LAZ Condemns Hichilema Attacks on Judiciary

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has given a rare condemnation of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for his savage attacks on the judiciary.

In a letter dated October 11, 2017 LAZ president Linda Kasonde who has been a sympathizer of the opposition UPND said that she was concerned with the remarks targeted at some judges by Hichilema.

“LAZ strongly condemns the making of any unsubstantiated claims, particularly of corruption against any member of the judiciary. As LAZ advised on several occasions, any member of the public with evidence of corruption against any judicial officer or public servant should lodge a complaint with relevant authorities, such as judicial service complaints commission, together with substantiated evidence,” she stated.

In his press briefing on Tuesday Hichilema attacked the judiciary singling out judges Anne Mwewa Sitali, Palan Mulonda and Mungeni Mulenga as corrupt.


  1. kelvin

    Let’s see who he will accuse in 2021 because 2021 is around the corner.


    HH attacked the judiciary bcz de ruling is not in his feva. Thus why he called them corrupt. Or i can put it in this bcz the ruling did not. Feva the oppoition, you call the judges corrupt.

  3. Davison lighton malunga

    He is a politician with no direction. He want everything to be done to his favour because of his coin. His advisers also are not doing enough to help him. Politics requires maturity in individuals. Why should he be worshipped because of his coin? Its not a coin you have that makes you win a case, its how you present your case with qenuine facts before the courts that will you correct rulling by the judges. I suggest that you change your political and legal adviser. It appears to some of us that they not doing a good job for you. Think twice?

  4. stephen Kantumoya

    Though you can speak for them there is a lot to be done in our judicially.

  5. Francis

    Not about favouring opposition but the conditions in which they’re working so much attached to the government .Therefore ruling favours those in power .We can’t rule out the issue of corruption.

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