

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