UPND Petition Speaker Over Fire Tenders

The opposition United Party for National Development says it has petitioned Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to institute an inquiry in the purchase of the 42 fire tenders at US$42 million.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said that his party had on September 29 written to Matibini to commence an inquiry.

Hichilema said that his party was guaranteed of support in parliament from members across the political divide.

He said that the Speaker had been asked to form a special committee to investigate the purchase that has generated widespread condemnation by the citizenry.

And the UPND has also asked for the investigations to the Lusaka/Ndola dual carriageway that has allegedly been expensively priced.
The Lusaka/Ndola dual carriage way has been pegged at US$ 1.2 billion raising eyebrows.


  1. zedoc

    Good move on this one, UPND. People have a right to know whether those second hand 42 fire tenders are worth $42m.

  2. Kasman

    Good move,than bringing confusion in the streets all in the name of protests.

  3. Dullah

    Good! Find those thieves. Jail them. Even if Lungu is one of them.

    That is OUR MONEY they have STOLEN!

  4. petterxoh

    Let them say the truth about those second handed vehicles

    • Larry Kilaye

      Kkkkkkkk Iam told that one of the fire tenders had a rotten tank.

  5. Kilaye Larry

    Kkkkkk Iam told one of the fire tenders had a rotten tank.

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