Lusaka Woman Kills Husband in His Sleep

Another love gone wrong case has been reported in Lusaka with the wife allegedly stabbing the husband in his sleep.

Popular local Radio station Hot FM co-owner Zack Chavula better known as Zackadocious from his hey days as a Disc Jockey announced the death of his uncle George on his facebook page.

Police have since confirmed the incident which happened yesterday.

Below is Chavula’s posting:

Woke up to sad news again. My uncle George Chavula is no more, he was stabbed by his wife after a fight. This happened around midnight, I’m told they fought and when he slept she decided to stab him in the back.

I was with him in the morning at the office and we chatted at length and I promised to catch up with him later in the day. Little did I know that was the last conversation I will ever have with him.

No one, absolutely no one has the right to take someone’s life, no matter the circumstances. RIP


  1. doms

    Too bad ,my condolences

  2. Boyking


  3. kelvin

    Too bad. Y is it that nower days women’s are now married to knifs?may his internal Seoul Rest in Peace…

  4. sir roy

    Woke up to bad news?no my bro-this kind of news is not news in our era it’s rather a talk of a day.man has become maniac;can become anything.expect more to come of man.we’re no doubt as the bible puts it clealy in the very last days our era.but it’s sad news indeed.

  5. Patrick zulu

    Plz my his soul rest in peace..

  6. Citizen

    Its sad may his soul rest in peace

  7. miratepa


  8. Evangelist SAMUKONGA

    Chabulandaa Saana,, LESA WAMUSHILO Twafweni.

    • dabwitso pj

      Comment men don’t build a big house.tafa maningi bamuna

  9. Jb Mondola Kitwe

    So sad MHSRIP. Lusaka is a no go area for those intending to marry.

  10. Douglas

    Mwe Yehova wamushilo iseni bwangu fwebantunse twafilwa ukuiteka

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