State House Resolve To Ignore Kambwili’s Rantings – Amos Chanda

State House spokesperson Amos Chanda says Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili’s rantings directed at President Edgar Lungu should be ignored.



6th October 2017

Presidential spokesperson Mr Amos Chanda has announced that State House will ignore all baseless corruption against President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and some government officials Coming from some opposition parties and Chishimba Kambwili.

Mr Chanda has revealed that State House has unearthed a plan by some opposition political parties where they have planned to rise at least three corruption allegations against one government official.

Mr Chanda said the opposition has stationed people in South Africa, Australia, USA and Asia to rise corruption allegations against President Lungu and Cabinet Minister.

But Government and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will not be distracted but will concentrate in delivering development to the people because their evil plans have been exposed, Mr Chanda has said.

And Mr Amos Chanda has challenged those rising corruption allegations some government officials to provide tangible evidence to the investigative organs to help then investigate.


  1. Daniel Phiri

    Just concentrate on your work. They will never appreciate you although you do good to them

  2. mailon

    Provide tangible evidence to investigative agencies.We heared that song from Chiluba 20 years ago and everybody saw what happened to him.

  3. joseph

    mr CK, he can insults everyone & threating anyone, but he wouldn’t be arrested. why ? becz, his the heart of copperbelt & bemba by tribe.

    • real man

      You mind the way you talk you are the one bring tribalism

  4. Oko

    Short memory;
    “We need to manage what comes out of the media…otherwise abantu must not be fed on this ka HH. We discussed naba Mwamba how we must handle the who thing. We managed to turn the incident in Mongu against UPND. A ka perfect opportunity presented itself kaili nomba balamba ukupapata and they will now recognize P1 as President,” said Chanda.
    Chanda who was drinking Savannah dry, also mocked the UPND vice president GB Mwamba.
    “Chilya chipuba chi GBM instead chibwele twise lya nacho,” Chanda said.

  5. chitamawe

    there mo than enough investigative organs pa Zed 2 wch thoz ranting cn register their evidences 4 investigation instead ov wasting tym on rantings exposing their unlearnedness.

    • Benny

      Zed presidents are full of themselves who apart from Sata do u think can accept to be probed while in office? Once they become presidents they wear the presidency on their feet

  6. patrick

    Pf, North don’t just ignore and keep quitelling, answer to CK’so allegations if so they are. He has dared you to take him to court if he is cheating or just being an alarmist. Now you have failed to move even an inch because you are avoiding deeper placed embarrassments that you don’t want us the nation know. Please provide convincing answers to the ignored allegations. FINSHI MULETINA KINSHI???????


    Bwana no bwana mwebantu

  8. Ray Mulowa

    This is the clear indication that PF didn’t win the 2016 election they want to take everything that belongs to us Zambian and kambwili is now hammering the nail on its head how can they ignore this?

  9. Takatashe

    The plan is to frustrat Government efforts to develop the the country. Shame

  10. Mabingo

    Do your corruptions and after your term of office is over that’s when we shall unvile you and know the truth.That’s what most parties do.

  11. Tisa

    I’m non partisans but l have to comment on Dr. Kabwili’s allegations on His Excellence the President, ECL on corruption. At about 13 months ago, he heavily campaigned for ECL and called him to be a good humble person. But what has happened today to have u-turned in such a manner? Expulsion and frustration? Did he not see corruption in him before ? Dr. Kabwili’s eyes have now been opened and he is illogical in reasoning because he would have resigned on moral ground before the expulsion was effected

    • Mukwasu Wasu


    • Ben

      It should be the opposite the corrupt should have resigned instead of waiting to be exposed. CK has explained well why he could not expose them when he was in cabinet.It a common practice in life that you talk of the evil you saw when you are detached from that person.e.g in married people,in employment and other associations. CK is on course because he has asked simple questions that need answers.As zambîans we should be interested in answers from those being asked than blaming CK.

  12. Ndindindi

    Patrick, I agree with you, they are saying CK is talkative, he doesn’t just talk,hez got evidence, If he is lying, why don’t you sue him for deformation of your name, pipo don’t support blindly, there is a lot of mess in the country

  13. wizkid

    We the citizens of the country should lobby to vote against the powers. of the president which allows him to instruct the A.C.C on matters of corruption.This law that our president enjoys promotes corruption.it’s great that c.k has come up open on corruption.Ba Amos chanda comments don’t make sense as he is being used as a Rubberstamp.

  14. mengmoreler

    No weapon will b formed against upnd or HH,bt now for pf wth ECL are formd and they’r still developng.

  15. mulongoti

    Pls mwebantu let the eagles eye see whatever ck is saying has bin before he was expelled so this proverb which says the one working in the field eats from the field at least balebomba bambi bakalashitila ingombe ifyani lwenu

  16. Sydney simulilo

    Peter in the Bible danied Jesus Christ for three times.
    Chishimba Kambwili is busy dining the PF leadership more than three times why?
    Mwebatu this chap thinks that Zambians are fulls no.
    Son give your friends time. And if you were not fired you could have been enjoying with the same people you are giving out many titils. You are a leader show leadership in us. You think copperbelt will make you win the 2046 elections no. But the country at large.
    Do kambwili take tongoo?
    Drifta Trek why have you given Chishimba kambwili tongo ya Chilemba.

  17. Roychibwente30@gmail. Com

    Don’t ignore but defend yourselves failure to which, we’ll conclude that what CK is alleging is true,nothing but the truth

  18. Dingani

    CK was fired because he did not want to go on with the mind of corruption. So he was advising ECL to stop corruption.


    Mid your on businesses

  20. Hollywood

    Amashiwi ya chipuba tayakalifya mtima norwander the government has decided to ignore him. they can just west their time to concentrate on this idiot lelo chalanda efi mailo efi and he is now demanding the toilet tissue. how much is a toilet tissue to those of you who are suporting him. for me to ignore himIis better.

  21. Dullah

    “Mr Amos Chanda has challenged those rising corruption allegations some government officials to provide tangible evidence to the investigative organs to help then investigate.”

    Amos, here they are –
    1. FORTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS FOR FIRE TRUCKS that only cost 14 million
    2. TWO BILLION DOLLARS FOR KAFUE GORGE that was already contracted for 1.5 billion before and cancelled to add extra money to the cost
    3. Lungu ADDING TWENTY THREE MILLION TO HIS BANK ACCOUNT after being in State House for ONE YEAR


  22. Chimtengo

    What chishimba he is saying is true this govt is corrupt for real how can purchase fire tenders at that price.

  23. nshilimubemba

    By not answering you will kill your party ! People listen to anyone who seek either falsehood or truth.
    Better you defend yourself; that is politics mean , however your oppo

  24. nshilimubemba

    By not answering you will kill your party ! People listen to anyone who speek either falsehood or truth.
    Better you defend yourself; that is what politics mean , however your opponent must speak with facts and not lies.

  25. nshilimubemba

    The price for the fire engine and components is right, you can’t get it at any cheaper price.

  26. Moses

    Leave CK Amos

  27. Chewe c

    In our bemba language we say chimbwi ukulila nishi Pali uko ashitile amatako. I chikwaka bachimona kumapalanya. In this case Pf is working all this people saying all the funny things are crazy example bachishimba use to be of and now talking againest of why?he benefited from of and most of the things that has been happening he was there now he say Lunch is corupt why.am sure the president saw that this man can never do good to the nation hence the result of leaving Of.leave Lunch and concetrate on delivering the needeful things for Zambia not stories

  28. Darius Boldwin

    Let’s always understand the role of opposition in the democratic state, it’s “checks and balances,”minus that the country is not a democratic state

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