Nigeria Dump Zambia To Book 6th World Cup Berth

Substitute Alexander Iwobi score a second half goal to book Nigeria a place at the Russia World Cup with a 1-0 victory over Zambia in Uyo.

Zambians will, however, cry foul for a crucial decision that ruled Augustine Mulenga’s first half goal offiside.

The Nigerians move to 13 points with a game to spare while second placed Zambia is stuck on seven points.

Chipolopolo will now be looking to building on a young side for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


  1. Lufwe

    That’s What Our Coatch Wanted For Keeping Alex Ng’onga Throughout The Game Despite Strong Criticism From The General Public-never To Use Him In Any Serious Match.

    • james

      Aini sure, Alex is a blunt striker. Fwayo would have been a better option.

  2. Lufwe

    That’s What Our Coatch Wanted For Keeping Alex Ng’onga Throughout The Game Despite Strong Criticism From The General Public-never To Use Him In Any Crucial Match.

  3. Clement Mwanza

    Bola na balesa. Never loose hope guys we are behind you. Next time it will be our chance.

  4. simon zimba

    Good lucky

  5. Caleb

    Nangu 2 win nangu 2 luse efwetuli ba mwela… …..BA REB.COM

  6. simon zimba

    Gud lucky


    I blame the coach for taking Ng’onga who made the Green Eagles to book out of the 2018 Russia world cup. The FAZ should take a serious rule(action) over Wendson NYIRENDA for leaving behind key players like Reinford Kalaba and Collins Mbesuma and get some under five players. May his foolest take him to Russia. FAZ please just dismiss that fool coach with jealous thinking person. Don’t bring yo inpersonals in the National Team because it’s not your team but ours.

    • Ross

      The ‘Green Eagles’? You must be in your 40s or older to be using that term for the Nigerian team. LOL. That was their old title. Now it’s the Super Eagles.

    • Peter Jr zulu

      U are not a soccer fan I think its time u change this name,if u can watch the match again in the first half who had more chances of scoring & how many veterans did Nigeria had in that game u are here talking about mbesuma & kalaba wat about if they won that game would u have said the same rubbish u have just said look ivory coast there is no any player that lost Africa cup in 2012 which we won but they are playing well wedson nyelenda has don’t nothing long by leaving those 2 players u mentioned the time will come the team has now learn something & those 2 guyz they have already played games like this why have we not qualified to the world cup how can it b possible now if they have already failed u why going back to the scene of crime again & again if u can’t find a solution there its time to change the tactics.So Mr soccer fan don’t criticise the coach or the players in that match they played well & they scored a beautiful goal but it was disallowed buy the line man criticise the line man not the coach or players gud day I hope u find gud reasons for yo criticism.

  8. Kay2 Pack M

    Its bad that we have lost the game,
    But let’s remain calm and look forward and remain united,. Let’s not start blaming others, instead let’s understand that a game always have two outcomes, either loss or win, so let’s be firm in our team, God will help Zambia one day

  9. Mpelo saulo

    Quiet encouraging performance from the entire team, lets continue encouraging the boys and i feel we are building the team to compete in more competitions in the future. Allow me to sign off by Sting Quata 2022 here we Come ,go zambia go

  10. Mpelo saulo

    Quiet encouraging performance from the entire team, lets continue encouraging the boys and i feel we are building the team to compete in more competitions in the future. Allow me to sign off by Saying Quata 2022 here we Come ,go zambia go

  11. km

    Too bad for Zambia!

  12. mk

    Too bad for Zambia!

  13. mwanza

    Gogo zambia we are behind u that was a good display from our fure team

  14. mbewe

    That goal

  15. jj

    2pac said let as never never luk down

  16. malama

    using ng’onga as a striker and you expect Zambia to go to the world cup. seriously???

  17. malama

    Alex ng’onga. seriously???

