Comment: UPND Needs Leadership Not Arrogance – MMD

We want to comment on the continued refusal by Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND to attend the Day Of National Prayer & Fasting as they have done in the past. Where did we go wrong? Zambians what has God not done for us? Last time we made a statement reprimanding Hakainde Hichilema when he held a Thanksgiving Celebration for himself after his release during National Mourning of Late Dr. Joseph Kasonde.

Yet again this time during the observance of National Prayers & Fasting, Hakainde Hichilema has announced that he will be on Sun Fm Radio attacking and discrediting the day of national prayers including the scores of Zambians gathered to pray. They have chosen to be on radio in Ndola deliberately as a provocation because President Lungu will be gracing the National Prayers on the Copperbelt.

A day of national prayer and fasting presents an opportunity to unite Zambians in prayer and supplication. It gives the Zambians a collective opportunity to celebrate and testify of God’s goodness and faithfulness to this country. Today must diminish all our partisan interests for the common good of our country. But alas for Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND it presents an opportunity to gain political mileage.

The froth has come to the top: Zambia’s broth of deceit and opportunism masquerading as politicians has triggered a diarrhoea with dire consequences for the public space. In their actions,UPND does nothing except to concede that we are a cursed nation, it is difficult to fathom how we could have ended up where we are now, a nation in a permanent stupor and always unable to celebrate its own victories neither to talk of avoiding its sorrows.

In all honesty, we want to urge Hakainde Hichilema that he risks portraying himself and his party as an egoistic and testosterone driven, angry and erratic party who are predictably unpredictable, who have access to authority but are abusing their members. Indeed, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Leadership is not positions as many would think. It is an influence. Indeed not just an influence to say, but also having ability to lead others in order to achieve collective goals and objectives.

When the ability of a leader is less than their subordinates, it becomes so hard to manage the affairs of any institution. The Leadership in UPND is not just heart breaking, it also entails how dangerously our democracy is positioned in the hands of self acclaimed defiants who would some day wish to rule this country.

Why is it proper for UPND to justify the wrong doing of its Leadership? Is it true surely, that there is no one to stand up against these type of decisions being made single handedly by Hakainde Hichilema. Is HH an exception to question and reason by his followers. Where is GBM in all this? We are meant to believe that the UPND Constitution provides that if the President continuously violates his authority, an Emergency Convention can be called for by Two Thirds of the National Management Committee / NMC before the end of 5 Years.

To members of UPND, you must know the line of Politics for Zambia, Zambia is predominantly Christian and such decisions to shun prayers will hurt UPND when they least expect. Open your eyes and see how slowly the UPND is being destroyed by its current leadership led by HH. This is time for GBM to question the credibility of HH over his style of leadership. Time is now to amend the democratic leadership culture within UPND. Time is now to tell HH to be democratic.

As usual, UPND leaders are doing what they do best: making themselves the laughing stock of the rest of the world, behaving like spoilt brats of a rich but irresponsible father, or like players in a game with no rules and no referee, a game in a field of moral free fall. Perhaps by way of a metaphor, that is really a summary of their condition. They are a class of those who have held the nation to ransom, non-state actors constituting themselves into a calumnious conspiratorial tag team of sorcerers’ apprentices who believe that what they cannot have, no one can have.

They are prepared to drag the nation down with them even if they do not know where they are going. As Zambians we are forced to ask ourselves the timeless question, how did we get here and indeed, where are we?
How did we leave so many doors open that a small coterie of nondescript individuals with neither known leadership experience suddenly took centre stage in our political opposition?

A first time visitor to our country in the last few weeks would think they have crashed into a party organised by drunken criminals who, in their bouts of raucous inebriation have resorted to a serious brawl with self injuries while overturning tables and food, destroying both glasses and plates. Given the huge opportunities and resources, is this where we should be? Zambians what has God not done for us?

Suddenly, the nation seems to have come unhinged. Across the country, sounds of very irresponsible and provocative utterances fill the air. The media laps it all up by giving these adult urchins publicity, creating an impression that the end of our nation had arrived. And yet, the late Levy Mwanawasa warned the people of Zambia of the consequences of the men with ideas leaving the stage to the money-men, men and women with no records of service or indeed national achievement and sacrifice, men and women doing what they know best, creating a maelstrom, ratcheting up the volume of vitriol and creating a discordant orchestra of artistic chaos. Zambians what has God not done for us, for us not to pray together?

In conclusion we want to state here that Zambians in this period do not want any threat from any leader whatsoever. We need leaders who can accommodate our national rascality, invest their experience to calm any storm that would want to blow off the nation and accept and encourage negotiation and any alternative way of resolving conflicts. Like an adage says that a woman who has no patience, cannot drag a he-goat to the market.

We as a nation, in a time like this do not want any leader whose language and/or temperament would be threatening our existence as a people or who would, by whatever mean show his loyalty, identity and/or respect to a particular partisan stance against the will of others. Zambians want leaders who are willing to pacify and manage carefully their political ambitions without arrogance in the interest of national building. We advise that UPND should trade with caution, and in their struggle should not be in a hurry because they have to convince the people they are already membered with, of why they deserve leadership of our great nation with their level of arrogance towards dialogue and reconciliation.

