Pray For Dr. Nevers Mumba, Nakachinda Urges MMD Members

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has called on party members across the country to take advantage of the National Day of Prayers and pray for their former leader Nevers Mumba so that he can find himself.

Speaking when he featured on Mellenium Radio Mr Nakacinda said the former party president was lost and needed to find himself hence the need for members to take advantage of the Day of National Prayer and remember the embattled former vice president in their prayers.

Nakacinda also encouraged Dr Mumba to use the day to reflect, pray and try to find himself as opposed to shunning the event.

And Mr Nakacinda has said the event today is a non partisan  which should not be politicised.

He said all well meaning citizens should attend the event as it provides citizens with an opportunity to dialogue with one another.

And on the accusations by Chishimba Kambwili that MMD had taken over PF hence the increment in taxes by government the MMD CEO said his party had ignored talking about the expelled PF Roan MP because they realise that “if you tango with a pig in the mud you will end up regretting but the pig will enjoy the ride.”

He said the outspoken MP had deliberately chosen to ignore the facts that have led to the increment in a number of taxes to gain political mileage by insinuating that it is the MMD who had increased them.

He called on Zambians to stop getting excited when individuals dish out insults in the name of doing checks and balances on those in government but instead examine the facts on the issues the individuals are bringing out.

On the Cholera outbreak that has broken out in some compounds in the capital city Nakacinda called on the city authorities to quickly constitute a team that would ensure that the outbreak is averted before it spreads.

He said the City Mayor Willson Kalumba should quickly ensure that sanitary conditions are improved before the disease becomes a national disaster.

Nakacinda was responding to a caller who called in from Malapodi complaining that the compound has been hit by a Cholera out-break and that the compound has been hit by serious series water shortages a situation which has exacerbated the cholera situation in the area.


  1. One Zambia one nation

    Ba DALA mwalibacinga balishokwa, try to give him equal share!

  2. Ndindindi

    NAKACHINYO,,,,you are very foolish, a lot of people have problems, but you have singled out an individual Nervers,so that people put him in prayers, if you don’t have anything to talk about why can’t you just keep quite, mwalikwata sana ulubuli,and you have extended your stinking mouth of rotten eggs to CK,watch your self,,,,,,,,am loading,I will come for you, don’t you know that you are promoting division,, weci Lozi iwe

  3. nsampi

    Zambia dosnt belong to one people OK you guys don’t for gate tomorrow you will not be there .

  4. Momo

    Just looking.when you are a child of God and then you fall what happens you get mad.

  5. ben

    God bless mother zambia

  6. mgn

    But you what is rong to n mumba no nevers m he is good if you don’t have something to talk people the don’t worry about you you keep quiet or you go back to your village and start fishing

  7. Pleito

    True indeed mr mumba n was a true messenger of the devil clad in the Lamb’s skin he needs players like these so that he sees the Lord’s mercy before doom overtakes him

  8. Ndindindi

    Ba mgn,your cizungu is rotten, try icibemba so that bonse twaishiba what you are talking about

  9. TK

    Nakachindaz days a number. You cannot insult your father and remain on top. You will walk the plank!

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