Daka Completes Chipolopolo Squad for Nigeria Clash

Austria-based Patson Daka last night (Wednesday) joined camp in Abuja, Nigeria completing the number of players summoned by Wedson Nyirenda for Saturdays must win Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

Daka teamed up with his colleagues around midnight local time and will be part of the planned morning training session before the squad heads to Akwa Ibom State where the match will be played.

Zambia is lodged at the Chelsea Hotel in Abuja and is expected to connect to Uyo at midday for the final stanza of the journey.
The match will be played on Saturday at the God’s Will Akpbio Stadium in Uyo.

Pay television channel SuperSport will beam the match live on SS3, SS9 and select at 17:15 hours.
Nigeria tops Group B on 10 points with Zambia in second position on seven points while Cameroun occupies third spot on three points.

Algeria is at the tail end on one point.



Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA), Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco), Allan Chibwe (Power Dynamos)


Simon Silwimba, Fackson Kapumbu (both Zesco United), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes), Stoppilla Sunzu (Arsenal Tula -Russia), Ziyo Tembo (Zanaco), Isaac Shamujompa (Power Dynamos)


Chisamba Lungu (Alanyaspor-Turkey), Edward Chilufya (Djurgårdens-Sweden), Donashano Malama (Nkana), Kondwani Mtonga, Misheck Chaila (both Zesco United), Augustine Mulenga (Zanaco), Enock Mwepu (FC Liefering), John Ching’andu (Zesco United), Roderick Kabwe (Cape Town Ajax), Ernest Mbewe (Zanaco)


Justin Shonga (Orlando Pirates), Fashion Sakala (Spartak Moscow), Alex Ng’onga (Power Dynamos), Patson Daka (Red Bull Salzburg-Austria)

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. Chikafa

    All the best

  2. Chikafa


  3. ian

    Wish U the best bola na lesa Z 1-N 0


      ZAM 2:1 NIG introduce mwepu in the second half believe u me the boy will do wonders, bola nalesa.

  4. ba wada where is mwila ? so u decided bring alex again ? let us loose u will see

    Ba wad where is mwila? So u decided to introduce Alex again ? What good HV u seen in him ? Remember football is for all pipo don’t take it as a personal entity!!!

  5. Given

    Ba wad where is mwila? So u decided to introduce Alex again ? What good HV u seen in him ? Remember football is for all pipo don’t take it as a personal entity!!!

    • patrick

      Both Mwila & Emmanuel Bandai have sustaimed injuries, and doctors say they are unfit. Too bad!!!

  6. Chichi

    Great staff go Zambia go

    • mmmmm

      Is this the chichi l know or what? there is a big change in u.

  7. Mbayo Jackson

    That’s a good thing guys…. I officially wish you all the best. May my living God be with you all…. May he protect and help you guys……

  8. mercutio

    Comment:Alex gonga for sure aleteya….Ba wada…! where is Brian Mwila man of the moment…!

  9. Kelvin Jr Sikazwe

    Alex Ng’onga Akaposeko amano twamupapata

  10. jay jnr

    That’s full squad we av been awaiting despite the absence of Emmanuel banda, otherwise we are behind you Mr coach with the your best to come with positive results that’s my expectations other than excuses because excuses comes when everything spoil and no chance to recover.wishing you the best, may the Almighty God be with you all!

  11. JCM

    We are country wide behind you guzs, but ba coach wesu pay much attention to A. Mulenga, he plays good game, but he ndo’nt want to make passes. We need a victory

  12. ZANU

    Go Zambia go bola na lesa

  13. mwa kas

    Go Zambia go …….chipolopolo 1 Nigeria 0 …………………

  14. mwa kas

    Go Zambia go …….chipolopolo 1 Nigeria 0 ……………………

  15. pokosa

    Ng’onga again! Wada owes soccer fans tonnes of explanations if we lose to nigeria bcoz pipo spoke agnst @ a very early moment. Anyway, all the best to de chipolopolo.

  16. vern

    What a miracle zambia!
    Can’t really believe my eyes
    Well done chichi.

  17. vern

    What a miracle zambia!
    Can’t really believe my eyes
    For chichi

  18. Evaristo

    Please I don’t want Ngonga

    • sakx

      What if it has scored? And u said u doing want him. Like HIM is a player

  19. vern

    Zambia lukombo.use a cup, or tumbler if you can.

  20. vern

    Zambia lukombo.use a cup, or tumbler you’re there! .

  21. Simasiku

    Zambia will win 3-1, Go Zambia go⚽⚽⚽

  22. lie

    What about Rainford kalaba and Nathan

  23. Sharonel

    Wishing u God’s guidance and all the best guys,good luck.

  24. Jimmy

    Guys let us work together has a team.Naja is a big team.let us go chipolopolo.

  25. Bimms

    The two missing players in camp (Brian Mwila and Emmanuel Banda) have injuries and Wada Wada can’t risk, but hopefully they become fit for Cameroon game.

  26. mulutula

    Go zambia go…

  27. Chris Botha

    I do not see Brian Mwila on this lineup whats going on the guy is good at shoot copper bullets on target. is it an era by ZR or what can somebody tell me.

