OPINION: Kambwili and his Daily Corruption Anthems

With a running mouth Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili is always going to land himself in trouble. This week Kambwili ran himself in trouble in parliament when he was slapped by Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo and later ‘baptized’ by Jean Kapata at parliament.

That was not the most tragic event honourable Kambwili’s action packed week as he was later to literally venture into toilet politics when he bragged about having once been a supplier of tissue to the household of the equally loud mouthed Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri. While we appreciate all the drama that Kambwili is stirring on the political scene we are forced to reflect on what exactly Kambwili is up to.

Are his politics merely political rants of a desperate politician or just somebody turning out to be a serial attention seeker? Is there any benefit with Kambwili waking up the nation every day to new allegations of corruption?

Even if Kambwili has all of a sudden become a crusader for corruption what then is his strategy? Is it to just blow the whistle every 24 hours on the government? In any case can we point to one credible allegation that he has more just talked about? He has talked President Edgar Lungu amassing wealth in a short time, the alleged corruption around the 42 fire tenders with Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo fingered for sticking his fingers in the till, Kapata having allegedly corrupted by the illegal Mukula tree dealings and many others.

Is Kambwili just going to be every day raising allegations? If at all he intends to be relevant in the political realm he has to more than just become a daily sloganeer but has to make better of his causes. He has to make to people take him seriously. Whether or not that is going to win him political points is another matter.


  1. A jay

    Sorry William

  2. mk

    We are tired of you big man,ck.

  3. Abene ba Nyekese

    We need to take Government to task through Kambwili’s accusations. This article has preconceived wrong idea. If you think Kambwili is misleading us, the government has a duty to explain clearly how their actions will benefit us centrally to Kambwili accusations.

  4. lazarous nkanduh

    Ba Kambwili why cant you report those people you are suspecting of corruption to the ACC,than becoming a cry baby,may be you are just annoyed after they have kicked you from the high table,if you have that muscle then continue digging them deeper.lets hope te polical millage

  5. Pleito

    Sokololeni bakambwili ifyo mwalelya ubushiku if not its frustration finding your self getting half peanut

  6. romeo musonda

    Comment baka mbwili we are ready to support you in 2021 imwe multi nshimbi fyalishibikwa

  7. kelvin

    We are tired of sam stories from co..

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