OPINION: FAZ’s Stance on the Appeal against FIFA Referee is Suspicious

Following events of Saturday where the Zambia national team was booted out from the race to Russia by Nigeria after losing 1-0 some soccer fans have been imploring the Football Association of Zambia to file a complaint with FIFA.

The basis of the cry has been a wrongfully disallowed goal by Botswana referee Joshua Bondo who controversially ruled offside an Augustine Mulenga goal.

FAZ has categorically said that it will not appeal the decision as they firmly believed that the referee’s decision is final. The association has also went ahead and said that they could only have appealed if there was evidence that the decision by Bondo may have been influenced by external factors. They have cited the case of the South Africa versus Senegal where the decision to order a replay was ordered on the basis of the referee having connived with betting companies to influence the outcome of the match.

However what we find baffling in all this explanation is why FAZ has so spiritedly put up a strong defence against appeal? We are also left wondering as to why FAZ has plainly stated that apart from themselves believing that it was a legitimate goal everyone they asked including referee assessors told them it was a clear goal. We think was not for FAZ to consider the outcome of their case predetermined. Why not leave it to FIFA to decide? Unless there is something else that FAZ is not telling us. After all do not the gods of football repeatedly preach fair play?

What was so hard about filing an appeal and if it falls through everyone moves on with their lives? After all it would not be the first time we would have been let down by FIFA. Does FAZ not feel the resentment that this stubbornness to refuse to appeal is fuelling among the fans? After all that Botswana referee was sent away from the Cosafa Castle Cup for having disastrously officiated the Zimbabwe versus Madagascar goal.

We are mindful that the complaint should have been filed within 48 hours of the match being played but the deafening silence from FAZ until the 48 hour window had lapsed is hugely suspicious.


  1. Sj

    Shame l felt equally let down @ FAZ’s adamant move to lodge in a complaint, bushe ninshi baletina? Bali balishamo?
    The reasons forwarded don’t hold water if they’d an option of 48hrs in which to complain to necessary authority, twapapata.Comment

    • patzan

      Kamanga and your group be careful!! Don’t think FAZ is your baby.

  2. wizkid

    Corruption is now a career in’s the most paying job in our land.The status of our country being a Christian nation is a myth.Our country is being eaten by selfish individuals who have no heart for the people.let’s fight this cancer before it’s too late.

  3. xmonk

    They are all bunch of thieves, that was a clear offside unless someone benefited from oil money from Nigeria. How can they refuse to appeal to FIFA within 48 hours. Very weak executive

  4. xmok

    Bunch of thieves; even a chicken knows in Nigeria that, it was clear a goal. Unless they benefited something from our lose. I love ❤ Zambia it hurt to be beaten for 32 years by one single team. It prove we have a very weak executive. We only went to Nigeria to merely play football not with an intention to win. Bunch of seller out , crooked individuals.


    No doubt FAZ has benefited from the Nigerian mafia who bought the game.Kamanga is now some dollars richer check his account.

  6. Soccer Fan

    Having spent time in a lot of countries around the world, sometimes I think we Zambians do not love our country as much as we should. If Kamanga and Co loved their country, they can fight this matter to death…….we were robbed!!!

  7. Marrvim


  8. ALICK zulu

    We just need to work hard afcon is nearer

  9. syllen

    FAZ sold the game to nigerian we all saw that it was a clear goal,what faz ar telling us ar nonsense, mwakulaisusha mweka icibansa Ba faz.that’s being stupid and coward.

  10. Jr

    Football admin shouldn’t be left in the hands of thoz who are cowards at heart. Uyu wena mufulo mwacita Kamanga na entire group. The whole football family was saying, it was a goal! Ndeloleshafye!!!

    • modi

      Kamanga and entire group received bribe,panyo pa ku kamanga.people spend money and idoits like you dont care.

  11. Desho

    Check this out

  12. Please

    Mapolo yabo kamanger na ponger…

  13. Hichilema jnr

    Don’t put a comment if you are stuck in mind u idiots

  14. Edgar

    Zambians we r naturally like that…ati ahh its ok there z next time…this was our chance…we wait for 2022 again…for this loss we want an afcon that shud be the prime target…mwepu and co we nid results asap

  15. Esther

    Honestly am not happy as a soccer fan,we need to do something

  16. Florence

    Am sure Kamanga and his bunch of friends at faz were given 10000 dollars by the governor of uyo state who had pledged 10000 dollars for each goal scored by Nigeria.They is something fishy as to why faz refused to appeal.I now wonder wether dogs have gone to faz or faz has gone to the dogs

  17. jerome

    Who exactly should carry the blame between the referee and the lines man?