    • Jr

      Here was another Dillamba in the making. That surely was a clear goal! Ba Faz, make a formal complaint to Fifa. Otherwise, the boyz had put up a spirited fight! The under five they were expecting gave them a good run for their money. A positive decision by Fifa will give Nigerian team cold feet! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  18. simaloya

    I think the Nigerians were lucky dat our best strikers… Patson n Brian were ruled-out due to injuries otherwise it was their toughest game of the group n next time they should watch out for chipolopolo….Alex Ng’onga’s 90minutes play on de pitch is a source of concern to me

  19. C.a

    Critics always build, if you don’t blame you will never change or improve. Th coach has to be blamed for keeping Alex Ng’onga nd as usual delaying in making substitution. Our senior national team coach needs Chambeshi who made us proud. There was no coordination, no system, no change in terms of tactics as do always Italians. And finally th referee contributed also to th fall of our team: b4 th Nigeria score, one of our player was deliberately pushed, nd that jealousy nd stupid referee didn’t blow th whistle. Let Wada be fired.

  20. commando

    Our so-called strikers failed us in this match especially Alex ng’onga katwishi ngani gon’ga.The nigerians were afraid of us if we had strikers we could have won that match.If the coach knew Patson Daka was injured why didn’t he replace him with a fit one than for him to be call him and not use him.Ninshi pa zambia fwebantu tatumfwila ngabaletucita advise?We spoke so much against using ng’onga as a striker,that player is only fit for rugby where players run so much an kick long and high balls.You saw how quiet the studium was not until nigerias scored did we start to hear cheers all over the stadium.Of all the starlets who’ve played for the senior national team,it appears Mwepu and Daka have settled well but ba Fasion Sakala should garner more experience for him to be included in the national team again.We lost bcoz we had no strikers.

  21. big pj

    y was that goal disallowed….the assistance referee should justify that!my cry,ba FAZ cnt we appeal against that decision?

  22. chitamawe

    That Tswana referee shudnt hv ruled dat Auga onsyd goal offsyd. dat goal wud hv gvn our boys impetuous 2 score more goals.

    • The Chosen One

      Come on people, write proper English. These meaningless abbreviations are really sickening. Surely, why would someone write “offside” as “offsyd”? “That” as “dat”, as if it’s a text message limited by space.




  24. Critical Thinker

    Ba Wada, how do u leave Kalaba, sinkala and fwayo. Swallow yo pride bwana and recall the trio to national team. Then u call patson daka and decide never to use him in preference to your boot licker ng’onga. Plz help us and stop corruption! Ng’onga is too wasteful at goal and doesn’t have a killer instincts.

    • Giogio

      Let’s just get coaches who kjiw what they are doing and stop pretending. Choosing a coach should be FAZs decision. These ‘job on training’ can’t win us trophies.

  25. Nawizo

    I don’t understand these qualifies. Other continents seem to be having intercontinental play offs for runner ups. Why is it different in Africa

    • Benny

      I’m tired of those calling for kalaba and sinkala bane do you know football? If yes who is better between kalaba and mwepu? can’t you see how he expertly supplying ball to Ng’onga who kept wasting chances from same player(Mwepu) kalaba is fair behind mwepu and he should buy hoes and seeds next year.According my observation wada just made little mistakes by calling injured players like patson Daka who was unused but he is one of important strikers it would have been better if he called Chitiya mususu or Bornwel mwape not mbesuma because l don’t if he is fit and which clubs he is playing for.I regret to find out that Water bwalya is Congolese it sad indeed. Stop calling names such as Kabaso, chongo,Nathan sinkala as they maybe replaced by U20 Kabaso is useless in defence but only good in delivering the ball to the strikers but not 100% and mistake wada made is to use Ng’onga 90minutes but Ng’onga was good in bullying Nigerian defenders but his shooting is that of 1980s he needs to be taught how to shot like Daka, Sakala and Mwepu

  26. Hollywood

    Wada we tod u have you seen now

  27. p

    we gave them a good run for their money

  28. jk

    Comment.I can say that Zambian boys played very well.Football is game controlled by unfair officials.Next time we shall do well.

  29. sande

    We told wada to use experiesd players like kalaba.see what his hate has taken him to.

    • Sj

      Sorry Ba Sondo calm your nerves it was another serious case of Diramba added to the Refs.of bad refering apparently against Zambia again.
      Bushe mwali bateka imfine pa SADC? KENYA trains good runners and the region has learnt to stomach that one. Why does coach fail to level the playing field? Comment

  30. Edgar

    Ngonga chabe

  31. wilson

    that was great play keep it up boys
    ,moreover we scored first and it was disallowed reasons best known to themselves.