  28. Fri-Rid

    is Edward chilufya back in the squad or wat?

  29. Fri-Rid

    is Edward chilufya back in the squad or wat?

  30. sn

    u introduce ng’onga to leave mwila it’s very big mastake ba coach anway i wish u o de best come with good result go chipolopolo go.

  31. andy

    Go Zambia go all the best ? chipolopolo?

  32. saviour

    bola na lesa

  33. bernard

    We need experienced strikers mind u we are playing with experienced strikers

  34. Lukwe

    Good luck BA chipolopolo

  35. josephmwamba

    We depend on you guyz ZAMBIA GO chipolopolo GO JOHN MIKEL has phobia make sure guyz don’t give them chance chipolopolo iyeee chipolopolo

  36. mike

    Guys I wish you all the best Ba chipolopolo

  37. Friday Mweemba

    Don’t worry gentlemen fashion , Daka and Ng’onga will come out with goals each, we play well when it matters most

  38. Man of God

    Be strong, Sharp,good checker, good bool passing,face the goal post before shooting, make sure that any shot should give a together as a team to make it.guyz bola lubilo namaka.Goooooooooooooo.god bless our team to win this game. Proudly Zambians. Palibolafye epo nkalavotela.

  39. mike kamekela

    Guys I wish you all the best go chipolopolo

  40. Whyson mwanza jnr


  41. kabamba cossam

    wishing you all the best,may God be with us for sartuday’s match.

  42. Sky

    Go Zambia Go


    We Walk With Favour Of God Almight. He Will Do It For Us Again. Zambia 2:1 Nigeria .

  44. Man Kwibby

    Make us proud guys.

  45. Mathews

    Go Zambia Go chipolopolo 1 Nigeria 0

  46. collins

    Go chipolopolo bola na lesa all the best guyz

  47. F .SAKALA

    Plz guys die for the sek of your own country this game it will be tafu but mind u zambians like football if u will lose this game people will die with BP

  48. tubeless Banda

    Let the coach do job and wish him good luck!!

  49. Phillimon Chirwa

    GO Zambia GO

  50. Felix Mutono

    Mwila is still injured don’t complain about the squad, it is fine …go Zambia go

  51. Femus

    CHILUFYA is he back in the squad?plz Sam 1 to answer me

  52. kalipentala

    Pipo,don’t doubt.Nigeria will be wiped by 2-1.

    • Stephen Chileshe

      2-1 i see this also. Amolumumulu pali chipolopolo

  53. Abraham mbola

    I want e chilufya please

  54. Cornelly chilelwe

    We love you

  55. captain chanda

    Bamuda why mwashila kalaba,Nathan, elyo namwila ? Twebeni kabili ichilengele nangu Ba faz spokes person batwebe. Mwilanyantilila amalyashi.

  56. Mule1

    Comment y didnt u left alex coz lipulanga chikala chakwe

  57. Mule1

    Comment y didnt u left alex shaniuko coz lipulanga dont even try to put him on de lineup

  58. Hollywood

    Many thanks to you mudum chichi. but still i can’t believe it God bless you. It is go Zambia go. Zambia 2-Nigeria 0 bola na Lesa even though the teacher lainford kalaba is not with you guys tri your best. Positive results my expactationz.

  59. lulu jay

    That ngonga is useless, the rest are okay,this is our time,it’s now or never . all the best guys

  60. Umali

    Go copper bulet go we wish you all the best

  61. john

    let’s kill Nigeria guys go Zambia go go Zambia go

  62. Charlesmicklay

    Wishing all the best guys,God is with U.Amen.

  63. cup

    Why ngonga kanshi, he is no difference na (mukwa)in planga!

  64. charles chifuchi

    go chipolopolo go Z 3- 0 N

  65. green part

    Teach them how to score kwik goals not ukulajombolola,my prediction is chipo 2-0 Nigeria

  66. Ndolola Rennox

    Hai Mother Zambia ! The Ngonga You Have Cnndemed And Deny Is The One Going To Please You And The Whole Zambia During That Day In Uyo Stadium. Go And Watch The Game With Expectant. Zambia 7 : Nigeria 3 Or Nil. All These Will Happen In The Lord’s Will.

  67. Zambian cr7

    Where is kalaba if we loose the coach will be in problems because is corrupt

  68. Tom

    Ba coach! where is Fwayo Tembo? The guy has the ability to dribble, sprint, deliver and score from a distance. moreover he’s better than most of the mid fielders

  69. Stephen Chileshe

    Zambia 2-Nigeria 1. Not even boko alam can save them this time. Go Zambia GO, BOLA NALESA

  70. Diamond

    All the best

  71. Matfeyo gomez

    Good team…
    Mwepu should stat in da midfield wth Chisamba we will give Nigeria problems…
    Go zambia go

  72. Lennox

    Zambia bola kumakana go Zambia go 2 _1 mwaka wesu uno.

    • anti nigeria

      For the first time I HV hope of qualification ..we going to Russia guys….tuleya…..

