Letter: NIPA Slaps Ex-Student With K800 Fine For Missing Graduation Ceremony


Am a young man who has studied a certificate in Business Administration at NIPA. I paid all monies for tuition fees,exam fees, medicals & other things which went up to K4,249.00. I struggled to find this money because i only sell sweets & talktime. On the 29th September,2017,there was a graduation ceremony of which i ddnt attend. Today i went to NIPA to get my Certificate only to be told that I couldnt get my document until i pay K800.00, for not having attended the graduation ceremony.

My question is,is NIPA doing the right thing? Is govt aware of such thing? Which is important,having a qualification which i have for in full,or attending a graduation which i didnt have money for?

To make matters worse,i wanted to use this document for a job which my friend has secured for me in one of the private companies as an assistant administrative officer. Am heart broken & confused.



  1. chingoma gift

    I think Nipa a’nt doing de ryt thing..

  2. frank kabinda

    Leave it to them they will call you at the right time please

  3. frackson

    NIPA is dry….what I feel Is important is one’s qualifications.lets help the man

  4. mozed

    Am not going to let my daughter to nipa

  5. Abidan

    Its not good at all.1st they supposed to know why you did not attend the graduation ceremony. It not every one who manage to attend graduations due to resources.Did they tell u that whoever miss graduation ceremony, will pay k800.00?please NIPA release his certificate opportunity comes once in life.

    • Prince mande

      These institutions nowadays have no empathy. The poor boy struggled to pay all fees and now his get way to joy is being blocked for nothing else but greed of wanting to milk honey from a rock. Listen to his reason for being unable to attend the graduation ceremony and use your discretion to let him get his certificate or he loses that job opportunity.

  6. mozed

    Am not going to let my daughter to nipa cos thy sily lexures

  7. Kas

    That is what is done even in high learning institutions in Zambia. How I wish you were given terms and conditions for not attending. Just explain to them or any well wisher about your status so that you get your document.

  8. Jermaine

    Graduation ceremonies have become money making ventures in most learning institutions. From buying ,hiring of gowns to attendance fees. I had to buy a gown for my daughter to graduate from pre- school to grade 1and today the gown is useless to both the school and my daughter. Not to mention the exorbitant attending fees they charge. Scholars are made to pay so much money which they won’t probably recover because even jobs are not guaranteed. Today we have medical doctors who are farmers, engineers who are security guards, metallurgists who shop keepers and lawyers who are taxi drivers. It is a sorry site.

  9. mulongoti

    I think nips administration shud know that there many factors that leads to someone not attending graduation after all its just a ceremony the big job of study had bin done supposed he was in hospital tell us if it’s mandatory no matter what give the boy his results pls

  10. miratepa

    They are not doing the right thing

  11. Pt'Denn

    Thats Bad anyway Don’t worry Everything will be Alright!

  12. Shu shu shu

    NIPA is a shit hole. I have two university degrees, one from UNZA and the other from UZ in Zimbabwe but i never attended any of the graduations and none of the institution penalised me.
    PF swing into action and fire the principle or whatever s/he is called for being so greedy.

  13. Shikantwa

    You are not obligated to attend graduation. Take them to court. And demand loss of employment therein after due to their action

  14. SHESHE


  15. Boyking Mweetwa

    It is not good

  16. Mpelo saulo

    I simply call this act as punishing the poor for being poor. I understanding what you are going through my friend have been there. Listen all Will be well.

  17. student

    My brother on dat issue i think it z jst everywhere,dat applies to me too.jst pray my bro n keep wainting for ur best tym zone.
    The same happened wit us at Rockview university ,where we paid everything n wen tym came for examz just bcoz v a missing signature on de exam slip.we were restricted from writing de examz.

  18. Alfredo

    Nipa isn’t doin the right thing…..we knw that fo not attending the graduation a charge must be there now it’s too high eeeh

  19. moffat mwamba mwila

    kutumpansana report them to police

  20. Ceasar

    The government, through the ministers of education should issue a ministerial statement on this issue of education institutions stealing and blackmailing pupils and students for not attending graduation ceremonies. This whole businesses is theft,cruel and not justified. Imagine k800 to enable a poor student collect his already hard earned certificate??? Katwishi mwandi uko twalafika!!!

  21. Mk

    Nipa admin, help the young man. Remenber blessed are those who help the poor &needy.

  22. Mr mugala

    Their only want to chew his money sure stealing from the poor Awe let the man his document

  23. vern

    Nipa has. Joined the band wagon of trickstsars.

  24. Mr mugala

    Awe its not much let him have the document nishi


    Please ! Let the minister give the nation the clear picture on the issue of Graduation Ceremonies because the behaviour of Principals of some of these institutions is uncalled for,corrupted, robbery and dictotarial in nature.Let us also know where that money goes,because people now are fattening their pockets.

  26. mk

    Same even Rockview university once u Miss the ceremony ,penalty fee its k2500.now is this helpful please people help us.

  27. Mwitwa JB

    It makes me feel sad, let NIPS authorities treat each case based on its merit. This young man could have been requested to commit himself to paying if they wish to deter such occurrences.

  28. Mwitwa JB

    It makes me feel sad, let NIPA authorities treat each case based on its merit. This young man could have been requested to commit himself to paying if they wish to deter such occurrences.

  29. mk

    So what is the solution to this matter ?because I will not manage to pay k2500 at Rockview as a penalty fee.

  30. Emmanuel K. Mofya

    People are heartless nowadays, suppose that was your son or daughter being denied the certificate coz of not attending the graduating…, where have you seen one failing to deliver services bcoz he/she did not attend graduation? Stop these selfish acts an help the poor man, if he loses this opportunity will you find him a better one or will you be feeding him? Let’s learn to think twice before we act.Instead you helping us surely you now want to finish us. Where has the one Zambia one Nation motto gone.
    Afwayeko impiya shakulipila pa kwampa incito me shakulipilila an attended graduation..!!! Kwateniko amano ba NIPA.

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