  32. Muzo

    The Coach Could Have Substituted Ng’onga N’ Not Chisamba Lungu.Otherwise,the Boyz Played Well.Only That It Was Not Our Day.

  33. Ndolola Rennox.

    To You All Mother Zambia! First And Formost I Want To Appreciate Our Zambia National Soccer Team And The Coach Wadson Nyirenda For The Good Game They Displayed In Nigeria At Uyo Stadium. Congratulations, Job Well Done. My Fellow Zambians, Lets Not Criticise The Coach And Ngonga. Ngonga Played Very Well With Computor. The Middle Field And The Defensieve Were Intact. This Time Lets Standup And Appeal For A Replay. You Saw How Our Goal Was Denied By That Referee Who Nef To Be Burn. That Was Clear Go! There Was No Offiside There. The Whole World Saw That One And Please Faz Look In To That One Seriously. Our Friends Have Been Appealing . Look At South Africa And Senegal ,They Appeald And Were Considered . A Replay Is Given Despite S.Africa Winning. Look At There Goal, B4 They Scoared, Our Player Was Pushed And That Was Another Foul. But The Referee Went On And Gave A Go Aheard Imposible. Lets Appeal Zambians.

  34. Ndolola Rennox

    Mother Zambia Please Lets Appeal That Game. Lets Open Our Eyes .Me Am Among The Referees And Noway That Goal Was Denied And Noway Play Was Allowd After Our Player Was Fouled. Was Pushed With Hands While With The Ball. Why And Were Are You Zambian Referees. Teti. Standup Faz This One And This Time We Are Not Going To Keep Quite. Nigeria Did Not Win That Game And They Shoud Not Celebrate That They Won. Imposible. The Referee Who Officiated The South Africa Game Was Burned. Why Not Him.

  35. Mr mugala

    Let’s build a team now of next world cup now

  36. Db

    Ba faz we need that goal we scored, don’t keep quiet alaaaa!!!!!!

  37. zedoc

    Except for that one ferocious shot that ricocheted from the post by him, Ng’onga is a very wasteful striker.

  38. Chisha

    Ba Wada with due respect should be fired and be replaced by chambeshi who knows which combination of the under 20 can feature for Zambia. Wada is biased in selecting the players. I think he has less like for the under 20

  39. George

    The technical bench went to sleep throughout the game. They were supposed to have made emmidiate changes in the front line at least trying fwayo or oaston Dana More especially in place of Alex ngonga who lamentably failed to tick. Nevertheless, we’re not there to qualify but merely to participate n build a team for 2020 . Tough lucky.

  40. chama chisala

    Wada.what is there between you and this culprit Ng’onga?May you justify NG’ONGA’S 90 minutes play?

  41. Obed

    Go Zambia For Me Its Draw Game

  42. Mwanza Laston

    You tried your best guys .

  43. Ray Mulowa

    my fellow country man and women don’t hate the player but the game,when we had beaten Algeria home and away we were praising our coach and the team,come on guys remember we beat south africa when they had first class coach please Faz Wada is the right coach and the team is in right track the goal was disallowed it look into all angles.god bless zambia

  44. Alick mbewe

    Ng’onga fake player we can’t win

  45. Alick mbewe

    Ng’onga fake

  46. rams

    It is but don’t loose hope guys we are still supporting you.

  47. IAN


  48. Rabby Mumba

    Guyz the first thng we have to look at is that som blck ar corrupted so the coach is the one to blame!

  49. Edgar

    You knw what people,we thnk that the next assignment z so far away yet it z near.i felt bad yesterday but i encouraged maself to look forward.very soon we ll start world cup qualifiers and we nid to stand as 1.its zambia all the way but that ngonga z bullish for nothing.all the same we gave nigeria a gud run for their time lets win our home matches

  50. Edgar

    Home matches please we nid to b we hv deficit already in afcon qualifiers but am optmistic that we ll beat namibia away then beat guinea bissau in bissau and lusaka ba wada u should omit ngonga from the team.chipolopolo

  51. Mulenga Mulenga

    zambia let us jst get ready for 2022 nd learn frm our mistakes, either way we gave them a gud run for their money nd pliz let us not jst praise the team wen they win nd throw stones at them wen the game doesn’t go our way, quite alright mr wada has a lot of explaining to do, bt pliz dont kill the man with all that criticism.

