Hichilema Launches Scathing Attack on 3 Arms of Government

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema held a press briefing discrediting all arms of government labelling the Constitutional Court as corrupt.

And Hichilema said that President Lungu was presiding over a gang of criminals that were corruptly cutting deals in the country.

Hichilema said that people that were insinuating that he had been diluted through his stint in jail would be disappointed as he would be stronger.

During a media briefing at his residence in New Kasama, Hichilema said he was committed to dialogue with President Edgar Lungu.

“These days I do not even beat about the bush, Judge Anne Mwewa Sitali is corrupt, Palan Mulonda corrupt, Mungeni Mulenga also corrupt. That is why we are saying dissolve the Constitutional Court,” he said.

The Constitutional Court had established itself as a body whose decisions are not appealable but had facilitated an appeal on the ministers having been found as serving illegally after the dissolution of parliament.

Hichilema said that the judiciary needed to be disbanded as it had been invaded by corrupt elements.

The UPND leader also condemned Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini labelling him an agent of the ruling Patriotic Front.

“If there is a gang of thieves, there must be a gang leader and we all know who that gang leader is,” he said.

Hichilema said that dialogue as prescribed by the Commonwealth was important in help restore good relations between government and the opposition.

He said that he was shocked that some people wanted him to keep quiet despite the unresolved matters around the 2016 general elections.

Hichilema said that people may accuse him of having resumed his attacks on government based on elections results but he would not shut up.

He said that Electoral Commission of Zambia chairperson judge Esau Chulu should resign.

Hichilema said that Chulu should resign and follow in the footsteps of ECZ Director Priscilla Isaacs whose contract was not renewed.

Hichilema said that his period behind bars exposed him to experience the depleted human rights situation in Zambia.

He said that he was not free as many of his supporters were still languishing in prison in the post 2016 elections.


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  4. benny

    wise pipo are always humble you are a blessing of the blessed ,your wisdom means something,your hand are clean .May the almight anoite you.

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    The p.f is ruling under the u.p.n.d government but as u.p.n.d will not allow this in 2021as corrupt officials are ceasing one by one

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    Yes please it’s true to say because pf government are foolish how can they corrupt all the judges

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    Here we come 2021

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    A tree is known with its fruits, continue exposing your views as you are doing. By so doing, people would know that you are not happy with 2016 election results of which a leader is already declared, and his first term of office is in process.
    Never give up with your exposal, be persistence as God doesn’t answer at once.

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    Judge Esau Chulu also stole the recently held elections. Supreme leader HH, you have outlived your usefulness as the UPND leader. Mazoka (RIP) left you a formidable party and you have messed it up.

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      Stop cheating your blind leader mwana,he just worsting his resources, uli chiluya yebo,naluntambwe

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  49. Simeo Musonda

    Unless we acknowledge that we have a problem in Zambia, no appropriate solution shall be found to the current crisis in Zambia.
    The 3 Arms being accused of the wrongs, are in actual fact working under the iron thumb of the Zambian Intelligence also infamously known as the Office of the President (OP).
    The OP is the biggest problem we have in Zambia. It is the biggest and only threat to: The Health and Tenure of Office of Presidents in Zambia; the lives and Freedoms of people in Zambia, including Foreign Dignitaries and Nationals domiciled in Zambia; Democracy and Human Rights; Rule of Law, Due Process and Social Justice; Economic , Social, Political, Technological , National Security and Development.
    The OP has an Hidden Agenda, the ultimate goal of which is to indirectly and then directly usurp political power in Zambia. It is currently running the affairs of this country indirectly.
    The OP’s primary strategy is to create an artificial leadership vacuum in Zambia. This is to justify the taking over of political power in Zambia
    The OP has a track record of influencing all election results in Zambia, where Popular Vote doesn’t count at all; OP is Self appointed Electoral College (EC) in Zambia; it is the de facto Appointing Authority – on behalf of the Zambian Electorate, the OP decides who should be President and who should occupy strategic ministries – this is in keeping with the OP’s hidden agenda – only those who wouldn’t be a threat to OP’s hidden agenda are chosen and appointed. Consequently , the Presidency is Compromised and the Electorate are deprived of their choices and voices.
    The OP is Wielding absolute power in Zambia. It is more powerful than the President; It is playing God – it is answerable to no one but itself
    Thus, anyone,including Presidents, who interferes with or is considered a stumbling block to OP’s hidden agenda , that person, becomes an Enemy of the State, Tagged as a Targeted Individual ( TI) and destined for torture and permanent elimination.
    OP’s weapons of choice against TIs include: Radiological, Biological ,Chemical and Psychological weapons; Planned Air and Road Traffic Accidents; Local Hit Squads and Hired Foreign Assassins; etc
    Many TIs have died and some are still being tortured to death.
    There is ample irrefutable hard evidence to prove the atrocities and heinous crimes being committed by OP, against innocent people in Zambia.
    Cruelty and Barbarism are the real dangers of unchecked powers. OP is wielding absolute power in Zambia.
    There is more than enough evidence to give a jump start to Investigators and secure prosecution and conviction of perpetrators and their collaborators.
    President Lungu is not part to OP’s hidden agenda and criminal activities. In fact , he is also a TI .
    Please Join and support the campaign against OP’s Gross Human Rights violations , Impunity, political Assassinations; and the undermining of Democracy in Zambia.

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    Its true judge issau chulu should resign including those judges at concourt should go as well,that ugandian thief CHAVULA one day he is going to expose to tell nation at large on what happened that day when he entered the server room and judge chulu is aware on what transpered.

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