Prince J. Ndoyi
(MMD Youth)


  1. captain chanda

    HH is just useless including all supporting his useless commands. It one of the useless political party I have never head in the world. To you all supporting him, you will continue wearing the mask of disgrace. Change your behaviou before you are cursed.

    • life

      fuck the day u were born, waste of time bugger,no benefit fuck u again

      who tod you tht it’s forcing matter? or lung? hw many zambians dd nt attend the 666 =18 ? prayer huh? no wonder you are nt a thing get out

      • Wise me

        When God created the world it was Good. Zambia was Good since independence until Marsonists and Grave dwellers people thought with dirt and insulting minds appeared on the political scene. Thanks to our God for sidelining your Party from your chaotic desires. Repent even at the late our of your existance before you face the excrutiating pain of never to rule Zambia. GOD says though shall have no other gods before me. It is not surprising that you are stuck in evil doing and you want to rule believers. Followers of Christ forgive and have new life everyday. If you think you are right to insult others we have the powers to forgive you and cast the demons in you. In the name Jesus bedelivered now. Looking forward to your testimone.

    • BWALYA

      Is he the only one who didn’t attend

    • Obey munsaka

      You are long, hh is the best politician.

      • Shu shu shu

        Yes I agree. HH is the best politicians at losing.

    • Kambs was PF.. but now?

      Learn English first maybe.. then maybe then you’ll have something reasonable to say..

    • JJ

      Another job seeker, have morals and principles. Go and arrest him if you think its a crime.

  2. Mutumwenu Anamela

    Faith is never public. It is personal. Only hypocrites gather on street corners to display their fake faith for public aproval. And they are rewarded by their own fans; not God.

  3. Ndindindi

    You FOOLISH BUGGER,is it a forcing matter, I didn’t attend, why are you not attacking me, why HH,,,,nangu usangweko,nothing changed,

  4. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Foolish pfools

  5. mulongoti

    You shud b foolish upnd followers the gathering of every Christian is public unless Satanism or witchcraft which is secret that’s where you belong if prayers are personal why do go to church Because church ,schools, crusades, camp meetings are public bt know that the same people you’re showing your true colours are the ones who Wii b voting what an adamant leader watch out

  6. Star Luvweyi

    Not only HH didn’t not attended national players,but most of Zambian didn’t attended the national players.it’s mean less because people they just do it without understing the ward recosseliation

  7. bruce hambaba

    HH must be ignored by well meaning Zambians. even you say its personal why do you congregate on your Sabbath. its only you ndndi with your fellow UPND who never attended the prayers . get out of our way you HH worshipers

  8. Mwape

    Why is it your problem if UPND did not attend the Lungu Prayers with the christians for Lungu?

  9. Mr Muzo

    Captain chanda u ar mad,am u not cirmusised that is why u ar thinking like a human being.Who told u that u can only pray to God when u gather ?Prayers hs got no time o place, u can pray anytime or anywhere when u feel like. Stop attacking hh n the party, a prayer is a communication between u n God! Not lulu n u waumfwa chikala.

  10. Real Man Of Action


  11. Mbayo Jackson

    But I don’t know what this guy so called HH thinks…. A country is called a Christian nation, why can’t we just unite and pray together as a Christian nation? I don’t know if he is even a Christianity, how can you fail to worship your God, your Creator, your provider… With your fellow Christians sure? Zambians please these things so called politics they will just destroy our Nation. Kwena nangu tapasoswa kuti Umuntu alanda ati bane let’s have at least one day to worship our God together as a Christian nation. HH akana sure kwena ama politics ni ponse fye? Let’s Unite guys. One Zambia one Nation………….

  12. commando

    Jesus Christ our saviour openly rebuked the scribes and pharisees of his day for their gross hypocrisy.They pretended to be pious when infact not,they wanted to appear holy in the sight of mortal man but not before GOD who knew of their corruption.Politicians are very big hypocrites and are never to be trusted.It’s nice that they attended those prayers,nice for those who opened their heart to the LORD and truely repented.True repentance is when one becomes sorry for the wrong he has done and make amends for the bad he has done and asks GOD(Chiuta,Mulimu,Leza,)to forgive one’s sins,to you politicians and officers, if you didn’t do what i have outlined then you went to that mass gathering merely to make noise and mock yourselves and not God who cannot be mocked.Don’t only attack HH and GBM for shunning those prayers but attack the millions of us who stayed home and had lunch.Understand me,am for the idea of such prayers but only against corrupt people who pretend to be praying when they are just making noise.

  13. wapya

    this man he is the most ignorant person. because. if we had political leaders like him we would still be in unip

  14. jemuje

    The bible says, you shall know them by their fruits.

    Always remember that birds of the same feathers flock together. Upnd can continue what they’re doing. When time is right they will accept change. Always remember that it’s pointless trying to drop a hint to someone too obtuse to understand. Why wink at a blind horse.

  15. jemuje

    Misplaced energies. HH will not change. It’s like a wink to a blind horse. Let’s pray for him. He can make a good leader too but he should have a listening ear.