  52. Womba Musumali


  53. Alinani

    Good luck

  54. Giogio

    Let’s just get coaches who kjiw what they are doing and stop pretending. Choosing a coach should be FAZs decision. These ‘job on training’ can’t win us trophies.

  55. Josephat kalunga

    Congrats Zambia for playing well.Dont give up next time you will do it

  56. Arthur

    Nigeria will be disqualified soon don’t worry

  57. easyman

    Ba coach omit ng’onga please but make appeal on the goal we disallowed prease

  58. Jeff

    That’s the best team Zambia has ever had for the past 15years. Please stop crying for the old team that has failed to qualify for the next Africa cup of nations. The coach is ok except for using Alex for the full 90 mins. Remember we needed to silence Nigeria with 3 unanswered goals in their own backyard if we were to qualify; honesty, do you think that would be possible even if fwayo, etc were to be included? Certainly not! The only difference would have been made by the presence of mwila and parson who are members of the current superb team, though injuries ruled them out of yesterday’s. What has cost our qualification is the late creation of the current team. Imagine if we had started with this team from the word go! We would have qualified for the next afcon, we would have beaten Cameroon home and away, we would also have silenced Nigeria here, considering the way we handled them yesterday. So please fax don’t listen to those without analytical skills. Mention the current team with Wedson, they are the best! Hard luck Chipolopolo for yesterday’s result?

  59. musalakata

    Ng’onga gave defenders hell but he shoots very poorly. We are for FAZ to make a serious appeal. It must not be another ‘Diramba’ saga, twakana this time.

  60. Edgar

    People am not happy with what the soccer fans hv done.they went 2 ngongas mother and distroyed the house.sure brethren hw do you do such sure.its just football people

  61. Tom London.

    First of all faz should protest . secondly faz should bring the quicksilver chambeshi on bold to help out . and thirdly coaches please pick players on merit .

  62. George

    Nice team building let’s go chipolopolo

  63. Leonard I O

    As a Nigerian, I share in your grief. Ur team played well and deserve an applause. But frankly, Zambian boasting, displeased many Nigerians. Yes u have good strikers, but World Cup arena is entirely a new ball game. Can they face such a lime light of star players that can awe them due to in experience and exposure, assuming they qualified?

    • Dan Tex

      good game guys no need of pointing fingers on someone

      • CM

        ba faz pl z twapapata jst petition 4 that go , it was jst a clear go. abanenu ba ghana na ba chita petition bola ba teele na ba Uganda ,and their expect to receive a good result from fifa

  64. happy

    the game was jx fair don’t blame any1 ni tym,letx look for 2022 match…

  65. PeterBwale

    Well done guys. We did our best though we needed to do better than that. Dats the nature of football once you don’t utilise your chances it turns against u.Let’s work on our weaknesses. We fall! We rise and continue our journey. Dats life!!!!

  66. godfrey phiri

    Zambia should appeal to fifa for denieing them that goal for muleta Augustin

  67. Kennedy

    It to band to Zambia lest look folwd

  68. Chanda

    Game ni Game, we tried our best for that match now the problem was on striking force, we did have enough strikers to push much up moreover we had one player who tried to shoot on target….. Never lose hope we go make it next ba Zed.

  69. mulongoti

    These boys of Zambia gave the the so called super eagles he’ll we shall see if they much them with England they will return to Nigeria in the first round when us will win African so don’t worry

  70. rmk

    Kalaba, mbesuma&kalengo played together before vs nigeria did we win. Stop blaming the coach because the former team is not beter than the current one.

  71. jojo

    losing is part of the game hard luck next tym

  72. mezie

    Zambia lost the chance of qualifying when the lost the first leg to Nigeria in Zambia.

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