OPINION: Bowman Chilosha Lusambo-a Classic Case of Old Habits Dying Hard

Bowman Chilosha Lusambo is one of those ministers in the Patriotic Front government that is very hard working. Lusambo has had few difficulties winning over the Copperbelt community where he presides as minister but his stay politically has not been smooth. Lusambo is one of the few ministers to have come from the ousted Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) and gate crashed the Patriotic Front high table. It is an achievement that has come with a certain amount of stigma from the true green founder members of the PF of Michael Sata.

There are those in the Patriotic Front and outside that cannot forgive the fact that some of the tormentors of late President Sata like Dora Siliya, Lucky Mulusa, Victoria Kalima and Lusambo can be sitting at the high table in the PF benefitting from the sweat of founder members. So Lusambo can definitely not be easily loved by certain members of the PF. That is a fact that Lusambo should himself should have known from the word go.

To have lost his temper in the manner that he did at parliament is disgraceful. This is a comrade who should have been working on rebranding his image. He should have used his new found position of influence to rehabilitate himself. He should no longer carry that thuggish image of his days in MMD as the leader of the youth wing under the eerily crafted title of Die Hard Youth.

Few have not forgotten how Lusambo and his Die Hard wing flattened then MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe before television cameras at the former party secretariat. His work suit that became his trademark was nothing short of declaratory of his violent tendencies. All this was in the process of being wiped off until he was back in the spotlight when he slapped Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili at parliament. Kambwili’s tongue is not the sweetest thing to listen to but to lose one’s temper on the honourable parliamentary grounds is nothing short of dishonourable conduct.

Lusambo has been a model youth rendering credence to the creed that hard work pays off. Even with his less than impressive academic credentials and not so smooth Queen’s language flow he has been on top of things as would any competent public official.

He has graduated from the Die Hard Youth who suffered through a five minute television interview to a fairly composed speaker enough to master some lines to pass for the Queen’s language. We implore honourable Lusambo to keep his cool and exorcise his age old violent conduct after all violence is not one of the means of sorting out disputes in a democracy.


  1. shimpundu

    Bembas dont lie wen they say ‘Uwakalema taleka’

  2. kelvin mulondo

    well as public figures it is definitely wise to handle matters with consideration of the consequences.no matter how disturbed one maybe,consider the honour you have and the large society you are inspiring.its Good to handle differences as ministers not with public awareness.not everyone is completely bad,whether lusambo or kambwili but there is something good in them.so these people must mind how to carry themselves.

  3. mulongoti

    The lusambo kambwili fracas is not building up the nation so for those who are tru greenest shud also behave nicely so they don’t give room to the counterparts to take over them

  4. commando

    Power corrupts.Imagine a new comer doing that to the founder member of the PF,i remember one of the editorial comment which carried the title before its closure”fulunyemba tachinja inkanda lelo achinja fye colour”.This bestly suits Lusambo.

  5. chewe f

    Hon. Lusambo you are a hard worker ala uukupatile tatila busumabobe.

  6. Zook

    But this is more about Kambwili failing to hit back after being slapped. That tells me thst if you confront Kambwili and put hands on him, he coils in his shell like a snail. The man is actually a coward.

  7. skb

    What Kambwili needs to know is that politics is a game of NUMBERS. The late Micheal Sata led a Gorvenment which included Deputy Ministers from then opposion strong holds maka maka MMD MPs from the East. Does Kambwili imagine PF winning the 2016 election without factoring in the MMD MMPs who had so much ‘Game Changer’ influence in the East? Can a party win elections depending exclusively on founder members? The truth is that ‘True Green’ alone couldn’t have beaten UPND in the 2016 elelcton!!!!! Can somebody tell this to the self annointed ‘Juniuor Cobra’!!

  8. Trace

    To me he is a political opportunist using thuggery to thrive. But days of thugs are always numbered. If he only learnt this. It could help him moderate a little.

  9. Sydney simulilo

    Kambwili bana menya uhum he thought that is the only arrogant leader whom secrets bedroom issues about find out that “one of his girlfriend has been dating an other big man with lot of money” why kambwili becoming a good factor to Zambian people when him himself was still in ministerial post use to say” imwe akwi kaleni fye” now ck finish Bosom an Lusambo and show him how strong you man. Be like a capilivian bro. Remember its yet not to long you challenged president Edgar Changwa Lungu that if he a real man let him face you.
    Now you face Bowman Lusambo?

  10. Jack patty

    Very nice comments. But fooling others is not god’s thought . let us embrace and love all humans. As humans we are reliable to the human failings.

  11. Chinyama

    No problem we shall arrange for their rematch so that we see how Doctors can square off…….. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….Awee kwena…

  12. Disgusted

    Once a thug always a thug! You can take a thug and put it in a ministerial office but you can’t take the thug out of the minister!

  13. nart

    That is tipicle of a party that runs the govt on no propper governance principles

  14. umuntu

    Ba Boman you have failed the people of kabushi constituency especially in lubuto ward. You have done nothing the roads are in bad condition.you have not even visited the area .stop your bad habits of beating people. We want to see you working and fufil your campaign promises.

    • KÀbushi

      Umuntu you are very correct kabushi constituency especially Lubuto is in pathetic state. The man has never visited the place come 2021 he will see what we the people of Lubuto are made of.

  15. Pleito

    You can blame Lusambo but kambwili cipuba icishakwata mano cakula fye umungulo. Imagine how how his children felt hearing that bawiso bacibaponona umulandu ne cipongwe.

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