Chengelo Beating Victim, Gawen’s Father, Preaches Forgiveness & Love

The father to the Chengelo victim beaten by his dormitory mates has pleaded that the perpetrators be forgiven unconditionally.

Luke Powell says the family does not wish to pursue criminal matters against the perpetrators.

Powell, proprietor of Lusanto Farms of Mungwi, near Kasama in Northern Province is the father of Gawen Powell, the victim in the Chengelo video that has gone viral.

Gawen was brutalised by his friends following a dispute over a girl.


Below is his letter to the school!

Message sent to Chengelo Principle and Chief Inspector ZP HQ Lsk.
From: Luke Powell [mailto:lukebupepowell@gmail.com]
Sent: 10 October 2017 10:41
Subject: RE: Update from Chengelo School

Dear Mr Cowling,

The underlying ethos I have taken away from all the Chengelo school presentations that I have attended, is how well rounded students become by attending Chengelo ; where they live in a caring family environment based on God’s fundamental principles.

I commend the school for acknowledging students who exhibited personal sacrifice and are always ready to help others. ALL the boys in the dorm during Gawen’s assault are just KIDS who ONLY have a FEW more years left where they can be guided and shown that God’s LOVE defeats all evil, no matter how IMPOSSIBLE the situation may seem.

This is THE opportunity for Chengelo to show Zambia (social media) that God’s LOVE triumphs over evil, by showing these boys love and not rejection. We need to be extremely careful and aware of the possibility of KIDS feeling ‘overwhelmed’ and committing suicide.

The board’s decision to expel the two students assaulting Gawen does not come as a surprise considering the many pressures that are demanding this action to be taken.

I do NOT believe this is the correct (long term) solution for ALL concerned as clearly, expulsion did not help the children in the past since expulsion does not demand having to face the consequences nor be accountable for their actions. We implore the board to reverse its decision to expel the boys so that the all can be accountable, be given care, counseling and God’s love.

This is the time to show FAITH that God will protect the school against ALL obstacles and not bow down to earthly pressures based on a punishment that does not show LOVE and compassion.

Gawen needs closure with Jabu and Mwila which may not be possible should their expulsion from school go ahead – with this in mind, I have invited Jabulani and Mwila to come with their respective fathers to spend a few days with Gawen and his father (myself), to be alone away from external influences to spend time being human in each other’s company to appreciate each other in God eyes.

My paramount desire is for the all the boys concerned to come away having learnt the POWER of LOVE. I feel this can only be shown by Chengelo school reversing its decision to exclude Mwila and Jabulani, by taking the FIRST step along a VERY hard and contentious road – let us have FAITH in GOD and ALL will learn the POWER of God’s LOVE.

Yours humbly, Luke Powell(Gawen’s father)

Cc CIO Mulenga Police HQ Lsk From: Chengelo School [mailto:chengelo@chengelo.sch.zm]


  1. eish

    i salute the patents,truely hey are blessed,now can the parents of those two chaps come out and apologise,all is forgiven.we zambians should learn are thing or two from these folks…….ebuntu ubu!!!

    • mailon

      While we still have such people in this world,i thought they left with Mandela’s death.I never even imagined that a white man as snobbish as they normaly are could be so loving.These are the people who deserve medals Mr President this selfless show of love is amazing.Dont go and honour the likes of Ndokota Lusambo for having his “hand slapped by Ndokota Kambwili’s head”.MR PRESIDENT HONOUR THIS SELFLESS MAN THIS IS INDEED UBUNTU.And you the parents to those spoilt morons what are you saying are you in hiding?

    • Shikulu Tiyezgye

      Surely to error is human and to forgive is devine. Let us all learn something from the Powels. May the good lord continue blessing the Powels.

  2. Peter

    Thank you so much for your desire to show unconditional love and forgiveness. This is what being Christ like is all about. I just hope that you Son too shares your sentiments of love and forgiveness. The matter at steak here is that Justice has to prevail above all else,Psalms 103 vs 6. If we let this slide, how wI’ll bullies in other schools learn anything from this ? The two bullies at Chengelo have this opportunity to also learn that actions have consequences.


