MMD Coordinator Dismisses Dr. Nevers Mumba’s NEC Meeting As Illegal

MMD Die Hard Youth National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba says former MMD president Dr Mumba should stop masquerading as party leader when his motive is to clinch a diplomatic job.


Press Statement for Immediate release

Nevers Mumba Soliciting for A Diplomatic Job From President Lungu

Our former president Nevers Mumba has opened his eyes now that UPND has been distancing him from their programs and he has realised that they don’t take him seriously because he has not taken any value to them. Infact he actually decieved and tricked them that he had numbers to take with him in his defection.

If you read between the lines in his statement Dr Mumba is distancing himslef from his association with the UPND. Today, Dr Mumba is saying, “It was resolved that the MMD shall continue to operate as an independent Political Party whilst working in partnership with other willing political parties in all matters of national interest. He is now playing mind games with the UPND even when they paid for the venue for his illegal NEC meeting.

Dr Mumba wants to play a preemptive move by lying that he had a National Executive Committee meeting when infact he was in a meeting with his friends from the church. It is disappointing to see the former Vice President stoop so low just to gain political relevance.

MMD as a party has stopped paying attention to Dr Mumba because all he has remained is a non entity who uses the media to try and remain relevant to the political arena of the country. By issuing fake statements through Elizabeth Chitika on a purported illegal NEC meeting. Dr Mumba hopes to have some temporal lime light which he can use to dupe unsuspecting sponsors.

We want reveal like we did that Nevers Mumba had signed an agreement with UPND president, where he was promised to be appointed Prime Minister. How surely can a former Republican Vice President be naive to think the UPND can surely amend the constitution just to accomodate him.

We want to reveal also to the UPND and indeed the people he continues to use that Nevers Mumba has been making frantic efforts and numerous attempts to meet President Lungu so as to solicit for a diplomatic job.

Dr Mumba is tomcourt who thrives on deciet and he will use whatever means to get food on the table. Any chance for Dr Mumba to benefit he will jump on it. UPND should not be decieved that Dr Nevers Mumba is with them, infact he ditched them the day they lost elections. We know every little scheme by Dr Mumba and his minions.

He is perpetually embarrassing himself because what NEC does he have. Any well meaning MMD members don’t recognise this cheat.

Those people Nevers is using should realise that when Dr Nevers Mumba goes out of the country, he gets monies from his conspirators and unsuspecting donors which he uses for personal survival and uses the little change on them to justify his expenses.

I want to also draw the attention of the public to the presence of the leaders of other political parties, Hakainde Hichilema, Charles Milupi and Mike Mulongoti at his illegal MMD NEC meeting, surely what sort of mind games is this so called man of God playing?

Can UPND, ADD and PP allow Nevers Mumba or any other political party leader in their National Executive Committee meetings? The answer is a resounding NO.

Issued by

Gerald Chiluba

MMD Die Hard Youth National Coordinator.


  1. analyst

    Even the authour is also illegal. MMD does not officially have a position of Die Hard Youth National Coordinator

  2. Sj

    One thing is certain from your write-up, Dr/Pastor Mumba seems to like the Limelight and will do everything humanly possible to obtain it. Comment


    Ala i nsala ninsala ilababa tayisala epompele




    Indeed Nevers Mumba is a cheat, I wonder what HH was expecting to get from this fallen pastor. HH is not a politician if he was one he could have taken advantage when PF was protesting against Hon. Felix Mutati because Mutati has a big following Politics its about numbers. but he is still courting this cheat NEVERS MUMBA who is only surrounded by few pastors and non factor people like CHITIKA AND REUBEN SAMBO

  6. Wezzy Mukwasa

    Sometimes, there is need to check oneself. When u speak negatively about someone remember that the other three fingers are pointing at u meaning u might be worse. He might have saved 1 or 2 souls since Zambia shall be saved…. But u, if u r good politician or graduate mention what u have contributed to our National economic development strategies if u were not only working to provide food on your table not even your fellow citizen can pick some crumbs. If u were good enough u could have hired best machinery to clear the mess & reconstruct certain compounds where your fellow Zambians live as if they are sitting on hot chairs or pans without their basic needs affordable, no drainage systems etc be humble… & work, for u will be on news even BBC will locate u for being good….

    • musonda mutwe

      Even Mr mutati is not a politician were was mutation when Mumbai was struggling to build mmd?2015mutati was with hh and 2016with lungu.mmd yalipwa and it will never come back to power.

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