42 Fire Tenders: What Dr. Kambwili Is Not Telling The Public

Who was chief government spokesman when the fire tender deal was in process? Why didn’t he tell the nation about the alleged corrupt individuals and malpractices he is now singing?
Here is a timeline of events to juggle your memories my good comrades on.

1. Matter started in 2012 (public is not aware). At the national fire day, late President Michael Sata directs that he wants a fire tender in each district and fire stations with equipment to save lives. He also proposes the setting up of a life-saving paramedics unit.

2. Albion Export Services a U.K. Company with local agents was engaged by Ministry of Local Govt to pursue the proposal of supplying fire tenders and safety equipment in 100 districts (public not aware)

3. A first draft is discussed to supply 100 fire tenders and equipment with a proposed expenditure totaling $168million

(Public not aware)
4. 2013- Later MOU revised to start with 50 fire tenders for $68million.

5. Attorney General Mumba Malila refuses to sanction the MOU urging Ministry of Local Govt to comply with ZPPA requirements(public not aware)

6. ZPPA advises that the matter goes to public tender and declines the direct bidding or single-sourcing as proposed by Ministry of Local Government of Albion Export Services(public not aware)

7. In 2015, a Public tender for 42 fire trucks floated in national newspapers. Albion Services participates in the tender but quote $49million for 42 trucks(probably businesses are aware)

8. Out of 16 bidders, procurement committee picks Grandview International as the most realistic near specifications and pricing.(public not aware)

9. Albion Export Services were thrown out among other regularities, price and that the local agent Simamba Chilala and Hewit Chizyuka have no power of Attorney

10. Albion Export Services appeal to the ZPPA

11. ZPPA upholds the decisions of the Ministry of Local Government Procurement Committee

12. Other bidders report the matter to the ACC including a third party, Edith Nawakwi, President
of the FDD

13. 2016- Process halted until ACC clears the process as above board and devoid of corruption as alleged by accusers

14. Albion Export Services not happy with local decisions that have cleared the tender

15. The matter goes to London High Court Arbitration process demanding that the Court orders re-tender or damages to the tune of $12m

16. The Court clears the matter ordering govt to pay or refund for expenses incurred by Albion Services during the period of draft proposals(public not aware)

17. Fire tender arrive in the country and are commissioned at a ceremony(Public now aware, price of the procurement becomes public, public outraged).


  1. Lawrence Chungu

    So whats yo coclusion or story here?PF policy incosistence or rotten from birth?CK partner in corruption but sidelined when its time 2 share de cake?CK outrage is bcoz he’s part of Albion service?U r also not telling de full story,just hammer!it’s getting more intresting.

    • Shu shu shu

      Lawrence are you d.u.l.l? The story here is that the fire tenders were a good deal at $1million each because initially they were supposed to cost us $1.68 million. Kachema iwe.

  2. Mulenga Mulenga

    Is that really the whole truth ’cause you make it seem very clean as white as snow when it actually has very dark patches beneath it and you have left out the part where the parties involved got to skim some cash out of the cow.

  3. Don

    There’s nothing meaningful in that statement. Ck new what was happening, that’s why he is able to start disclosing because no one will intimidate him while out of office.

  4. Bashi Jah

    Your first question, answers you why he his singing. he has the all data

  5. kambe

    This is what happens when people use tempers instead of reason.Q 1 Are the machines brand new?Q2 Where are the receipts (from the provider) for each of the machines?Display the rceipts for all to see,now that this is in the public domain

    • Eye of an eagle

      Lelo bola naikosa, I thought the song was all a lie but indeed it was true. If there is any one with more data please feel free to let us know.

  6. fwebene

    If this was the case how come Lungu says he was not aware mwebantu??? Bufi

  7. Hollywood

    The only problem with the upnd is they want their god hh to be in power that’s when they will apretiate.looking at hh even though you are behind him this man has lost his mind bcoz he is not talking about how to lmprove the country but only 127days. partition rotten issues of which even you the upnd you are not benefiting in. it is said that the davo u have is better than the Angel u don’t know. Thank God for what he has provided the country with. ECL was chosen by the people of Zambia through God’s will.

  8. Shikantwa

    How much have they paid you Malambo to come up with this half baked information?

  9. Phillip Tembo

    So what are you proving here? The outcry as you put it is that
    priority has been miss placed,
    Value for money those toys which are second hand can not gable ZMK1 billion each.
    Compare these toys with the fire tender at Kk air port its a master piece but costs half of yours.
    The company engaged did not exist as per requirements from zppa. It was solely created for the fire tender scandal.
    Now respond to these concerns by Zambians not what happened

  10. Franktok

    Malambo writes as if it is the duty of ck to inform the public. After his accusation of PF government, it is up to the accused to clear themselves by tendering the correct side of the story. Why don’t you tell us the actual suspicions raised to the ACC and what the ACC findings were. Otherwise it will just be a case of Mary calling John a fool without telling what makes him foolish. Isn’t it common knowledge that a court can throw your case out just because they are not interested in your case as happened recently when Concourt just refused to hear a petition.

  11. Wise m

    Flogging a dead horse. You are all cowards. Why not mension names of those you think have pocketed money from this deal. The truth is because there is none. Waiting to see your courage so that this is brought to rest.

  12. Sydney Maidah

    It’s totally rubbish stealing in the day light .PF is Rubbish.

  13. Paulo chilufya

    Yes it started with Mr.Sata but he did not intend to corruptly award the tender to Bokani Soko at the inflated price like we have seen today.

  14. Drugsquard Mbewe

    CK just claim you piece of cake silently, you were part of the deal from the word go and it is unfortunate you were thrown overboard before the cake was ready for sharing. Your tantrums will just drift you further away from your piece, you deserve it mbuya.

  15. kapayi

    ok you followed procedures but i don’t think the fire engine we got represent best value for money, i believe by thinking outside the box we could have relaxed some requirement and called for a fresh tender procedure is not an accuse for not doing our best, if the box is small get a bigger 1.

  16. luka chibangula

    the sporadic fires in our country has caused a lot of worry to all. but most of all one wonders if the forensic department exist honestly investigative proceedings have not been availed by the related police bodies. without this people will resort to witch hunting. information is power PIPO bless all.

  17. Peter J Mutambo

    Mediocrity at its highest

  18. DK

    The question what type did Sata want I sure not this junk Lungu and company have got us.

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