OPINION: Society Should Deal With Killer Lovers Problem

The report of a shooting of a Lusaka woman by her boyfriend has just added to the growing list of cold blooded murders related to passion gone wrong. Before now the country had yet to digest the circumstances that led to the murder of Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo who was allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend Shaibu Benos.

The murder of Lubinda Litebele at point blank by his wife Precious Longwe in Woodlands was followed up by another more chilling murder of a Mrs Milumbe running over her husband in Makeni area. So the murder of 26-year old Precious Mangesana by her boyfriend Nshinku Kaputu with their two year old baby also hit in the process.

All these murders raise questions as to whether the public should now get concerned with the rapid occurrence of these cold blooded murders tied to relationships. What could have gone wrong for Zambia now to drift into terrain where individuals resort to killing each time there is a dispute in the house or relationship? What happened to sending away a spouse to her parents if things can’t work? However we are mindful that there has been a highly pronounced element of cheating in some of these relationships that tend to spark the ultimate rage in partners but should killing be the solution? Why has it become so easy to play cyborg and senselessly end live of a loved one all in the name of love? Are guns this available or is the appetite for target practice so rare that people have to shoot at the slightest irritation?

It seems there will be no end to this cycle of love instigated murders. We are slowly piling up cases in our courts of law of crimes of passion. Slowly the trend may lose its shock element if our prisons fill up with individuals that may have found themselves having shot dead their lovers. It could become acceptable if it is not addressed. Slowly they could be alliances of likeminded suspects taking comfort in a commonly shared burden of condemnation by society.

Is there anger so much that the only solution is to pump bullets in your loved one? While there may be no clear cut solution to these murders there is need for society to reflect deeply on the increase of these incidences across the gender divide.


  1. sir roy

    2 much freedom 2de man is living on his own & has rights 2 do what ever he wihes.but also note what the bible says @ 2Timoth 3;1-5

  2. Evangelist SAMUKONGA

    End times indeed; scrutinize your mate before you tie up the knot in marriage. Surely how on earth does someone points a lifetaking machine on a person once nicknamed,, SWEET HEART,, ROSE FLOWER,, APPLE of MY EYE etc. Bemba’s say,, Ichikwanka bachimwena kumampalanya,, Rush quickly to GOD for your life dear brother and Sister.. KAMUPALAMINE LESA WANDI,,,, Nearer My GOD to thee,, chaapwa

  3. mulongoti

    In the olden days men used to marry house wives this time it’s commercial house wives this is the equality the men are competing for those who marry mulofwa ninshi taupa kano ababomba what can you tell them she has all what you get the only thing that you compete with is the gun or a panga those married to unemployed are safe as long as they love their wives

    • muba99

      It hurts to see that you are really loosing that person you love, especially for someone else…..

  4. Nelly

    This is so bad OmG.We thought a man would rather die for the one he loves…..awe May God almighty help us..

  5. Mpelo saulo

    These are sure signs that the son of God is coming soon, scripture is being fullfilled.

  6. Joseph

    why in lusaka, the GBV case’s high are than other provinces ?

  7. Mike patriotic citizen (not to be confused for PF)

    Lack of proper punishment for these murderers

  8. Jeff

    My appeal goes to the courts of law to please not to free the murderers in the name of manslaughter or something like that. What is seemingly happening now is that some can bend the law to favour or support them. This is destroying our society; killing one another soon becomes more familiar with us because of lack of law, in my opinion. Murder should be condemned so by law; it should not reduced by power, money nor influence! Let an equal punishment meet the killers. There should be respect for human life, the only being created after the likeliness of God!

  9. dre

    he need to be jailed…. thats a soul we have lost

  10. Evangelist SAMUKONGA

    It seems getting married to a working class is grave, because housewives seem to possess to values of wife or is it true that a working married WIFE turns to be stubborn because of her work status in society? Or is true with the ones considered not are true marriage material and the so-called beautiful ones stand to be shared? Please do all these things start from? Answer is we marry for wrong reasons. Maybe due to indecent exposure? Or Material gain, at last point the is we normally pretend to love someone and yet inside our hearts we hate them ,, Please always Seek GOD first in Everything we do,, Nearer My GOD To thee,, KAMUPALAMINE LESA WANDI..