  16. Sibbs

    When did the president become the appointer of any day of worship?God said 6 days thou shall labour and the 7th is my day and in some worldly translation, some go on Sunday.but why do you question people over missing the 18?mind yo on business brothers.

  17. melchizedek

    Comment what a fasting u people u’re attending is this fasting made for HH? you jacklas just leave him alone!

  18. Hichilema jnr

    Mwanya ba upnd,u don’t even know where you are heading to,bakoswe

  19. Alfred

    Do you all f-re GOD

  20. George Reader

    This author is too full to make sense on this topic. People are hungry and angry, if your wealth has insulated you from reality Bwana, just fatten yourself in silence. PF is nothing but an arrogant party full of cadres with Muzungu Anikonde mentality. That’s why there is this insensitivity to the suffering of the masses. How do you explain the purchase of 42 million dollars of wheelburows in the name of fire tenders without having their priorities straight? What PF are doing is like a rich man who visits a famished family, orders them to kneel down on their already weak legs to pray without giving them any solutions to their pressing needs and hunger. Who needs fasting when people are already involuntarily fasting due to the unprecedented misery and hardships PF has loaded on them? If PF is not careful, your insecurities will consume you as an unprincipled party. I say so because it’s only an insecure person that clamours for attention to be recognized, and to be seen as a prayerful person. What sort of testimonies are poor Zambians supposed to give, if I may ask? Can poverty, no money in their pockets, cholera, high electricity tariffs, high fuel pump prices, high taxes, intolerance, political cadre violence, fake promises, to name but a few, become testimonies by force? What a mockery! That’s why CK told you to at least, Mulekwatako Insoni. Who told you that if the president is on the copperbelt, HH or any opposition figure shouldn’t go anywhere near the the place? Zambia is for all of us, we will die and live it to the coming generations. I wish you knew how most people in Kitwe felt about your day of playing and fasting. People are stressed and anxious on many issues, they wanted to go look for money to take their kids back to school, that’s why many liquor traders defied your order and opened their businesses before your wicked and hungry council police went and robbed them of their hard-earned merchandise in the name of supreme leader Lungu. In short, the people who really need prayer and fasting are the PF and their president who have committed a lot of sins while presiding over the affairs of the poor Zambians. Lungu should declare a genuine fast, no need to let the whole world know about it, like the biblical Pharisees who looked for any slight chance so they cover up their insecurities and show the people that they were more pious. Let him and his ministers repent from corrupt practices and other dirty political malpractices they engaged themselves in after the excitement of being in unexpected power, more especially after the demise of Sata, and before, during and after the last elections. Otherwise, to most real well meaning Zambians, these phony prayers will never mean anything to us and the fact that in all your prayer points, nothing was mentioned on CORRUPTION, why? It’s goes to expose your lack of seriousness. It’s either you don’t know the root of our problems or you’re deliberately ignoring it so to hell! The other thing is, HH doesn’t attack your party constitution, he normally attacks your style of leadership and misgovernance. But why do you always talk of UPND constitution and his style of leadership in his party? Why don’t you mind your violent business?

  21. kamando

    HH does not know the national concerns of the Zambians hence he only talks about ECL.

  22. captain chanda

    Yah hh will still be there to loose, the grousroot is for pf and you are very busy making noise. Shuning the bigest and most impotant day ! How serious are you Mr hh being the leader of your people ? You are a disgrace to zambia. You won’t make it even in 2021. Take it or leav e it.

    • Kambs was PF.. but now?

      Captain Chanda, but you’re a special idiot hey? Tell me why the 18th is the most important day?

      Talk about all the failings of your PF president and don’t be attacking someone (hh) who is only trying to be reasonable with all this corruption and buffoonery.

  23. medhone

    imwe this person ‘HH’ alikolwa naprison he cant do a thing right. before 2021 he ll start insulting church elders

  24. musonde munakango

    Comment was it a gathering for political leaders or a gathering for all zambians who are christian believers and who had their hearts ready for the event.Sir give us your testimony about the whole event

  25. vice

    Ba upnd mutukanafye insele .bus he sure kuti muletuka abantu abalepepa less? Shame on u and yo so called HH. Ba GBM naimwe muibwelemo muletusebanya na hh wenu uushaishiba less . ala bane ngawafwa icuma cilashala .Behave yoselves less tewakutwalilako imicene

  26. Andrew

    The pipo let us 4get those satanist. Hh is a leal satanist he gathered the people to play for him after his rearese from jail.

  27. musonde munakango

    vice please its Lesa and not less.So what have you communicated in your comment so called a contribution?Shame ba boyi.Try to improve your writing skills

  28. mulongoti

    Hh has also brot divisions in seventh day church as you all know most of them are………..

  29. hh

    Who do u think u are mr

  30. hanene

    The kind of thinking of this ‘Prince’ is very dangerous for the nation. I wonder if this title is s a result of being a heir to a throne or someone just took a word and made a name. If he is a heir, then the system should cast far and near for better successors . it does not make sense to cause confusion in the country on account that we are going to pray. you can not mock God.

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