Kambwili Must Show Humility And Go Back To PF – Dr Banda

Dr Canisius Banda has applied his literary genius to dispense advice to expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

Dr Banda himself a victim of a vicious fall out with his former political party the UPND has advised Kambwili to find come ground to reconcile with the PF as an all-out fall out could only hurt both parties.


[The Unfair Case of Gods Fighting Hippos]

‘By and large, I am PF,’ so says Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI.
He is right.
Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI is PF.
He is the Roan Constituency member of parliament of the Patriotic Front, Zambia’s ruling party.

I have been a doctor longer than Chishimba KAMBWILI. Me, for over 20 years, and he, for only about one year.
Therefore, what I say counts for something. He should listen. Through my short life I have been to hell and back. I make for interesting company, you see.
I could tell you useful takes from the crypt.
I may not have been Minister of Information but I have information.
I know things.

Besides, I am an unsung authority on matters to do with forgiveness, love and God.
You see, though I remain a sinner, if it counts for something, you might wish to know that I have six or seven certificates on religious knowledge.
I know God quite well.
I am in his presence.

So if you don’t see me at the National Day of Prayers, it will be because I pray everyday for myself, President LUNGU and everyone ekse, and on that particular day, I might be committing another sin somewhere near the Showgrounds.
I also pray for Donald TRUMP. That he doesn’t do anything stupid on North Korea.
I love Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI.
I first met the man on a plane years back. We were both on foreign soil, flying back home.

At the time, I was deputy president of a political party whose nane I often forgget.
I cheerfully pumped his hand. With a broad smile and mirth in his eyes, he pumped mine back.
‘Calo ca bonse ici, mukwai,’ my eyes lit with truth and passion, I told him.
‘Cacine be Banda, cacine,’ He responded.
Nice chap, Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI.
Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI is a mortal man, a man who is not immune from error and wrong.
It is easy to forget that.

Like you and me, he is just a man, warts and all.
His behaviour right now is very exciting, but utterly unethical.
He cannot be calling his colleagues thieves when he is [still] one of them.
Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI is a prodigal son of the PF. The PF gave birth to him.

Presently, like all errant children, he is in the wilderness, seeking shelter from the very people he once insulted, poured scorn on and denigrated.
The UPND might give Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI water to drink but they will never forget.
And never will he drink their water without suspicion.
The girl he wanted has been had by somebody else. This has now hurt Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI. But there is no need to over react.
Something could be done.
Without the PF, Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI is lost.
His political journey will be very long, ardous, painful and unnecessarily dangerous.
It will be fraught with trials and tribulations.

But then perhaps his plan and personal role in Zambia’s governance is a long term one. If that is the case, let us all wish him well.
In the short term, he will not achieve much success, any victories.

Yes, since we are in the punch-for-punch Mayweather season, he might land some hurtful blows on President LUNGU but the harm won’t last, and Lungu won’t hit the canvass.
Lungu’s corner is a special one.
Ominously, Lungu says he is ducking Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI’s punches for now.
He has put the nation on notice that, capable of hitting back, he might soon land his own blows.
Tsono mutu ukakula sulewa nkhonya.
And his warning was chilling to the bone. He said that when he hits the man, the man might not rise again.
Such is the dangerous nature of State House upper cuts
I don’t know whether the rules of boxing provide for such lethal blows.
You see, this is not a fair fight at all.
For how can it be when Lungu is in the Heavyweight category and Imbwili, despite his weight, is in the Mosquitoweight division?

It is like Muhammed Ali fighting Charm Chiteule. Not fair at all.
Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI cannot today seek to destroy his own brothers and sisters without destroying himself.
He smells of the same shit he is now offended by and talkinng about when he seeks to embarass his own family members.
Clearly, he is on a suicidal path.

The ones that are rejoicing the most from his loud drama and, prancing about, are strangers, professional boxing fans, non-members of his family, and enemies of the PF.
Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI, whether anyone likes it or not, has some wisdom in him. I see that.
I like his use of amapinda ne nsonselo.

And when he is moving his reading glasses on the bridge of his nose with his finger he looks quite the doctor.
That he is only human is not in dispute.
Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI must show humility and go back home, go back to his father, the PF.
His genes are PF.

In his family, like all families, yes, there are goats and sheep.
But with love, he must help President LUNGU to convert the goats to sheep, or caringly and collectively get rid of the goats altogether.
The whole PF-Chishimba KAMBWILI debacle was not handled very well. It was laden with malice and acrimony.
And where these emotions are found you will never find reason and rationality.

The PF must receive this lost son back to his home.
They must hold a feast for this prodigal son upon his return.
Of course, some family members will not be happy about the feast but that is the nature of things. Even good isn’t always followed by all.

It is for the sake of the wellbeing and prosperity of his family that unity, above all, is the operative principle that must be respected in this family.
Washing dirty linen in public always makes strangers laugh and rejoice, drink and dance, but it will for ever remain a bad practice.
It is schadenfreude.
Pillow talk always helps.

The PF must not destroy Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI. And Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI must not destroy the PF.
Such conduct of both is foolishness.
No one will win in the end.
The two still need each other.