    • anti nigeria

      We are beating. Nigeria watch

  73. Bony

    Go! Go! Zambia wishing u the best

  74. Wrong accused

    May God bless you guz,amen and amen

  75. ca

    guys mwibatina nangu babofye juju, ifwe ni bola na lesa.go zambia go chipolopolo.GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  77. Shebarne Kamboyi

    Good luck ba Zambia

  78. Gregory Abednego

    May the Good Lord be with You and may HE anoint u with the Holy Spirit

  79. Ziyaye

    Guys wishing you all the best! millions of people will be watching the match and they trust in you guys, So don’t let them down. Let’s bang it!

  80. Isaac Kasenga

    Bola nabayawej

  81. Isaac Kasenga

    Bola nabayaweh


    computer together with chisamba shud start to give Nigerians problem.2:1 in feva of Chipolopolo


    Endward chilufya ,mwepu,fashion, daka, chisambalungu, indeed solid team God father here us from heaven answer our player In Jesus name 4:1ameeen.

  84. james mwanza

    Football with God……
    Bola nalesa
    Go Zambia Go………….

  85. Tennie Phiri Philips

    The GAME is ours! Nothing more nor less

  86. Tennie Phiri Philips

    The game is ours! Nothing more nor less! Go Zambia, all the BEST

  87. jae sakala

    Nothing like watching the game with hearts at optimum level. It will be a straight win…favor of the way till we reach Russia!!!!

  88. jae sakala

    It’s a must win game. Nigeria will be watching us celebrating..favor all the way!!!!


    It is good to dream though, if Nigeria only beat your team 2-1 you should celebrate. we are not algeria

  90. Emmanuel Msipu Zulu

    But what is Alex Ng’onga doing in that team? Go Zambia Go!

  91. Ashos mainga

    Go Zambia go make guys God well help you i trust you.give them 4-1

  92. Ashos mainga

    Go Zambia go make an miracle guys God well help you i trust you.give them 4-1

  93. Am jnr

    Zambia is winning no doubt about it. Go Zambia go



  95. One kalu

    Zambia 3-1 nigeria

  96. Gremble Mukosha

    Comment Its Nigeria 7 : Zambia 1.Never Compare A Cat To A Rat.Go Nigeria Gooooooo!

  97. Prochaka

    Go Zambia go Zambia 2,Nigeria 0

    • Austin Powers

      Eyashani iyi Ba Gremble Mukosha. Instead of wishing abaice good luck, mulebikapo umunyama

  98. tashi

    2:1 zoona

  99. Big mule

    The key rests on whether chisamba and mwepu will partner to give us a3_1 victory

  100. justin E

    Am so touched by zambians desire to win this one but remember you playing Against the SUPER EAGLES they are fast sharp and very prayeful. The best chipolopolo can get in this game is to go down by a two goal margin.
    so dnt set urself up for a huge disappointment

  101. mwenda chief

    ngonga can do surprise. football is day chance.let’s just support them all.go Zambia go chipolopolo.

  102. Geoffrey Kalubwa

    The same God who began with you guys will also finish with you, God bliss you

  103. Mr mugala

    All the best #Team Zambia

  104. Habakkuk

    Just wishing the guys all the best , nothing can stop them to win de game it`s 3-1

  105. miyoba chisenga kennedy

    Go zambia i wish you all the best guys in the match God be with you

  106. Mike Matamani

    Comment 3-1 Partson Daka 2 And Chisamba Lungu 1 Capwa Lets Bet

  107. Nase Nyirongo

    All the best guys,always remember that football is a game of chances.
    Put GOD first then do the best you can…
    Zambia 2 – Nigeria 1

  108. Eliyah Zimba

    Ba Zambia twapapata don’t kill us. 1-0 is ok, all we want is a valid 3 points. Please

  109. Mark

    Alex ngonga kuwayawayafye

  110. Tito Nigga

    This is what everyone was waiting for,so ba coach work efficiently,no putting inefficient players for trials…Nigeria last time won and against us and went ku world cup let that not to happen again.Fashion Sakala,Patson are enough for striking pakuli ifya Ngonga.and the the midfield the last time was poor…improve on the one but don’t again loosen up the defence….nothing like “Opportunity cost”.with the under 20 squad we have what it take to go ku worldcup manje.twapapata Zam 3:Nig 1 unless you mess up ba coach

  111. mwenya future

    bola na lesa guy

  112. it'x Ziyaye

    It’s today we gona bang it. Zac

    It’s today we gona bang it. Though a tough game it will be, jst urging u to be strong guyz. Don’t broke hearts.

  113. Moses

    Gooo! Go zed allll the best we love you guys,,,Bantu banga “fashion, daka&mwepu” good lucky guyss!!!

  114. Rapha muzo

    All the best

  115. Jeezy Fox Muhango

    Zambia Go All The Best Guyz Go Hard Play Hard Do U Thing U Knw What U Have To Do…….All The No Predition Football Is A Game Of Chance……….Thanx To Bola Yapa Zed

    • Edward


  116. Mazimba

    Already Zambia 3 while Nigeria 0.

  117. Marvis

    Up super Eagle

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