Letter: Muvi TV Leads The Way In Private Station

Some people thought it to be insanity when a Zambian started the first privately owned commercial TV station (Muvi TV) in Zambia 15 years ago.

Look how many more TV stations have been birthed after Muvi TV. We led the way.

It didn’t even make sense to some people when Muvi TV became the first TV station to air Telenovelas. We set the trend, others have imitated the trend.

It also didn’t make sense for some people, when Muvi TV foresaw the digital migration way before it was even a topic of discussion anywhere. But look where everyone is today.

It is not making sense to some people now that Muvi TV has it’s own decoder. Just wait and see where everyone will be.

Who will control the rates of subscription in the country, if everyone is on one box?

Do these others have the capacity to carry Muvi TV which now has over 30 channels?

No one thought Zambians could make their own Movies until MUVI premiered the Lawyer, no one thought Zambians would watch a daily soap in vernacular until MUVI created Banja,no one thought Zambians could make reality show run daily non stop for 4 months until MUVI made beads and lipsticks, no one thought Zambia can build it’s own celebrities , this is where superstars are born ……


  1. John

    Comment Let’s talk about it.

    • EK

      Then some people wants to use their power and wants to close it. How unethical!!

  2. AC

    No wonder why one political party never realised it was privately owned, they failed to draw a line they thought it was ZNBC

  3. Db

    Politicians are the main stakeholders alaaaaa

  4. king malu

    ya well done

  5. louise halw

    Muvi TV deserve all the praises for setting up those bench marks. You have really done it,we proud of you. Keep on

  6. Nicolas

    You actually forgot Maine mushi. U remember’ Kasaka nashako intoshi’

  7. MMG

    Ba muvi tv your channels are very much boring especially football and Nigerian movies,please you should improve in the following programs such as football,Nigerian movies and try to reduce cartoon channels, remember that we pay to watch football like Man u,Barcelona and cheasel,We love muvi Tv

  8. Shu shu shu

    MUVI TV is full of itself after selling its soul to HH. Its now headed downstream.

  9. Kg

    Keep it up especially news

  10. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    Never sleeps over what you can do well. Pa Zed we are doubting Tomases. Therefore, if you know your goals, objectives and aims don’t let anyone interrupts you in either way. If possible do it secretly and then bring it to the scene. Go go go go on Muvie TV.

  11. adc

    intimidated Tv station.you are controlled like DEAD NBC

  12. Albert

    MUVI news is all about negative issues. Its rare for MUVI to broadcast nation building news. I for one have stopped subscribing to MUVI

  13. Zekas

    You are the best private TV station so far BT kindly improve on sports and Nigerian movies. Yu are heading some where if yu listen to advise BT yet to fall if yu dont listen peace

  14. Chikubabe season

    Let’s talk about top star it so boring channel s I wish I bought DVD

  15. Chapesha

    Where can we buy your decorders here in muf and they are at how much? U did it once and that was when they where on promotion. We love JW Broadcasting Channel.

  16. Emmanuel K. Mofya

    Bravo Muvi TV give us more better services.

  17. talalamusonda

    muvi tv seems to doing better in programming than znbc.

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