PF Youths Petition Speaker to Constitute Medical Board Against Kambwili

Some Patriotic Front youths provided some side entertainment when they handed a petition to parliament questioning the mental faculties of expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

The youth led by a Munir Zulu demanded that the Speaker of the National Assembly constitutes a medical board to examine the mental health of Kambwili.

There was no sign of police officers to break up the marchers at parliament buildings as did the group that was protesting the purchase of the 42 fire tenders at US$42 million.

The petition was received by Chitambo MP Remember Mutale who promised to hand it over to the Speaker of the National Assembly for action.

Kambwili has been on the ruling party’s case since been expelled and has made it his pre-occupation to verbally brutalize President Edgar Lungu and his government.


  1. D.L

    The police officers were not present at the parliament grounds when the petition was handed over to the Speaker through one of the MPs?
    This sounds strange. Does it mean that the officers are always ready to receive the likes of Pilato and Laura whenever they match near the same grounds?
    It is like some are protected by the law while others are not.

  2. Chimtengo

    You can not ask some mental ability of someone. Its private who are u to ta tell the speaker to test someone mental ability.

  3. ROKA

    The petitioners are the ones who even need brain surgery right away

  4. Japhan

    General advice to the youth, respect your elders. Those that are calling on the speaker of national Assembly to subject one Dr.Kambwili to mental evaluation are the ones who need mental evaluation. The magnitude of their petition goes beyond what their overzealous mental faculties can comprehend. Ck has been in politics for a long time and has represented communities and has led ministries in government effectively. So by petitioning to ascertain his mental faculties simply means that even the people he represents are of no sound minds? Same as a proposal been turned down by a lady that you wanted and you start saying that ” in fact you are not my class”. Checks and balances should be there,whether coming from c.k or not. If you,the Protestant youth,have found a meal in the current government, tell your minds that nothing on this earth is permanent. Governments come and go, Presidents come and go, people die and are born but nobody really knows their destinies. I’m a youth and pf,but I choose not to be a thug in my party to get favours . The choices we make now,will greatly affect our future, one Zambia, one nation.

  5. zedoc

    Mr. Kambwili is better advised to sue this misguided group for defamation of character for suggesting that he is not mentally stable.

  6. Drugsquard Mbewe

    Laura and Pilato were very important and they required police escort, not those bunch of cadres.

  7. Simeo Musonda

    Under the guise of National Security, Children in Zambia are being RECRUITED, RADICALIZED and Deployed in Criminal Activities.
    This is undermining the National Core Values of children respecting elders in our country.
    It is the use of children by the Intelligence in Romania and China that led to the 1989 uprisings . Children in those countries got illusioned by the false promises made to them by their Intelligence. Children realized that their intelligence had taken them for a ride and discovered that the only people who were benefiting from their sweat and toll, were the Intelligence personnel and the Autocratic Political Leadership.
    Behind the uprisings in Romania and China, in 1989, were the use of Children by the Intelligence coupled with the Despotic Political Leadership.
    In Zambia, Children are being equipped with tools to destroy, instead of Tools to Thrive. Children are being deployed in Organized Stalking, Spying, Torturing and killing innocent people. There is a pool of Radicalized Children being used for selfish purposes.
    Children in Zambia are being turned into INSOLENT and INDOLENT citizens- they are typical Passengers, Arm Chair Critics; Luddites or Destroyers and Assassins .
    Let us not allow our children to be spoiled by selfish individuals. Let us not allow Zambia to go the Romanian or Chinese ways.
    Let us stop the misuse of our children

  8. Marvinusery

    test soft

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