State Enters Nolle in Hichilema and GBM Luanshya Case

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba have been conditionally discharged after the Director of Public Prosecution entered a nolle prosequi in the matter they are accused of threatening public peace in Luanshya.

After over a year of trekking to Luanshya for court hearings that have been continuously adjourned, the state entered a nolle prosequi.

Hichilema and Mwamba were in court when the nolle was proclaimed by Ndola Magistrate John Mbuzi sitting in Luanshya.

The UPND leaders were charged in count one with seditious practices on grounds that on September 20, in Mpongwe, conspired with other unknown people to bring into hatred, incite violence, resistance and disobedience to the administration of the elected government of Zambia by uttering words, “Nga taba mufumishe Matambo, epo ulubuli lwalatampila (If they haven’t released [Copperbelt UPND chairperson Elisha Matambo], that’s how the fight will start.”

Hichilema and Mwamba were also charged with unlawful assembly.

The nolle adds up to the growing list of politically charged cases in Zambian courts.


  1. mudodoli

    How much are those pigs

  2. Ndawa i

    Hatred tapali uko itwala GBM and HH are innocent wait and see ba paya farmer.

  3. mkv

    Hi Mr hh sir l miss u sir this is garvement of fools love u sir

  4. Prodigal son

    I think Zambia is lacking professional police men and women.why every case is null prosque? Lets be serious in zm.

  5. Prince Nyambe

    HH is a real man…..love u my leader

  6. kedrick chanda

    hai hh I miss u

  7. Mambwe

    Comment:HH & GBM mkushi being a farming district every person is now behind you.

  8. mengmoreler

    Afta Jesus was crusifyd and raised frm da died that’s when many new da truth dat he z da saviour and now we’r about to know da truth.

  9. Francis


  10. Francis


  11. dasilver

    hi Mr hh we love you so much
    do not worry about anything this goverment is for cockroach

  12. mkk

    Politics nd God are too different things so don’t compare.fear God nd repent ,remember ask for forgiveness from God iwe mengmoreler

  13. misheck

    we love u {HH}

  14. timo

    Law is equal to everyone,wen u break u wil be punish

  15. skirmishes

    HH,GBM we are behind you guys..Zambia forward

  16. James mumba

    Kkkkk,,, these guys

  17. Lyton

    You are right mkk you see politics and God are far different remember even Jesus could not involve himself in politics in case you don’t understand the bible it was not the perfect will of God to have kings it was a request of our fathers for they wanted to live like gentiles and God warned them remember prophet Samuel even cried over this whole thing,now God granted what they asked and the first king was Saul and up to now you will never get a perfect king or president for it was not a perfect will of God but acceptable will of God.

  18. kedrick siame

    That’s my president for life

  19. chewe f

    EL has shown us that he loves peace. Can you also drop petition cases if you really love Zambia?

  20. wise talker

    Yeah your right lyton,en talking of hh en jbm lets the law take its course

  21. Critical Thinker

    If you can’t convince them, confuse them! Pure political and judicial masturbation giving way to miscarriage of justice. HH and GBM are very useful political idiots. Keep it up folks..!

  22. jarson smooth

    dont worry ma guy we now hav a new pharao in zambia

  23. Mk

    Ndawa, nolle prosequi is not acquittal so when the state enters nolle prosequi it does not mean that someone is innocent. Get it right.

  24. Spishi

    Our saviour is HH,GBM UPND

  25. scott chikombe

    National day of prayers and fasting… Let’s love one another with unity….

  26. Vincent mooya

    AMEN there where no case there

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