Today Picture: Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The “Beer-Holder”

The Chengelo video has generated some of the most fierce debates on social media. Many condemn the beating of Gawen Powell by two of his schoolmates Mwila Hara and Jabulani Nhliziyo. The fight was over a girl – a student at the school.

That female who is at the center of the controversy has been featured on social media. No names are linked to her. So, we can call her GABULANI. She makes picture of the day and the week.


  1. Massuso lungu

    Its sad that kids are sent to learn but at the end of it all they are there for relationships.technology has spoiled our young generation

  2. pinto

    let the devils fight for a demon

  3. stimela

    So is this girl shagging everyone at Chengelo? Teachers included?

  4. she's also mine

    She’s also mine

  5. Gift malambo


  6. Chikoz Chiks Chiz

    Mubepusheko nakabili ngatabamona abakashana ubwingi
    ababa pe Sonde.

  7. Umwaume

    OK, I now understanding…the beating was worth it because she is cute

  8. cos

    You are beautiful more than the word itself

  9. cos

    You are beautiful more than the word itself.

  10. mart kayz

    you are cute

  11. Ramsey

    Mmmm nimbama bt let those guyz be punished or expelled from school that’s bad behaviour no morcally in schools

  12. belvin chibalo

    they both needs deliverance,bt de lady z cute.

  13. 2p wizzy

    Real men like us don’t fight over ladies but over money coz u can play with my girl but not my money.

  14. jcc

    kawamisha kuti Bauman, palyaka kena naine kuti yazanda

  15. Fitman

    That’s sad for the fellaz

  16. patzan

    She is not a student, but a pupil

  17. Nasilele

    She is a demon in offing. Just wait. Give it one year

  18. royd

    U look exquisite

  19. Thinkdo

    The girl is cute they can fight, am speechless..!

  20. Mulenga Mulenga

    she’s cute alright bt wz she worth getin yourself expelled*^_^*

  21. Mpombo

    She should stop school & apply @Iris Kaingu school of moral decadence & applied prostitution with higher bestiality

    • Bupe Sinkolongo

      She’s cute but I can’t fight for her have seen beautiful girl’s than her.

  22. vian

    the fight was worth it, please cancel the expulsion

  23. Brian malesu

    Awe she is ?

  24. Jovial iykr

    The white guy started the fire…that girl is too hot for just beatings,he was supposed to be burnt…

  25. Mariable

    But seriously she’s very beauty
    But men of this world,please ichefyeniko…you won’t get every beautiful girl on,be content with what you have

  26. Maj juku 1

    Very useless nd why just showing her face.
    Mwanakazi nikumbuyo tilangizeni mbuyo then tikomente not izo mbovu kapena kumbuyo ni mukula plank

  27. Musonda

    What is the intention of this artile? Is it to embarress the girl or what? How true is it that the girl was going out with any of the boys. Please let us not report on unfounded trueth. I am sure this article has humiliated this girl. I hope she is a strong girl who will not give in to some peoples oppinion on this article. Ba Zambian Reports awe shuwa.

  28. Benedict

    It’s unfortunate that things went the way they did and sadly so. But then they were just being boys who took things to extreme. They are teenagers and they are allowed to have relationships with the other sex. It’s part of experiences when growing up, learning how to interact with members of the opposite sex. If you passed through your teens and Secondary School life without a boyfriend or girlfriend then you surely were weird!

  29. miratepa

    The girl is beautiful that’s y the guy was beaten.Don’t tresspass on other peoples properties that way u will be safe

  30. bwafya

    She’s a child girl in need of early marriage.

  31. mwansa

    Its fun how pipo cheat themselves my friend poverty is real. That’s y knowledge is the key to success. But if u just go to school with de in tension of having funy den u ar just cheating and laying to yourself. My advice to you is do what you should do in shool , cause beauty has nothing to do with yo school.

  32. RB

    Ughmmmmm coma nkondo inayambila pe paoneka.

  33. Smooth

    If I was a sugardaddy I would buy you anything to spoil you,but since am not I will buy the story. the subject is worth a conflict btn rival contestants.

  34. Zuze

    My girlfriend is far much better

  35. Joseph

    she is a son of whore

  36. Johns Mukisi

    Mmmmm yalikosa…why?

  37. John Phiri

    No wonder enyatiwa M’zungu!!!! Aka kafunika manual.

  38. Uncle b

    Comment.it was childish of them to fight over a girl.instead of concetrating on their education.shame on u guys

  39. muko


  40. Godfrey chitalu

    The father of the victim is very smart and a true christian

  41. mariahTricia phiri

    Only wild animal act like those foolz

  42. the truth

    If it was me, I would make sure that you don’t see tomorrow, cos even death would not stop me from getting back my girl.

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