    In Deed Thats The Godly Way The Parents Of Powell Has Taken Is The Best A Child Of God Can Take And Can Bring Healing Amongst Our Children In The School.May God Bless You Godly Parents. Br.Chris

    • CHANSA


  4. mengmoreler

    That’s y i lov white people somtmz bcoz they thnk wise.

  5. Charles

    Awesome what great father.This is Godly love.

  6. Fackson musa

    Wow the father is a good hearted soul. i salute him, tho they must be some punishment for the boys who where bulling the kid.

  7. Robert Kashala

    That’s awesome, reflecting on the life of Jesus Christ. He died that painful death because of love. He was righteous , remember we were suppose to die but he took upon himself to bear our sin. I love it

  8. gabriel kafunda

    White people are wise let’s face it if it was a black man like me it was court case but look let’s learn from these parents.GOD BLESS YOU,as a parent iv learn from you and your wife.

  9. philip jimaima

    Dats the true power of God & love from a dad to son’s. Forgive and forget. Ur a real father mr powell: my ur son get ur love also.

  10. Chilatu

    That is exactly what Jesus woulf

  11. Mbale

    Indeed wise words from Mr power. That is what it is to be a Christian. We be to forgive and forget. Thank you.

  12. Chilatu

    That is exactly what Jesus would have done. Be blessed servant of God You have shown not only Zambia but the whole world what Gods love is and what it means to live it. That is s true Christ like love. Zambia and the rest of the world need more people like you. Be Blessed.

  13. Momo

    Baleke abene baka yonawile future taboo

  14. sir roy

    @mwila&jabulani look @ you!pride and boosting that was it all behind these 2.one reaps what he sows-should ‘ve scared the hell out them.

  15. Dickson Luwisha

    I personally welcomes the decision taken by the parents of the victim. Indeed that is the way it should be. We need the response from the school authorities as well as the parents of the perpetrators of the crime. I noticed something strange in the post from Mr. Powell. The grammar of his letter from the first part seems to be different from the last part.

  16. Pf/upnd

    To bad indeed ,this is the problem of nowadays students ! instead of depositing their mind in studying but they decides to mixed things ,the consequence is lose of life with the reason of fellow school girl. M.h.s.r.I.p

  17. honest

    God richly Bless you Mr Powell for the Love you have exibited, you truly know GOD

  18. Christabell Habwacha

    Zambians parents this is an example… Instead of them getting jailed but his father decides to invite them over such love is hard to find especially some African parents would have sent those 2 boys in jail for life

  19. Florence

    Indeed love should triumph over evil.God bless you Mr powel..you are a true Christian who has taught your son values of life.He never retaliated as he was been beaten.He kept on apologizing despite been beaten in front of his school mates.I hope Jabulani and Mwila have learnt something.

  20. mulongoti

    That’s the spirit which we Zambian s lack let’s learn

  21. kelvin

    May God Blass you big man..

  22. Pharaoh

    This is an amazing reaction from the father of the boy beaten by the two boys.

  23. Saint emrise

    Edwina kitistu ubu

  24. Ep

    They should be expelled and the Principal should resign

  25. prophet Angel Mutale

    wow this is the power of love indeed may the almighty God remember them and bless them because few people can do this.

  26. Godfrey chitalu

    Can we all parents learn from this and teach our children good morals .well done one out of 100 parents of today .

  27. lameck

    May god bless you,an eye for eye can make the whole world blind……

  28. Jermaine

    Mr.Powell, you have indeed shown that God fights our battles and the victory is ours. You have a heart,and I would personally want to meet you so that you could share the word of God. God richly bless you and your family.

  29. ze manel

    what a fucking cuck! they beat up your kid and you dont even want to make justice? makes me sick!

  30. NCUKA

    Chengelo is not a rehabilitation centre, we can’t allow our children to share the space with potential terrorists while we are sleeping thinking that children our safe and being educated yet being terrorised all night long. The incidence happened at a public place and not at Mr Powell’s home. Therefore that forgiveness is personal(bravo) and does not guarantee the safety our children. The olive branch extended was ill conceived and ill timed and didn’t take into account of the bigger picture which is far beyond this incident. Please I play that there should be No heros in this matter. This matter does not require the ‘Mandelas’ please at this stage. Let all requisite and necessary processes take its course..

