Police Arrest Ng’onga Residence Attackers

Police have arrested the soccer fans that attacked misfiring Chipolopolo striker Alex Ng’onga’s mother’s residence in Chimwemwe after Zambia lost 1-0 to Nigeria to crash out of the FIFA World Cup race.

Ng’onga had infuriated fans for his misses with some fans taking their anger a tad too far by attacking his mother’s residence but police have acted swiftly and arrested the culprits.
“We have arrested five people for malicious damage to property and they are detained in police custody. We have Jeff Chavula 30, Dickson Chama 24, Peter Mwanga 21, Gift Zulu 18 and a 16 year old all of Kitwe Chimwemwe Township,” said Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said.

” A white Toyota Landcruiser ACC 5492 that was used has been impounded. The value of the damaged property is K450.”


  1. Tony

    Quite embarrasing

  2. Lungu

    Let those idiots pay more than what they damaged. Time for Bana ng’ong’a to start a good living is now.

  3. frackson mutaka jr

    It maybe a sad exit from the tournament but lets learn to move on.we are in a building period of the team and the guys gave out their best.lossing to nigeria 1-0 away in uyo isnt a bad result looking at the past outings…..chipololpolo for life

  4. martin.

    Comment funs acted wrongly. for the coach would have seen ng’onga’s weaknesses and substitu ted him

  5. JCM

    Job well done by the police officers, coz Ng’onga wasn’t forced himself to part of Zambia Nigeria game, or else, was the mother causes to the loss? I this behavior has no meaning. And if to blem, better to complain to the coach who made the final the selection. Every individual of us are crying for the absence of R. Kalaba F. Tempo, N. Sinkala, C Besuma and other stars to elevate the young stars. BA police, please keep updating us on serious matter. Butuutu sana ubomwalanga, never should you repeat such ignorance

  6. james

    Why attacking de mother, too bad, ni gamefye ngayakosa mwebantu.

  7. Shebarne

    Ati Misfiring?

  8. Lolo

    Very unfortunate. The problem is with the Zambian National Team coach who keeps on using a guy who always mises the target. Is the guy related to the coach or what?

  9. Lolo

    Ati “misfiring Chipolopolo striker Alex Ng’onga’s…” pa ZED chabe

  10. VICTOR

    Too bad let’s be United we are one.

  11. sir roy

    I do agree with you @ frackson mutakara jr-one do not become a doctor over night,there has to be a good length of time same as the saying goes man can not live longer than a society but man must always be there to make & mantain a society!point is we can’t all the time depend on star players they phase out @some point & new ones have to be trained so team goes on &on!we have had great peoples of society they are not here but society is still here;going on,talk of likes of great kalu &the others they are all phased out but chipolopolo team has to be there to time idifinite.we just need to go behind our lads they gave out there best nigerian knows it .

  12. Franktok

    I saw three similar misses by Nigerian professionals but none of their mothers has had to pay for that. No wonder our stadiums are still fenced off with wire. These thugs would do better to channel their frustration in the fight against corruption and leave the boys alone. Very soon they’ll be a force to reckon with.

  13. NO SIZE

    why attercking de mother you zambian

  14. The great one

    Victor Moses played well and was a play maker for Nigeria, also missed a lot of chances just like Ngonga..ubututu mu Zambia..

  15. Joseph

    Jail them, they behavers like a pf cardres.

  16. Agrey wapamesa

    They shuld be arrested and given punishment beyond punishment

  17. itx manga

    i hope those kulprits to be punished by the law.

  18. IPhong seveng

    @sad….. let them face the consequences

  19. Ray Mulowa

    PF thugs this country is for all,thats the reason we lost that game lets stop this unhuman behavior.

  20. Jea

    Seriously why attacking an Innocent mother over a game… They must be jailed

  21. alex pulanga

    its hates me too much coz de guy cant finish dat game 90minutes kwati ni ba warrior baleteya.i think hes basemek to coach pantu takwaba zoona.

  22. Collinto

    Too much umungulu

  23. Jimmy

    What the did is fine.coz ng’onga is not a can relie on.that guy is a jaraboo not a striker.I support you guy’s so that next when he wil be a pitch he be serious.thanks.

  24. Bob

    Let’s be reasonable people why attacking the innocent mother , let them be punished for other funs to learn a lesson, @jimmy don’t support blindly

  25. boko haram


  26. mnjew

    I don’t know why Zambian a now act like that what rong with the mother and her son Alex ngonga zoz socar fans who is evolved in to the matter the should have given life jere until the news jacket which is in side bedroom get finished

  27. phaskani

    OK the game of that nature really pains especially that it was a must win game.nevertheless attacking our friend mother showed inmaturity better u advise the coach infact these guys tried there best .lets just accept the defeat and work on our mistakes next time

  28. ADONY


  29. Williamf Gomo

    Wht haz happened has happened let’s move on

  30. MAELAS

    Let those stupidity to be punished

  31. dominic

    Embarrassing …

  32. chilembo kelvin

    Let those folks play against nigeria ad if they lose they must suffer the consequeces

  33. Eustice

    Too bad guys Ng’onga was tried a lot why are u doing like that?punish them,it’s not gud that’s very stupidity.

  34. Harrison chazington

    They reacted badly de mother was nt de 1 playing football why attack de mother she’s an innocent soul


    Zambians wat a way to go, so embarrassing its a shame youths where are we heading

  36. Samson nyangu

    I think ng’onga can do better if z used as a winger. z got a spac

  37. Samson nyangu

    there z a potential in this guy,believe me very soon you will begin to praise him

  38. Emmanuel K. Mofya

    The coach is to be blamed over Ng’omgas chances, he had a span of chances it wasn’t just his day. If the coach was wise enough an very analytical he could have substituted him in the 60s minutes and pave way for other plays. Its a good thing he gave him an opportunity to showcase his skill.

  39. Whizz Wizzy

    Thanks to the police well done u have done your task I hope you will teach them reasons for such Evel deeds I think those people are never been to school coz that is an alliterate

  40. Musonda

    Next time chipolopolo is playing let these thugs play. Thy should look for other players to make a team. If thy loose, thy should be wiped in public with there parents.

  41. Cydo

    Be chilled itx one zambia one nation

  42. mwansa

    Let them pay more than that amount and panish them

  43. mercutio

    Comment: i remember sayin that n’gonga gon’ga shud not play he has cozd the mothers beatinz..! together with tha coach hes the coza too. we need an expatriate coach lik herve rena to properly organise the U20 & the senior chipolopolo period.

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