UNZA Utility Fees Go Up

A circular has been distributed announcing hiked utility fees at the University of Zambia.

The increase are in some cases more that 100%. The circular availed to Zambia Reports shows that accommodation at the institution will charge K3900 per room from the previous K1244.

To: Student Populace
Date: 9th October, 2017

Subject: Fee Increments

This serves to inform the student populace that;

1.Accommodation fee has been increased. For Normal rooms from K1244 to K3900.
Common rooms from K680 to K1950

2. Sports and recreation from K65 to K150

3.Internet from K55 to K194.

4. Examination fees increased by K150.

Help unza students, they are being exploited.

Simweene Chintu Choolwe.


  1. mengmoreler

    Tiyeni nayo a lungu vuumuu!ni tufwile eko tuleya,evrythng ni high.

  2. Samuel Makanta

    this is ridiculous

  3. Shibobo

    Tiye nayo, ni Edgar Chagwa Lungu , 2021.

  4. Tony

    Really this a disatar


    any meaningful justification by management over the hike before. i comment please?

  6. Mimi

    Dununa regret

  7. Shu shu shu

    Can someone explain to me what UNZA and CBU uses for these high fees. Does government pay the salaries for members of staff? If so, how do these two institutions justify these high fees.
    Can somebody with brains please explain!!!

  8. Db

    Fyonse nitulyemo guys

  9. Db

    CBU & UNZA students plz let’s go for bola bet

  10. mulongoti

    It’s just an increase nothing more ask those who were born in 1966 and find out how old are they this is what going forward is all about .???

  11. kedrick siame

    OO my goodnes zambian people you are so stupid, you are the who was in flat but today what’s long with you continue pay a lot of money nipamaka. And nakonde we don’t have a president and MP we only have council who state maintaining the roads just imagine the money is toilet place and you are enjoying of it, what is long with people look at the roads.

    • Sj

      Only last month was it when we were reading about Toll gate money having been collected, is it not about time now how our township roads are going to benefit from this collection?omment

  12. benson chiheu

    thats what people wanted

  13. MJ

    Stupid Zambian why complain. You saw it coming without dodging it. FYENU

  14. MJ

    Stupid Zambian why complain. You saw it coming without dodging it. FYENU

  15. jay sniper

    why all that money when jobs are hard to find with poor salaries

  16. Ceasar

    The minister of higher education and unza management please explain this increment and justify it . You are making President Lungu unpopular

    • Sj

      At what time are Citizens going to enjoy favaourable UNZA/CBU FEES? When compaign time comes some politicians even promise free tetiary education or @ least paying the barest minimum, but put them in power even feeding hand to mouth becomes tough for most of the population in the country.
      Serious begging is back on the Streets by people of all ages. Mwe Lesa cine eko mwaba.
      Education that started off as free will now be unaffordable financially by many people. How is the National cake being shared? Ati imiti iikula empanga. Nomba impanga eyo tamwa cemenene bwino?
      The Have-Nots will ‘ve even the shirt on their backs stripped off them to expose them to the sun, wind and rain (No hope). Haves will ‘ve more added onto them. Comment

  17. Ngoma Goodson

    The fees are too high only a few people can manage that.

  18. P K

    Comment consider the poor

    who strive to find finances please

  19. JP


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