  31. Kay

    This is how its suppose to be
    In Zambia and the world at large

  32. Robert

    I hope our Politicians will learn something from this kind of Maturity and stop the treatment of some civil servants from Northwestern, Western and Southern provinces such as transfers to rural areas, demotions, premature retirements etc. Be leaders to all.

  33. mulongoti

    Robert we’re toking of love and you bring politics if you’re a civil servant you know that you’re supposed to b royal to the government of the day and if you do the opposite accept the consequences this is mandatory so just do the right thing

  34. Patricia GIFT

    Comment we thank Godbfor parents like these

  35. Jon

    We forgive by faith, out of obedience. Since forgiveness goes against our nature, we must forgive by faith, whether we feel like it or not. We must trust God to do the work in us that needs to be done so that our forgiveness will be complete. On the other hand t i would urge the School to carry out a Risk Assessment to put in place checks and balances to evaluate whether the two young men are not a risk to other students.

  36. Jackson M Chileshe

    Mr Powell’s forgiveness has not started today. Thanks for your continued support and your leadership skills. May Almighty God Richly bless you once again.

    • NMM

      Mr. and Mrs Powell, you are blessed! This is truely love that surpases all understanding. I hope those two bullys will learn from the incidence and not behave like Judas Iscariot. The love of God has given you another chance.

  37. Zimba Ronald

    A real Christian family.

  38. Professor Ambrose

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. And Mrs Powell for showing such untold love of forgiveness to the perpetrators and to everyone on the whole. Indeed such expression of love can only be shown by the spirit-filled people who truly understand unconditional love of God. I wish to goodness that we all learn to develop such Christlike-attitude to really demonstrate that love has, is and will ever triumph over evil ?. Finally I would like to encourage all Christians awaiting soonest coming of the Lord Jesus to pursue love in all undertaking for without such spiritually-speaking, no heaven awaits you whatsoever! Verification 1cor the whole chapter 13

  39. Professor Ambrose

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. And Mrs Powell for showing such untold love of forgiveness to the perpetrators and to everyone on the whole. Indeed such expression of love can only be shown by the spirit-filled people who truly understand unconditional love of God. I wish to goodness that we all learn to develop such Christlike-attitude to really demonstrate that love has, is and will ever triumph over evil ?. Finally I would like to encourage all Christians awaiting soonest coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to pursue love in all undertaking for without which spiritually-speaking, no heaven awaits you whatsoever! Verification 1cor the whole chapter 13

  40. Thom

    I salute the parents of the chengelo’s brutalised student, I have been following the story though not watched the video but I have been following the story through the e-newspapers and I remember reading about the regrets and apologies of one of the expelled students a day ago
    Mr you are not showing to the Zambians along but to the world that all things that seams impossible are possible if only we put God first and let the Holy Spirit lead in all matters of humanity
    I thank God for the disition made to met the parents of the two student
    I implore the school to take keen interest in this issue and most especially that the victims parents are wishing to see the perpetrators back in school
    for me this matter will soon stop making headline on e-newspapers
    hoping to the boys back in school

  41. Nelly

    You are doing the right thing Mr and Mrs Powel.All we hope is that the boy’s health is in good condition.May God help you as you try to put those little boys in their right mind.Peace..

  42. Lari

    The Powell’s are a fabulous family of teachers and thank you for reminding us all that the overwhelming power of love is the only solution.

  43. kangwa

    Comment. I thank the family of the victim first for recognising that the three boys be brot together for the sake of love and friendship. here is a family that helped chengelo teachers/lecturers look at the issue from the side of the Lord Jesus christ. one thing noticed about the incident is that even if the school is reputed as the best, students flirt around meaning that there are still security gaps to completely stop students from flirting. beef up security or whatever means to stop students from flirting. I expect total ban on intimate relations at the school failure to which that name will mean nothing. LET LOVE LEAD.

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