Chengelo School Expels Two “Baby Thugs”

Chengelo School, a boarding educational facility for Zambia’s who is who, has expelled two pupils who launched merciless assault on their colleague.

The beating was triggered by differences over a girl.

A video was leaked at the weekend showing two young boys beat a white boy while others watched the drama.

The development has enraged many with the school finally acting a few hours ago. Chengelo has issued a statement that its sub disciplinary committee met today and decided to expel the “baby thugs.”

“The Board’s Disciplinary Sub-Committee has met and the decision has been made to permanently exclude the two students responsible for the physical assault. Investigations and interviews regarding all students involved will be ongoing during the course of this week and we are working with and supporting the active police enquiry,” the statement reads.



Thank you again to everyone who has been in touch with the school and for your patience as we follow due process.

The Board’s Disciplinary Sub-Committee has met and the decision has been made to permanently exclude the two students responsible for the physical assault. Investigations and interviews regarding all students involved will be ongoing during the course of this week and we are working with and supporting the active police enquiry.

We would like to state again that Chengelo School does not tolerate bullying in any form and we continue to review and strengthen our policies and student support mechanisms to ensure the safeguarding of our students.

As stated previously, we will be holding an open meeting for parents at the school when term resumes on Sunday 15th October at 13.00hrs to communicate in person. Counselling services will be made available to students and we will be holding specific sessions with all classes to discuss and review the incident itself and the broader issues involved.

Thank you.


  1. Mpelo saulo

    barbaric behavior should not be tolerated in our learning institutions and to set a good precedence those pupils should be expelled from the school to Allow them join boxing or wwe wrestling. School is a place for learning and not a boxing ring. To the school management, Please Maintain the discipline levels at your school

    • Oko

      The police should also deal with PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Kennedy kamba for threats made to Luara and others who intend to protest over the fire trucks. The public should apply the some pressure used on the Chengelo School bullying to eradicate violence in politics. Have you ever imagined the impact a party president would have by expelling a member who is a bully or violent to the opposition and the public. Lets be pro active, when never had this nonsense in the KK days.

  2. Kent

    School fees shud be reduced. K40,000 to K35,000 4 the white boy.

  3. Amagenge

    Well done Chengelo School administration. And the Ministry of Education hides ” We shall investigate what happens”. How many things has this dull ministry investigated and concluded. Illegal teacher recruitment is still happening. Teachers with fake results are still serving instead of suspending them. Children involved in the woodlands house come from known schools under this dull Ministry. The Kasama girls/teacher sex scandal seem to have died a natural death.


    Disgusting criminal conduct . 2 thugs need to be severely punished with a view of reform & rehabilitation at a correctional institution like KATOMBORA

  5. mengmoreler

    Jst bcoz z white boy being mocked and beaten then evry1 z tonkng about it this world awe mwandini.

  6. chikubabe season

    The remaing school is mpika boys and sebotech (serenje boys)

  7. Francis

    am very glad with chengelo management for the decision reached at. now we are waiting for the police to do their part, we saw what happened through the video and no one can dispute therefore police should act accordingly without fear or favour.

  8. Thoko Daka

    School fees should be reduced. There’s no way all that money can be paid for fees and get a report that your child has been beaten

  9. TapsJ

    Justice must b saved.those boys have pure thug hearts,there a disgrace and law must take its part a well.killers

  10. C. Banda

    This shows that those two boys come from wrong families. Lets check our children please!!!!

  11. aluta

    the boys need cancelling not to be punished so severely, what are we gaining by expelling the boys. we need to reduce the number of thugs from the street yet you are encouraging to have the boys sent in the streets, who never fought at school

  12. Florence c

    Its so painful to see those student thugs behave like that.where were the teachers or matrons.Those thugs needs to go to katombora.if it was two white boys beating a black boy..the whole country would be saying racism.I hope those two boys know that umusungu ngafulwa telela.They should ask Mandela or kk

  13. nawinga

    Pliz arrest thoze baby thugs

  14. talalamusonda

    teachers and parents to instill discipline in pupils. they should both work together.

  15. ntumba maria

    Am sure such things have been going on for a long time.Please school management counsel all the students at chengelo especially all the students in the dormitory where the incident took place.I am traumatised as an adult and my daughter a grade nine at a day government school is disturbed after seeing that video.its a sad situation.Those kids needs prayers.when I read the apology tendered by Jabulani.i wonder if they were drank or they had smoked dagga that day.The apology and their behaviour is miles apart..i feel sorry and sad for the battered boy and for the perpetrators’.May God forgive them.I wonder what type of men they will be when they grow up..To their parents please take them for spiritual counselling too.You never know what spirit was controlling them at that time.

  16. Evans

    Children, are children they can treat what you haven’t told,..Only God knows better your Child,for yourself you can’t.lets for Give each other,Peter said to them, “Each one of you must turn away from your sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins will be forgiven; and you will receive God’s gift, the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:38).

  17. Cletus

    Its sad …
    Discipline z not always found at school, it starts at home the way u raise ur children parents, it matters alot when they grow…
    Don’t let ur children parents control u , control them…
    This is sad , so sad….
    U guyz how can u fight over a girl really…. aaaah …
    Be serious, if a girl doesn’t love u then forget and move on… Alas…
    Instead of concentrating with academic work….

  18. Faith Chishimba

    To beat a fellow pupil being over a girl is barbaric.When none of the boys can even provide for the girl.Alas

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