Radio Christian Voice Cancels Hichilema’s Program For Second Time In Five Days

Radio Christian Voice has again cancelled a scheduled live programme that was to host opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

According to to an announcement made by Hichilema, the program was rescheduled to this morning from last Thursday but had to be cancelled at short notice for unspecified reasons.

Hichilema has since apologized to UPND members and Zambians in general that the radio program was cancelled.


Good morning friends

We wish to sincerely apologise that our scheduled Radio Christian Voice Chatback Programme that was planned for this morning has again been cancelled.

We got the message of the cancellation early this morning. This was despite assurances to me personally last week on Thursday and further assurances to our media team yesterday with the senior station management that the programme would go ahead today Monday 9th October 2017.

Take note that this programme has been initiated by the radio station itself from way back the time we just came out of detention. But we had requested for a bit of time as we had to attend to some other pressing issues then.

We once more sincerely apologise to our expectant audience on the saddened but embarrassing turn of events in our country.

We thank Radio Christian Voice for the invitation, but
we fully appreciate the difficulty conditions under which media houses currently operate.

Have a great day and God bless you all.


  1. oth lee

    God bless you my man

  2. Yaba

    Obviously the mighty Amos as usual has threatened them, he will turn around and say there is freedom of the press. What shameless creature.

  3. paul

    For give them its about time,it now their time but the same time will come when they will come and beg before you.

  4. Hollywood

    hakainde ichilema learn to cat shot your untreated hair

  5. upnd

    that is a nonsense program nowander it is being cancelled every time you want to represent it. there is no future in your detention you are now out of that do something emprassive to the people.

  6. Derunah

    God bless all nation

  7. mulongoti

    Mayb there’s something fishy about the program or maybe they have been tipped of the so called up nd escorting partners who always wants to follow where ever their president goes

  8. Francis


  9. man mule

    dont warry your time will come

  10. chipata

    hh forget the past and do somthing empressive that will build yo part than been disturbed with some of these things.

  11. poscar

    Why shying to let our heroes declare their important views to the nation.u.p.n.d. go forward

  12. Wat again

    Wat again

  13. Jimmy mk

    You deserve that HH because you don’t have points to tell the national

  14. musengule

    This Man is really petty,childish under five and chip politicking.He wants to draw sympathy,but from who?, maybe from his bantustan party members.

  15. Mk

    UPND members should check themselves carefully before accusing others because some of their misfortunes are caused by themselves.

  16. gift samupi

    Why PF doing this jealous people never win so even PF come 2021 you are going to lose the elections.

  17. wapya

    radio cv is not like the other radio stations just like the name radio christian voice dont take politics their

  18. Myself

    Christian Voice is highly partisan.

    The likes of Mwiza Lemba Sinyangwe, Sunday Sinyangwe,Joyce Mwanza, Sunday Mwanza etc are cadres.

    Even most of the pastors who feature regularly like Fortune Mwiza are also cares.

    Yet PF cadres like Sunday Chanda and BJ Ngosa ared featured on “Chat Back” whose host called Chatewa is childish and partisan unlike more mature people like Lorenzo Libusha and Steve Mudoma.

  19. Gift malambo

    god bless u

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