Kampyongo Says Govt Determined To End Chibolya Drug Haven

Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo says government is determined to bring sanity to Chibolya Compound with regards to drug abuse.

Kampyongo says last week’s raid in Chibolya is one of the operations that the Ministry of Home Affairs will be conducting to ensure that there is law and order in Chibolya.

Kampyongo says the ministry will ensure that it brings to book all drug traffickers and abusers in the area by conducting such operations.


  1. Ra's Diga

    This operation was saposed to happen years ago. The question is what took so long.?.

  2. sojini

    That will help the youths at large who are involved in drug abuse. Good idea sir.

  3. INTERS.

    Thanx Mr kampyongo 4 dat but we hav been seeing dat in every government dat comes in but still wen de officers leave de situation comes back 2 worse,now wit u sir wat changes hav u made 2 differenciate from de previous exercise ? So dat we dont see it back 2 worse again?

  4. Kasman

    Its a good move,than abusing innocent people.

  5. Eagle's eye

    Maybe Kampyongo can do well to answer queries arising from the fire tenders

  6. wissy'c

    hw ar we going 2 live

  7. Steven

    It is a good way of ending drug abuse,it Sims the police is making Zambia a good place

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