And the best way forward is reconciliation.
Barring, this Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI will lose the most.
Perhaps I should do a tin of Chibuku with him.
I could show him some books by Sun Tzu [The Art of War],, Robert Greene [Laws of this and that], Myles Munroe [On Leadership] whilst we swallow the damn stuff.
Its 40 degrees in the shade.
Damn hot.
That he is not with his father, the PF, will always negatively haunt Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI.

And like all dejected sons, his behaviour might become errratic and disorderly, and his end will only cause shame to himself, his family, and his PF.
But then I might be forgetting Zambia’s own political history.
Yes, the curious case of MMD is instructive. Vernon MWAANGA might have an opinion on exoduses.

For now Dr Chishimba KAMBWILI please let us not mention toilets, tissue paper and women in the same sentence.
It makes the country nauseous.
And voting difficult.
Godspeed, Chishimba KAMBWILI, fellow Pilgrim and doctor!

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  1. Tim Tim

    Well articulated Dr. The biggest challenge with the current crop of politicians is that they lack mentors/managers were they should be seeking counsel and advise before opening their mouths or addressing the general populace.They are i know it all, they are simply not clever and smart

  2. mengmoreler

    It simz now yo doctrat z taking u in2 madness ba banda and dats y mostly mad people’r found n eastern bcoz of kafwaka ka chingoni elo nakazuba so yaa!tefintu.

  3. medhone

    exalent ba doctor,wise words. kambwili listen to this big man advice.luk at hh wen he was close wit this man. he was well behaved, with qualities of a gud leader now dat he is wit mwamba he behaves like a ruthless cadre, thinking he ll win de attention of de voters but its opposite. ck think twice before late. we like u, pf for zambia upnd for ………


    Very stupid Banda C.you are just fearing Mr C.Kambwili, ck is a greatest man than ECL. Watch out for 2021 we Will vote out pf and we are behind ck for 2021. Icibemba cilanda ati ukupoka icinsenda Ku Nkoko kunakilila. The bunch of criminals and thieves just want to get CK’s potential no wonder they are claiming for the reconciliation, please ba CK don’t allow the bunch of criminals and thieves enter into your Kingdom in the name of reconciliation as humble as sheep yo the public while they are hyenas and wild dogs. Shame on you ba of no where you are going just from local level to national level. You can’t put the nation (citizens) in danger and forget that the same citizens you’re violeting their rights are the one’s putting you in power, any way you will vote for themselves.

    • Wise me

      This is a serious matter a soccer fun is a dreamer who talks of winning even their team is incompetent. This particular one is likely to throw stones at players of his team after a loss. We with who else?

  5. indaba

    meaningless, baba mangani cabe nyumba yanu

  6. Chembo

    Dr. Banda, when I started reading your article,I was anticipating for more of wisdom and father’s advice from it. To my disappointment you are doing the same thing you are trying to advise against by personally attacking Dr. KAMBWILI. If you think president Lungu will give you a job better than what you had by insulting others in the name of state house, wailasha. Grow up papa.

  7. Critical Thinker

    Canisius and Kambwili are both ‘useful idiots’ to PF.

  8. sky

    Leaders of Zambia I mean the ruling party, you should remember that zambia is a christian nation.don’t the posts for granted ok

  9. mulongoti

    Ck don’t listen to these confused bagas I really wept to hear that you were gone come back u mwana tabipila Nina Ba ecl u mwana kasembe Mukwai

  10. Bungwe

    He has written about himself. Can anyone see it?

    • Mutumwenu Anamela

      Indeed! Thi is what he should do. Its like a thief advising his fellow thief to stop stealing.

  11. Wise me

    Dr. Banda right on spot. Dr. Kmabwili’s attutude is purely of a public figure in which during the day their problems don’t seem to vanish but at night they are sweating tosing in bed over the same problems when the reality dons on them. The next we hear about is the guy is attendig a renal clinic. The ovious public opinion would be he has been bewitched by the other conteders.This can be avoided by reconciliation not fighting. The prodigal son humbly went back to his father and regained his status in the family. Dr. CK that’s what Christianity means

  12. Richard Sikanyika


  13. Mk

    Dr.Banda, you seem to be wise although you added unecessary points.Go to Dr.CK and find out his actual position on the current happenings, and further more advise ECL to call Dr.CK and find the way forward. In the story of the lost son, the father forgave his son even before he asked for it. Therefore, advise the president to forgive ,(which I know he does)

  14. Mk

    Dr.Banda, you seem to be wise although you added unecessary points.Go to Dr.CK and find out his actual position on the current happenings, and further more advise ECL to call Dr.CK and find the way forward. In the story of the lost son, the father forgave his son even before he asked for it. Therefore, advise the president to forgive ,(which I know he does), even before some appologises,that is a fatherly heart.
    Lastly, Dr.Banda mediate secretly without involving the media. I appreciate your wisedom.

  15. pop g

    genuin advice

  16. Chishimba Kambwili


  17. cry gat ufuna

    Mr Banda you are not teaching but destroying what you said z nonsense you are just insulting your fellow father.

  18. m s

    If u think u wil be given a job by lungu u a jst wasting ur time and u never achieve anything in politics cause u find things on a silver plate.


    Kambwili lishilu, taba normal!!!!

  20. mkc

    Doctors you are misusing your doctorates, look at Dr.Banda,Dr.Kambwili, Dr.Mwamba,and others, what comes in your minds is to corrupt the general public that you need posess that to run the country.

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