  18. dominic

    We to appeal..

  19. dominic

    We need to appeal

  20. chewe f

    Kamanga has made so many mistakes since his coming to FAZ

  21. Aronzo

    Ba Faz bakuleko mumano zambians are not like your have eyes but you cant SEE.

  22. modi

    Kamanga and entire group received bribe,panyo pa ku kamanga.people spend money and idoits like you dont care.

  23. mbuzi

    I think Faz doesn’t know what they are mandated to, cause Augustine Mulenga’s goal was not an offside, even commentators of that game said it on that very same time, but as a concerned Zambian, am highly disappointed with the decision of faz by refusing to appeal on that big error that Botswana referee committed,

  24. chipolopolo crazy

    I think these so called ba FAZ president is a coward I think we have to take this issue at FAZ page and force them to do the right thing.

  25. Angry man

    Ifyo twaishiba pali bola tefyo kamanga nd his group know, bkoz fairness in every game should prevail, now if those so-called faz leaders are closing ears to our cry, there aren’t Zambian christians, there are botswana-nigerian satanists.

  26. Emmanuel K. Mofya

    The whole FAZ body should be dismissed,they don’t understand why they report for work. They are like running headless chickens,a bunch of cowards who can’t even fight a fly.
    Imaging if that was vivace to Nigeria or Ghana….

  27. mbuli

    BA namudyesa , Alilyamo kembo

  28. Critical Thinker

    It’s great to see that my comment on Nigeria – Zambia game has generated concerns, debate and suspicions around Faz. They didn’t want to appeal within 48hrs because a carrot was dangled in their face. Rules are rules, remember! Kamanga is anything but most stupid football administrator zambia has ever had. Kamanga is a spineless parasite who is bent on nothing but to destroy what his predecessop stood for.

  29. abilima

    Is there a video of the disallowed goal anywhere?

  30. chance

    W150 chika

  31. Sydney

    We to appeal

  32. Emmanuel

    Kamanga tatuli efipuba efwe waumfw ngabalikulishamo tuma solar,utubweshe fye mune walipena sana ewe kanshi at a chita apeal ninshi ewe twakupelafye 48hrs waumfwa efye aka fan tatulesekelamo waumfwa.

  33. Nashoni mwana a wa sogola

    Tinaluza bola chifukwa cha nsanje ba coach posiya ma stars ya chipolopolo.The coach must be fired.

  34. Leonard I O

    Well Zambians have right to protest their “disallowed” goal, by the officiating referee against Nigeria, and also their FA president. Assuming they protest to FIFA and succeed, would that have qualified them to play in the World Cup? Remember both team have additional one match to play. Probably the match would have ended a goal a piece, with Nigeria still leading with three points. So their match with Cameroon can go either way. Most probably ZAMBIA wins. Nigeria can go to Algeria and win or draw, both will qualify Nigeria to play in the world cup. But even then losing in Algeria and Zambia wining against Cameroon, might still qualify Nigeria due superior goal difference. But then Algeria team has lose the moral to put in their best against Nigeria, having performed scandalously in this competition, this might make the SUPER EAGLES win their last match, where then do Zambians stand? Remember Zambians started with boasting of beating Nigeria at their home. God hate the proud.

  35. IWOBI


  36. Sinya boy

    ba bongo mwapoleni pakutushitisha.

  37. Sylvester

    We must appeal ba faz as soon as possible u were bribed ba faz . Fight this for the benefits of Zambian we need a rematch

  38. Sylvester

    We must appeal ba faz as soon as possible u were bribed ba faz . Fight this for de benefits of our country .

  39. Sylvester jr aka Deemax

    Faz return de bribe to Nigeria . U ar self fish u want to benefits with yur group we don’t want money. We want our clear goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We bought dat game from de zambian faz . U see kamanga us we ar through to de world cup wat abt Zambans . We ar championz we bribed u kamanga .

  41. William Sakala

    The ref between Zambia v Nigeria should explain well over the disallowed goal and we need the FIFA to act fairly

  42. Nenenyene

    bondo is a name of a female goat.let him go to a drawing board and learn how to be a good referee who cannot receive any bribe.

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