  11. Mpombo

    Lusaka people feel leaving an affluent life Will shield them from social ills.Such acts are not common on the Copperbelt because we have combined tradition with affluence.Until parents in Lusaka emphasises amafunde over wealthy they will be reaping corpses in their children’s marriages.Us Jerabos having being taught amafunde we don’t use weapons on women if anything anyone who resorts to such we discipline using our own code of moral conduct.

  12. Demama

    This is forst degree wickedness,the law please throw all muderers in the kafue river so that crocodiles infest on them,case closed

  13. Chis Aug a

    In th ancient Israel, if you kill you must also be killed, let it be so in our country in order to refrain people from such behavior.

    • Gumugumu blue mutwe

      What happens if you bump someone accidentally with a vehicle and the person dies?

  14. SIngle Girl

    Signs of the end of time…Jesus is coming soon

  15. obby

    God’s words has been for filled

  16. kangwa stephen

    A relationship is two people’s affair and not country project just like a country will not do time on one’s behalf. Sad developments though.


    The issue of gender is the source of all these killings,because women have lost respect to their husbands in the of gender those old days there was no such killings because wives knew who husbands were. These are the result

  18. Emmanuel Zulu

    Too bad people.

  19. Emmanuel Zulu

    Ending times for sure

  20. Christopher Silwamba

    This Is The Reason We Have Been Saying The Best Way Is To Ask The God Of Jocob To Direct Couples So That Marriages Can Last By The Grace Of God.Let Us Go Back To The Roots If We Are To Over Come. Br.Silwamba.C

  21. Simzi

    These are last days. That isn’t love neither passion. You can’t kill your partner then in return you just say it’s all because of love. That a blue lie. 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 talk about love. Like 2 Timothy 3:1-5 its clearly say that “in the last days people will become lovers of money” just here. Some people do fall in love just because of money but if their intension come to open they are killed. Who is this person selling guns to anyone?

  22. R

    We should look into the issues of marriage interference . If any one found interfere with married couples should be given a stiff punishment . We have so many Street kids because of this nonsense . Ladies have come to the point of having children outside married and you start bringing up the children which are not yours . We are appealing to the government to make DNA test available to all the maternal clinics . Ladies should understand in good in bad .

  23. Namse

    People the cause of all these is unfaithful, so let’s learn to be faithful

  24. Namse

    Be comfortable with your partner afterlaw you married her yourself ,now why hunting for others?

  25. yotie

    sad development, we need to seek God intervention.

  26. Chioni

    It is not about gender or the working class issue….no!!!!!!!Some people just lack the sense of humour….. How do you communication is murder…?????That is so inhuman

  27. Peterpax

    were corrupte in zambia nd how can we marry…

  28. andrew

    too bad

  29. mauto nkhowani

    The sinfull nature is hard 2 control.

  30. Henry Prince navigator


  31. Sylvester

    The commence of relationship and development of it..how do one get convinced that they are taking a ryped fruit or not that’s why rushing into marriage it doesn’t yiled the best at all… Possible solutions are needed.

  32. blackson

    Comment; I have been seen going to the copper belt to see a toy boy thinking she’s clever and the husband is dwanzy, if this woman got killed I can’t blame the man coz it hurts seeing your fellow being played around, I have stayed silent trying to figure out what to do about it. ladies are causing early deaths upon themselves due to their in appreciating hearts, no amount of money or jewelry can please a woman, it becomes much trouble when I think of marrying coz I might marry problems and possibly death. women for once please be helpers as the purpose God created you for, never get into competition with man, don’t say what if he’s cheating on you, just be submissive and God will give the heart to love you.

  33. blackson

    women are very irritating when they know they are wrong they tend to raise their voices on men as a defensive mechanism, now to people who don’t talk too much like me you get a bullet through your head coz you dont want to explain the truth but rather choose to shout at a worrying man. marriage has become a trial and error thing.

  34. bk

    Why killing DA one u call sweet. Da best thing to do is just to leave dat person alone and forge ahead with ur life. Who knows maybe it was a wrong rib

  35. Active Muchelemba

    too bad we

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